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This week's idea was suggested by littlestar.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

This week: DS9 & Defunct Bumper Sticker! We kick off bumper sticker week by having you write bumper sticker messages for the space station Deep Sev 9 and/or sevship Defunct.

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchlines were written by Trevor Raggatt (DS9) and 47 of 1701 (Defunct). You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions as well as the finalist punchlines.

Kahless, born again!

Ds9: This station is stolen

19 of 20 (Happy meal-boxes)

Ds9: Happy ractojino-boxes at quarks

Johnny Sjoberg

Ds9: Wormhole burgers 'R' us


Ds9: The spinning is making me motion sick


Ds9: We'll leave the light on for you


Ds9: Home of the Emisary burger! Over 5 billion sold!

Mike Howell

Ds9: Welcome to Deep Sev 9; Millions and Millions Served


Ds9: or Defunct:DS9: Domino! Come and get us!-we aint going nowhere!

Gul Teral

Defunct: Cardassia Prime or bust !!

Gul Teral

Defunct: Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee !!

Kahless of 9

Ds9: Pay all entrance fees to Quark at-- Disregard. Odo

Captain Big Mouth

Ds9:Character building episode in progress. Execute extreme boredom protocols.

Captain Big Mouth

Defunct: Pardon me. Do you have any extra ensigns?


Ds9: Impossible things usually don't happen

Ted Rebo

Ds9: 3 days without a temporal anomaly and counting


DS9 or Defunct: (picture of Schidzo) Have you seen me? Call 1-800-47-DS9, ask for Kassidy Yates.


Ds9: Last raktajino before the wormhole!


Ds9: Last restroom before the wormhole!


Ds9: We're going in circles


Ds9:Gem`hoarder.Just 1Km through wormhole.

Doggy Spew

Ds9: A true SPINoff.(yeah, I know its corny)


Ds9: weeeeee... one more spin.

Unka Woofie

Ds9: Guess who owns us now!


Ds9: Will you marry me, Kasidy?


Ds9:Caution, driver under the influence of Trebles!


Ds9: While the main cast is away, Quark will play.


Ds9: Carsalesmen go home!


Defunct: Your best friend could be a shapeshifter!

Dr Satan

Ds9: Dock here! We need a storyline!

Bill Harris

Ds9: Pay toll before entering Wormhole.


Ds9: Help wanted, no Flounders need apply


Defunct: Now you see us, now you


Defunct: A McDonald's McFleet

John Fallon

Defunct: Honest Quack's 2nd-hand starships.

John Fallon

Defunct: Bald guys get the babes.


Defunct: I'll bet I can survive the Dominion War!


Defunct: Honk if your captain is bald/balding


Defunct: Warning, do not eat

Qui Gon Vin

Ds9: Round and round we go, where we stop nobody knows!

Qui Gon Vin

Ds9: Weeee!

Qui Gon Vin

Ds9: Boldly Spinning


Ds9: Boycott Cardassia!

Mr. Memo

DS9: Quack's bar now serving Wrongulan Ale

Mike Howell

Ds9: Welcome to DS9--Now Under New Management! or Defunct: My space cadet beat up your space cadet.

Ds9: Last Bar before the wormhole ! - Eat at Quark's

Avenger CO

Defunct: This dog is ready to go!


Where's the fries


Ds9: Constantly being Invaded for your Viewing Pleasure


Ds9: Wanted: Dispensable Ensigns. No personality required!


Ds9: Somebody pulled the rope to hard and this huge spin top took off


Defunct: Warning teen pilot.


Defunct: Boldly going where no religious Icon has gone before.

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