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This idea was suggested by D. Lerious.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Lursa and B'Etor! Here's a scene from Degenerations with the two Kleavage Klingoffs, Lursa and B'Etor!

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by 5618. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines.


Lursa: If he takes a bath next I'm just going to open fire.


Lursa: This must be the chief medical officer B'Etor: She's definately making me sick.


Lursa: If that colour is natural, I'm a flat-chested Wrongulan.


Lursa: and- He's been talking to her for 7 hours! B'Etor- Activate the self destruct secence, I can't take it anymore!

Tom Hyde

Lursa: Human females are so ugly! B'Etor: Ugh! Not even one blemish!


Lursa: Imagine what her offspring would be like!!!!


Lursa: Uuh.. those human women.. B'Etor: Those chaep colors they use !

Kira Mae

Lursa: men! B'Etor: the funny thing is, he's a BLIND man.


Lursa: If only we could have got her before she spawned!


Lursa: Red Alert!


Lursa: Turn it off! B'Etor: And they wonder why we kill them.


Lursa: Shiny hair, smooth skin , even white teeth... B'Etor: Poor hideous thing!


Lursa: Ugh, human females are ugly ; B'Etor: You should see the males


Lursa: Why is the captain infatuated with that female? and/or B'Etor: and i thought the engineir was blind...


Lursa: The only engineer in starfleet who doesn't go to engineering. B'Etor: Now we know why!

Dave Cleveland

Lursa: There is no way that's here real hair color. B'Etor: It is a good day to dye!


Lursa: Decrease magnification - quickly!

Spindel the Unforgetable

Lursa: Agh! Human Females are so ugly! B'Etor: Their males will thank us when we blow up their ship.


Lursa: how can male humans tolerate that face? aB'Etor: Change the channel!!

Archer Sagitarius

Lursa: How ugly! B'Etor: Yeah! Her teeth aren't even jagged and crooked!


B'Etor: The things we have to put up with to take over the universe!


Lursa: She looks so 1st generation Klingoff.


Lursa: Human females are so repulsive! B'Etor: Looked in a mirror lately?

Hanover Fisk

Lursa: He's the only Engineer that doesn't go to engineering. B'Etor: He's the only male that doesn't stare at cleavage.


Lursa: If this is all that's on, than today is a good day to get cable.

Bill Harris

Lursa: Revolting! B'Etor: Yes. Her makeup is better than ours!


Lursa: YOU? Offer beauty tips to US? B'Etor: Doctor, you have no honor, I will KILL you where you stand!


Lursa: It is a good day to gag. B'Etor: Anytime you look at THAT is a good day to gag.


Lursa: Yuck! she looks sweet! B'Etor: at least she doesn't have a bad breath

Dr Satan

Lursa: What is this? The discovery channel?

ThePenguin Weekly

L: We should have installed phasers in that VISOR.


Lursa: Human women have no honor! B'tor: And no visible cleavage!

Jack Hammerfist

Lursa: How disgusting! B'Etor: They don't appreciate true ugliness!


Lursa: "Where is the honor? Where is the wrinkled forehead?" B'Etor: "Where is the exposed cleavage?"


Lursa: "These Reality Shows have gone too far!"

Trevor Raggatt

Lursa: It has a weak face! B'Etor: Weak face? What about that forehead?!?.

Trevor Raggatt

Lursa: Destroy them! B'Etor: It's a kindness really.


B'Etor: If she kisses him, I'm going to hurl.

Leon van Steensel

Lursa: Human beings are so repulsive.. B'etor: ..but then so is everybody this close !


Lursa: Human females are so ugly! B'Etor: I think that smooth skin look will be out next season.

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Lursa: No wonder they keep her in Sickbay!!

Jack Hammerfist

Lursa: Earth women sure are ugly! B'Etor: They also stink like flowers!

Jack Hammerfist

Lursa: Why are Earth women so ugly? B'Etor: Not everyone can look like us you know!


Lursa:I can see right up her nose


Lursa: Quick! Change the channel!!!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Lursa: Arghh!! It's Hypospray Heavily!

John A. Lang

Lursa:We bugged Gaudy's ISORE for this????


Lursa: How does she stand it? B'Etor: Being so ugly or being Measly's mother?


Lursa: THIS is the mother of Measly Cruncher! B'Etor: Kill her now!


Lursa: My god! They'll put anyone on TV these days!


Lursa: My god how revolting!! B'Etor: I know I mean look at those teeth! They're so horribly straight and that hair is so so shiny! Disgusting! Someone needs to give her a makeover!

Trevor Raggatt

Lursa: SHould we destroy them? B'Etor: It would be the kindest thing.

ScottE Bemeup

Batter: No Cleavage at all. Loser: Yes, she's a disgrace to her race.

ScottE Bemeup

Batter: She covers herself as if she has no pride?!

ScottE Bemeup

Loser: Perhaps it is a good day to gouge out my eyes.


Lursa: She is scary! and/or B'Etor:You have never met her son!


Lursa: Human women are so ugly! B'Etor: You haven't seen Pavlovaski yet!

Ed Bell

Lursa: Looks like she changed her hair...AGAIN!


Lursa: Why does Barf find them attractive? and/or B'Etor: Must have been dropped on his head once!

Jim McNamara

Lursa: Three million channels and one thing on.

admirably lost

Lursa: and/or B'Etor: that pinchard has no honour now he's trying to scare us to death

Ann E. Nichols

Looser: Look at that expression! Better: It's so soft... so weak... Are you SURE it's a woman?

Ann E. Nichols

Looser: Terran women have such sickly skin tones. Better: I have seen healthier-looking corpses!


Lursa: Human women are so smooth and weak! B'Etor: And they smell like flowers! EWWW!


Lursa: Ew, she needs an orthodontist! B'Etor: Really! how does she ever expect to attract a man with those straight ,white, even teeth?

ThePenguin Weekly

L: Just look at that copius amount of lipstick! And the bulging eyes! And that ruffled hair! B: Disgusting!


Lursa: Can we blow em up now? B'Etor:Yes, YES!!


Lursa: Ugh, human females are so disgusting! B'Etor:straight teeth? Disgusting.


Lursa: Can you believe Klingoffs used to look like that? B'Etor: Smooth foreheads are SO 2260

Save Ferris

Lursa: Mirror Mirror on the wall ... B'Etor: Who's the ugliest species of them all


Lursa:i don't see what our men find in these human females


Lursa: This is the ship's doctor! B'Etor: Can't be, she's making me sick!


Lursa: Aha! That's *not* here natural colour!

ThePenguin Weekly

L: Human males are so repulsive! B: I think that's a female.

ThePenguin Weekly

L: Human women are so repulsive! B: Woman, have you looked in a mirror lately?


Lursa: You'd think that they would have worked out they need to wear more revealing cloths to get their men


Lursa: Those human females are so ugly! B'Etor: And where is the cleavage?


Lursa: If she was any other woman, I'd kill her where she stands! B'Etor: And it'd be helpful if she was here, too.

Matt Hancock

B'Etor:It's enough to shatter the screen.

Cordavin Lon

Lursa: Human females are so REPULSIVE. B'Etor: Yes - They are without make-up, er, honor.

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