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The idea was suggested by Chop. You can post your own idea suggestions on the Ideas Board
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Catching Quirk! Something a little different this week with a tall strip - how else are you going to depict the scene where Spook catches a falling Captain Quirk?  

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by Spiner. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines.


Spook: Ooh no, you're not leaving me in this movie alone! Quirk: Rats...


Spook: Captain! My boots cannae take it any longer!


Spook: I'm a Vulcan, not a weight lifter.

Namgubed the Merry Elf

Spook: Good thing I have air brakes.


Spook: All this to test your wig stays on!


Spook: Why did you do that, Gym? Quirk: To see all the babes pass before my eyes!


Quirk: My TRUBBLE...I mean HAIR...oh never mind!

Bill Harris

Spook: *You* directed it, *you* have to live through it!


Spook: the laws of physics state that my boots should have driven us both into the ground. Fortunately, this is a movie and the laws of physics do not apply.

King JellyBelly

Spook: Row row row your boat gently down the stream, throw your captain off the cliff and listen to him scream!


Spook: Any last requests?


Spook: Right, now we will see if that is your *Real* hair


Spook: and/or Quirk:Quirk: "You need to get faster jetboots" Spook:You need to lay off the doughnuts!"


Spook: You usually only reach this speed when chasing a girl!


Spook: My antigrav boots are failing Quirk: I'll activate my antigrav girdle.


Spook: Logic implies that I let go.

meggy eel

Quirk: Er... Spook, who's holding onto you?

steve king

, Captain. Might I recommend replicating some new underwear


Spook: there's your first lesson in gravity


Quirk: Spook, those are just regular boots. Spook: Thanks for telling MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr Satan

Spook: I wouldn't want to be in your boots right now. Quirk: I wouldn't mind being in your boots right now!

Bill Harris

Spook: *NOW* can we go to Disneyworld?


Quirk: My wii., eh haaiir!


Quirk: Yes, yes, I admit you are the better director


Spook: Captain, what are you doing? Quirk: I've just realised how bad this movie is!


Spook: You shouldn't do this. The movie is not as bad as that


Spook: You shouldn't forget to hold your "hair", Captain.


Quirk: Hey, my gut would have broken my fall

Michael Lewis

Spook: I think it's time to talk about my annual review.


Spook: Bungee jumping w/out the bungee cord is HIGHLY illogical, captain. and/or Quirk:


Spook: Trying to find God so soon in the plot, Captain?


Spook: These don't have eternal battery life. Quirk: What? You mean they're not like shirts?

Bill Harris

Spook: Now we know -- Even your ego cannot defy gravity.


Spook: I *CAN* still let go, you know!

Diana van der Pluijm

Spook: "You HAVE put on weight, captain." Quirk: "Oh my, I think my hairpiece just barfed."

The Lone Ensign

Quirk: Jeronamo!!! Spook: Why am I catching him?

The Lone Ensign

Quirk: I hate it when this happens. Spook: Next time don't jump after women-looking clouds.


Spook: Sir, Pike had some dignity.


Spook: I think the glue is killing your brain cells.


Spook: I swear Captain, that was the last time.


Quirk: I had a dream about the reviews of this should have let me die.

Kelly Cole

Spook: I have you, Captain! and/or Quirk: Why?? I was testing my new impact resistant hairpiece!!!

Luigi Novi

Spook: Good thing I am using my 23rd century Air Jordans!

Luigi Novi

Quirk: Thank God I remembered the toupee glue!

Patrick "Commander" Yannés

Spook: "Ready to beam down Quirk?" and Quirk:"Ready as I'll ever be Spook. On your mark."

Captain Treklin

Spook: Captain, this should increase your talking speed.


Quirk: Spook! Boots point down! BOOTS POINT DOWN!!!!


Spook: You know, most mountain climbers would be using safety equipment.

Captain Treklin

Spook: Well Gym, what do you think of my boots now? Quirk: I'll buy them!

Brian K.

Spook: WHO's going to stop directing?! Quirk: YOU WIN! YOU WIN!

CuBones McCoy

Spook: Empty your pockets or I'll do it for you!!

CuBones McCoy

Spook: Have I convinced you to go on a diet, or do I have to drop you to make my point clear?

Kahless, non- non- non- nonheinous

Spook: Captain, while that girdle may make you LOOK lighter...


Spook: Never fear, Captain, some of us don't "drop the ball".


Spook: You're slipping! Quirk: I was told that years ago.


Quirk: Spook, my hair is falling off! Spook: It could have company.


Spook: I think it would be highly hypocritical of you to make fun of Mr. Squat


Spook: Gravity is not merely a good idea, captain -- it's the law.


Spook: If only you were 25 episodes and a movie or two lighter.


Spook: Pray that your pants don't rip as easily as your shirts do.


Spook: Captain, no matter how bad the movie you directed, suicide is not logical!

Chris G

Spook: I have you captain! Quirk: You've got me! Who's got my hair?


Spook: Gravity. Fascinating.


Spook: You should be more careful. Quirk: I've always known, I'll die alone... or with Pickhard.


Spook: I am certain we can find a better way for you to meet god ....and Quirk: Hmm... I have an idea for a script.


Spook: Really captain, we already know what happens when a main character dies ....and Quirk: But I wanted to direct "The search for Quirk" next.


Spook: Perhaps "Because it's my turn" is not sufficient cause to direct a movie ....and Quirk: OK, and if it weren't for you, the movie would die too.


Spook: Now if I had written this, you would have hit.

admirably lost

Spook:throwing yourself at scantily clad alien babes i can understand but planets

Bill Harris

Spook: This could have been trouble. Quirk: Will you quit making cracks about my hairpiece?!?

Ann E. Nichols

Spook: Aren't you carrying self-indulgence too far, sir? Quirk: Never mind that! Just keep carrying me!

Ann E. Nichols

Spook: Captain, aren't you a little old to be acting this foolhardy? Quirk: May we discuss this after we're on the ground?


Spook: Next time, listen when I suggest wearing hover boots!


Quark: I have always believed that I would die alone! Spook: Permission requested to test that theory.


Quirk: Alright! You may produce the next movie!

Captain Thrynn

Spook: Repeat after me, 'Sev Trek 4 is the best Sev movie'.

Dial "M" for Maul

Spook: It seems you misjudged the gravity of the situation.


Quirk: I can... feel circulation... returning to my... scalp.


Spook: Your overindulgence in consumables is unfortunate. Quirk: You're telling me!


Spook: Captain, what did you step in?

Mike Howell

Spook: Captain, I find this technique for growing hair dubious at best. and/or Quirk: Quiet Spook! I can feel the follicles tingling!

Wendon Pettey

Spook: "It is fortunate for you that i was here with you...or you might have died!" and Quirk: "I wouldn't have died...I wrote the script!"

Dial "M" for Maul

Quirk: Great save Spook! Spook: Too bad about the movie though...

Dial "M" for Maul

Quirk: Usually it's the ladies who do the falling and I do the catching!

Dial "M" for Maul

Quirk: My...whole life...flashed...before my...eyes... Spook: Are you sure it wasn't just your opening monologue?

Dial "M" for Maul

Quirk: You saved me spook! Spook: It was...illogical.

Livin' La Vida Ted Rebo

Quirk: Thanks for saving me, Spook! Spook: You? I was saving the Trubble!


Quirk: You shouldn't have worried, Spook, my hair would have broken my fall. Spook: Please, captain, cease your efforts to make me laugh.

insanity ink

Spook: No Singing or you drop.

Mr. Memo

Spook: You need a bungee cord to go bungee jumping, Captain.


Quirk:WEEE! That was fun Spook!Can we do it agian?

The Red 9

Spook: Whoa, that toupee glue must be pretty strong.


Spook: On the contrary, banging your head against the ground and causing you brain damage IS a most logical thing to do!

Capt. Bob.

Spook:Say it!! Quirk: OK OK, you're a better director than me.


Spook: If I let go, your hairpiece will cushion your fall


Spook: Captain…logically would your toupee not fall off right now? Quirk: I’m hardly in a position to think logically Spook.

Spook: Fascinating! the velocity of your fall divided by the Earth gravitation multiplied by... Quirk: Just put me down!


Spook: One word. Rope


Spook:You're safe now Captain. and/or Quirk:It's allright spook, I would have landed on my head.


Spook: How did your Hair stay on? Quirk: I set hair spray to stick!


Spook: Is this the gratitude for saving your life? Quirk: Sorry. Must have been the beans.


Spook: I'm sorry sir, I can't allow you to endanger a tribble like that. Place it carefully on the ground, then I'll take you back up and drop you.

Jo Mama

Spook: That was a close one captain! Quirk: Toupae, don't fail me now!


Spook: How often do you wash you're socks? Quirk: About as often as I change my wig...


Spook: "Are you still having 'fun' Captain?" and Quirk: "Shut up Spook."


Spook: These boots can not lift us both, Captain. Quirk: Okay, okay, I'll drop the toupee!


Spook: Argh! The body of the one outweighs many! Quirk: Just be thankful I'm not Squatty!


Spook: About that promotion...Quirk: No more trips to the Mirror Universe for you!

Londo Moelarry

Quirk: It was fun!


Spook: I think you stepped in something...Quirk: Never mind that, my hair's making a break for it!


Spook: Promise me you'll never act again. Quirk: Go ahead, drop me. My hair will save me.


Spook: Fascinating, you're wig is still in place. Quirk: Get me upright, it's ripping the skin off my head!


Spook: I tokd you teh parachute couldn't hold you're weight. Quirk: I was supposed to use a parachute?


Spook: Quirk, make sure you land on the top of your head so your hair can spring us back up!

Bill Harris

Spook: Now, let's talk about those script changes...

Bill Harris

Spook: See what happens when you try writing and directing at the same time?


Spook: I see London, I see France...


Quirk: See? It's real hair! It doesn't come off, Spook! It's not a wig! It's REAL HAIR!!


Spook: Congratulations, Captain. You have proven that gravity still works.


Spook: PROMISE you'll never direct another film!


Spook: Fascinating. You tempt death but are not ready to accept the consequences.


Spook: If you didn't have my keys I wouldn't have bothered. Quirk: I've got news for you! They fell out of my pocket!

Joona Palaste

Spook: I'm beginning to think the one outweighs the many.


Spook: I believe I just saved you from crushing your skull. Quirk: Yeah, too bad my brain got pressed out of my nose.

Archer Sagitarius

Quirk: Dammit, you've ruined my dramatic moment!

Air CB

Spook: You try to sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" once more, and I will drop you.


Spook: No, I wouldn't have done this if you were wearing a red shirt.


Spook: Captain, might I suggest using velcro or something to secure your wig in future rather than jumping after it? Quirk: Careful Spook, now I can feel my corset giving way!


Spook: The suspension of disbelief boots worked! Quirk: Ugh.


Quirk: Phew! Almost ruined my hairpiece!

ThePenguin Weekly

S: One way or another, that tribble is coming off your head!

ThePenguin Weekly

S: Now what do you say? Q: OK, OK! You can be captain!

P Swayne

Spook: You do seem to attract trouble, captain. Quirk: Get me up before my trubble falls off!


Spook: To quote Mister Squat, Captain, my boots cannae take much more of your weight. Quirk: Be thankful it wasn't him falling!

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