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This week's idea was suggested on the Ideas Board by Piper.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Spook's semi-permanent death! We conclude our resurrection themed week with the most famous Sev Trek resurrection of all - that of Mr Spook, spanning several movies!

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek Movie Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline was written by Allan. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions.


SPOOK: You have been, and always shall be overweight...

Mr. Shadow

SPOOK: Just promise me that you won't shoot me out of the ship in a torpedo.


SPOOK: I'm dead, Gym... BUNS: Hey, that's my line!!

The Great Wizzard

SPOOK: The plot for Sev Trek III out of danger?

Cmdr. Solomon

QUIRK: ...Oh and Spook, please tell God that I'm still Celibate. and SPOOK: Gym...God isn't stupid...


QUIRK: Why Spock? SPOOK: Too your sidekick.

Andrew Perry

QUIRK: "I'll learn that hand thing if I go green in the face!" SPOOK: "HE'S complaining? I'M the one in the bloody reactor!"


Quirk: Spook, that radiation killed you! SPOOK: Radiation? It was mind-melting with Buns!


QUIRK: Any last words Spook? SPOOK: Dammit Gym, I'm a doctor not an epitaph!


QUIRK: Spook, I'm going to save you! SPOOK: NO! *cough*...the needs...of the box office earnings...outweigh the needs...of the character.


QUIRK: Goodbye old friend SPOOK: I'm not dying Gym, I'm directing

Martyn Williams

SPOOK: The needs of the movie outweigh the needs of the franchise. QUIRK: I'm sure that'll change in the sequel.


QUIRK: So many seasons, and I still haven't learned that finger-thingy...

Mark P

QUIRK: I think it's amazing how this thin bit of perspex can shield me from all those deadly emissions SPOOK: IT doesn't, you'll both die in a couple of minutes too


SPOOK: I'm just feeling a little green around the gills...


SPOOK: Your toupee attacked me again...


QUIRK: What... happened... and what is... that smell? SPOOK: Never pull Squatty's finger.

Ann E. Nichols

QUIRK: Spook, Spook, why?? SPOOK: I got first dibs on the heart-wrenching death scene.


QUIRK: Spook you can't die and/or SPOOK: It's only temporary.

Daneil N.

-Spook.........why? -I *gasp* finally stole *gasp* your *gasp* big scene.


SPOOK: Scissors cuts paper


QUIRK: You'll receive a proper burial Spook. SPOOK: Just don't put me into a torpedo and launch me into space

wanting sex

QUIRK: I never understood that daft hand thingy and/or SPOOK: Oh damn! Am I doing that again? It's a nervous twitch


Quirk: I've got a fiver on you being in the sequel


Quirk: How many times have I told you to put on the proper warp factor cream?


Quirk: So you finally turned green with envy huh

John Lang

SPOOK: Kiss Dr. Chapel goodbye for me. Quirk: I already did last night.


quirk: damn it, take the red shirt off.

Kalahari Karl

SPOOK: Remember, the good of the few... is outweighed by the good of the many... is outweighed by the good of me!

Mystic Orangutan

QUIRK: I'll have Squatty beam you to sickbay. SPOOK: Trust me, Jim. It's more sensational this way.


QUIRK: Is this goodbye ? SPOOK: No, I've already signed up for the next movie.


BONES : He's gonna be dead, Gym.


QUIRK: What are you saying? I can´t hear you! SPOOK: I knew I should have practiced fingertalk more often!

Wendee Rae

QUIRK: The needs of the many... SPOOK: Don't outweigh you by much anymore.


QUIRK: Do I have to die to direct?

Cap'n Russ

QUIRK: But Spook...dying is illogical SPOOK: Who said I was going anywhere?

Travis Loughary

QUIRK: I told Sevfleet that red shirts were a bad idea!

Richard Willis

QUIRK: But who will direct my films! and/or SPOOK: It's a far better thing I do now...

Dial "M" for Maul

Quirk: do you see a bright light? Spook: Just your ...forehead glare...

Dial "M" for Maul

Spook: The plot line...out of danger?

Dial "M" for Maul

Spook: I knew Die-lithium was not a good idea...

Dial "M" for Maul

Quirk: Why look after the doctor? Spook: No particular reason...

Dial "M" for Maul

Spook: This part really allows me to shine!


QUIRK: What do you want to tell me, Spook? SPOOK: Your hair... not fooling... anyone...


QUIRK: So much for that live long and prosper thing, huh?

ScottE Bemeup

QUIRK: I always thought we'd go out in a blaze of glory. SPOOK: I'll settle for a gentle glow.

ScottE Bemeup

QUIRK: You don't look so good. SPOOK: Have you checked a mirror lately?


QUIRK: Does this mean I get my ship back? and/or SPOOK: For a while, for a while.............


SPOOK: Everything for ratings, Jim...


QUIRK: Spook, there must be some way to save you SPOOK: Yes *cough* plot holes!


QUIRK: Live long and prosper Spook! SPOOK: I plan too, it's called syndication


QUIRK: Spook you must tell me something before you go! AND SPOOK: Your comb is on your desk, and your mirror is on your bed.


SPOOK: I have just felt my first emotion! Its incredible hate towards you!


SPOOK: God, 1 to beam up!


QUIRK: Is this it Spook? SPOOK: No Gym, THIS is the piggy that went to the market. THAT one had roast beef.

Sticky Paws

Quirk: Spook, just one more thing... Spook: Yes Captain? Quirk: Try not to get any blood on the glass. It's like the devil to clean.


QUIRK: Spook, you saved the ship! SPOOK: Damn, room for another sequel.


SPOOK: Don't say anything, you'll never finish in time

Sir Richard

SPOOK: Captain, your inability to do the salute is killing me.

Troy H. Cheek

QUIRK: Spook... I wish.. I could... save you. SPOOK: How about opening the door?

Tim N.

SPOOK: I won't let death stop me from directing.


SPOOK: I'm dead, Jim.


Spook: I feel me into the director's chair.


Spook: Someday we'll both look back on this and laugh.


Quirk: I see dead people


QUIRK: Spook...NOOO ! You haven't told me where you hid my black-book !!


QUIRK: All this time and I still can't do that fingers thing!

SPOOK: Live short and don't prosper!

Laughing Vulcan

QUIRK: Any last words, old friend? SPOOK: Tell... Dr. McCorduroy he's... still wrong.


QUIRK: Live long and prosper, uhhh, in heaven!...

Cmdr. Solomon

QUIRK: Can I sell your body to Science? I need a new Toupee. and SPOOK: No... and Don't sell my ears to fans either!


QUIRK: You can't die yet! So, this finger goes here, and... SPOOK: You're hopeless.


QUIRK AND SPOOK: Paper, Stone, Scissors...


QUIRK: NOOOO!!!!! You haven't taught me the Velcron Neck Pinch yet!


QUIRK: Will I ever see you again? SPOOK: ...only if... profits high....


QUIRK: Why couldn't it been me? SPOOK: I was kinda wondering that to


SPOOK: The needs of the trekkers outweighs the need of the actor


QUIRK: You knew it was a rug all along!! SPOOK: It was hair, Gym, but not as we know it

The Great Wizzard

QUIRK: "The needs of the many..." SPOOK: "never outweigh the needs of your ego."

Ensign Pikachu

QUIRK & SPOOK (together): Paddycake, Paddycake...


QUIRK: Left the microwave door open again? SPOOK: I'll never live long and prosper if I keep doing this.

Laughing Vulcan

QUIRK: Good-bye Spook. SPOOK: Live long and produce many sequels.


QUIRK: Spook, you are my closest friend. Well, except for my hairpiece

Cmdr. Solomon

QUIRK: Oh God...Nooooo! I must rip my shirt in Grief. and SPOOK: As my last request...please don't.


SPOOK: This fake green blood burns.


QUIRK: Next time you'll think twice before you complain about my directing.

Frogboy Lives

QUIRK: Good.. bye.. my.. good.. friend.. your.. heroic.. sacrifice ..will... always.. be.. remembered.. SPOOK: Do you mind? It's MY death scene, not yours.

Paul Crozier

QUIRK: What about the $100 you owe me? and/or SPOOK: Well just "live long" then...


QUIRK: Live long and prosper SPOOK: a little inappropriate now, I would say.

4 of 5

QUIRK: I KNEW IT!!! SPOOK: I think it's time I told you: This salute is actually an insult


QUIRK: Of all my friends, you were the most...human. SPOOK: Some friend. You use my last moments of life.. to... insult me.

Petréa Mitchell

QUIRK: If I could mind-meld with you one more time... SPOOK: Thank heavens this wall means I get death with dignity.


SPOOK: The Captain goes down with the ship ... Right.


QUIRK: Will we ever meet again? SPOOK: Yes; In Sev Trek III, the Search for More Money.

Will Etienne

QUIRK: Where did you leave the keys to the ship?


QUIRK: Spook......don't't die! SPOOK: You'd think he'd stop worrying about those pauses when his best mates nearly dead.


SPOOK: Captain, permission to die.


SPOOK: I will always be your green blooded goblin!


QUIRK: Don't worry spook, we will use every bit of technobabble to get you back!


QUIRK: Spook, I would take your place, but I have a date tonight!


SPOOK: I still don't understand why you can't beam me out of here.


QUIRK: Spook, do you believe in an afterlife? Spook: Logic dictates that when we die, we travel to a sequel in the distant future!

Ivana Laffalot

QUIRK: This little Velcron went to market... SPOOK: And this little Velcron SHOULD have stayed home!

Cmdr. Solomon

SPOOK: I'm coming back and No, you can't have my subscription to Gone Farr Illustrated.

Cmdr. Solomon

SPOOK: Oh for the love of Logic...For the last time, Index to Middle Finger to Pinky....I don't know why I even bother, you'll never get it right...just let me die in peace.


QUIRK: Spook, I'll miss you. SPOOK: I'll be back for the even-numbered movie.


QUIRK: I'll always be your friend. SPOOK: A little late for that now, trubblehead!

Juan Deer

QUIRK: Oh no, I just remembered he still has my keys to the ship.


SPOOK: ship, out of danger? QUIRK: Yes, Spook...You've guaranteed the next movie.

John Guenther

SPOOK: You're not doing the finger thing right.


SPOOK: You're not going to get rid of me this easily

Stephen Bergstrom

QUIRK: Spook, one last thing... and/or SPOOK: No, you can't have my room


QUIRK: the needs of the many...and/or SPOOK: ...outnumber the needs of your ego


QUIRK: Yes, Spook. You saved the ship! SPOOK: Well...I expected that to make me feel better, but it really does nothing for me right now.

Kenyar Jad

QUIRK: You idiot. We could have had an Ensign do that. SPOOK: This is a movie. An important person must die.


QUIRK: Goodbye SPOOK:Goodbye is an illogical waste of time. Bye will suffice.


QUIRK: I want you to know how much I love.....well....myself.


SPOOK: I have to confess...I've been putting Nair in your shampoo for YEARS.


QUIRK: Can I have your screen time?


SPOOK: I have known, and always will know, you wear a rug.


SPOOK: I have always...had more lines than you.

Will Etienne

QUIRK: Which green skinned girl did this to you?!?

Jenny Scott

QUIRK: Do i have to do the hand thingy? SPOOK: I'll let you off with it if you don't call me human at the funeral.


QUIRK: But you haven't shown me THE Pinch trick yet!

Billy Arbco

QUIRK: You can't leave me Spook! ... None of the others like me! SPOOK: It was logical... Neither do I!


QUIRK: Spook, I'm going to overact at your funeral. SPOOK: Nooooooo....


SPOOK: Must...hold on... for... longest... radiation-induced... death scene... on record!


SPOOK: Don't worry, Gym, I made a few "revisions" to the next movie's script before I came in here.


SPOOK: So this is what it feels like to be microwaved...


QUIRK: Spook, how many times do I have to tell you...FIRST put on the radiation suit, THEN go into the warp core chamber!


SPOOK: I'm going to a better place....the director's chair.


QUIRK: I guess you won't live long and prosper.


SPOOK: I'll be back! QUIRK: More than you think!


QUIRK: Don't die on me! SPOOK: And to miss the sequel?


QUIRK: You're making my eyeliner run...


SPOOK: Die long and prosper


SPOOK: I am, and always shall be, in the next film.


Quirk: SPOOK! . Spook: feed my gold fish.


SPOOK: I go to a higher plane of existence - the director's chair

Mr. Tribble

SPOOK: Tell the doctor I can't come to my physical next Friday...

The Great Wizzard

SPOOK: I have always been... and will always be... the better director.

The Great Wizzard

QUIRK: My death scene will be even more pathetic


QUIRK: Spook! Say something! SPOOK: My...speech... much like yours now....must die...


SPOOK: The many outweigh the one, unless the one is Squatty.


QUIRK: Live long and...oh, never mind!


SPOOK: I'm coming back to haunt you. Guess who's directing Sev Trek 3!


SPOOK: Don't worry, I'll be back. The needs of the sequel outweigh the needs of continuity...

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