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This week's idea was suggested on the Ideas Board by Robert Underwood.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Squatty's catchphrase. Here is a "reverse contest" where Sevilians got to write the first speech bubble with Squatty supplying his catchphrase punchline.

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of Sev Trek TV Cartoon Contest. The winning punchline wsa written by ScottE Bemeup. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions.


Scotty, add Nurse Chapel to my list of women I've kissed!

David Stayduhar

Squatty, take my toupee to the drycleaners. It's overdue for it's monthly cleansing.


Finish this rhyme Squatty, "Kirk's on the bridge and wants warp four....."

Captain Ahab

Squatty, send the liposuction machine to my cabin.

Jamal Radar

Keep jumping; I think my new pair of pants are almost broken into.


Scotty ! Fetch me some more toupee glue from the warp nacelles.


I've decided to take up singing over the ship's intercom.


I was thinking of turning this ship into a nudist colony.


Squatty, my rug needs a perming


Finish this rhyme for me Squatty.......'Kirk is out and looking to score!....'

Qui Gon Vin

Squatty can we fit another woman in my quarters.


I want this ship to fuel my ego.


Squatty, do you think I can pinch Uhura on the bum and get away with it again?


Fire up that beautiful feminine computer voice, Squatty.


Scotty, i want to asign my twin brother to the enterprise!!!

Ambassador K-Bear

Increase speed in course to Risa, we wouldn't want to be late for the annual swimsuit competition!

Robert Underwood

Give me groovy alert and take us to warp ten, Mr. Squatt.


Helm, three more loops and two barrel rolls.


Squatty, compliment me. My ego needs feeding.


Squatty, I'm going to take the Enterforaprize into another season


Bad news Squatty, I have gained weight.


Squatty, I want to refit the Enterforaprise


Squatty, for the future of mankind, I've decided to put my self into cryogenic stasis. That way I'll live forever


Squatty, incease my screen time as well as Spooks and Buns

§weet 'n §picy

Squatty, enhance long range sensors for scantily clad aliens...

Wendee Rae

So I asked her; are those space pants you're wearing, cause your legs are out of this world!

Tam Brooks

Iron my wig Squatty!!

Harley Cat

Squatty, I feel the need....the need for speed


Squatty, replicate 100 bottles of hair-lotion!


Helm..Warp factorrrrr.....7,no 8.....wait...make that 9...I know what I'm doing....Did want to say something Squatty?By the way...helm how fast are we going again?


I think we could do a few dozen more movies.


Squatty, get the tailer to make some more Red Ensign uniforms!

Johnathan McClure

Squatty, there's a bug going around that makes people say their catchphrases. Do you have it?


Squatty, I was thinking...

craig =8^}

thanks for the corset, squatty, now it's time for a burger!

Chris G

Time to release a new CD

Chris G

I think i will write a new biography


Squatty, fix this chair, I'm gaining weight.


Squattly, get me a bowl of chili.


More...ensigns squatty....more,more...more!


Squatty, more power to me!


Squatty, arrange the warp field to amplify my singing.

Dial "M" for Maul

Squatty, I need my mirror again


Squatty, inform engineering to increase the force field around my hair ... a hair nearly fell out of place!


Mr. Scott ... this week, give Majel Barrett ten lines instead of six.


Ensign, Inform Miss Chapel that I need another backrub


Mr. Spock, Divert more power to the main viewer. I want to see myself more clearly.


This script is boring, prepare the Plothole torpedo.


Squatty, beam up all of my love interests from this sector.


Time to ask the producer for another raise.


Squatty, can you translate "We appear to have reached our operational limits"?


Go on, say it.

Brad Rousse

Squatty,.... re-route....more my...speech....impediment treatment!

W (hey, there's a Q!)

Call... my seamstress... tell her... I need another.... shipment.... of... shirts!

Mark Cordell

Quiet Squattie, my brain needs to think...

Mark Reading

Do you think we could scrape another movie with this ship?


Stop my receding hairline

Mr. Tribble

Squatty...add...another the...Sev...Trek....Archive...


Need more tension...Squatty...say something


Mr sulu. plot a course to the clostest planet. i need to fall in love with a scantly clad female before the show is over

Claus Michael Scheyda

3 more Girlfriends to beam up, Scotty!

Scott Iskow

...And then there was the time I outsmarted a big lizard. I've got a million of 'em!


Squatty, I need another love scene with Oolala!


Scottie, increase power to the 'James-T-Kirk-abdominal-integrety-shield'


How's your........stomach Squatty?........I feel like........doing another.........series


Squatty, I want to add another paragraph to my autobiography


Squatty, do you think the script could use a Kirk twin?.....played by me of course


Squatty, replay my biography for Uhura.


Squatty, where's Randy? I need to pinch a bottom...


Squatty.... the Submitted entries.... page.... for the.... Sev Comp... is getting full...can you...increase the size?

Captain of Andromeda

The Disco Ball in my quarters needs more power.

James Howe

Squatty, ... I ... need ... more space ... between my ... words


Go get me another trubble for my toupee.


It's time to feed Gaby Cook again.

Jason Okun

Transfer all power from my libido to the engines!

Kenyar Jad

Squatty, have my seamstress make me ten more shirts.

ScottE Bemeup

Let's do the time warp again.

ScottE Bemeup

Computer, I'd like a word with you.


Hey squatty, you think we can get majel to do a few more roles?

Rob Jensen

Squatty, increase girdle integrity 20 percent!


Squatty, we need to stretch the plotline further.


Catch Phrase Roll Call!


Babes on scanners? Increase power to my ego!!!


Squatty... your ex-wife called me asking for her alimony check...


Time... for... another... log...entry...


We need more power to the "Alien Babe" sensors!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Tell Joan Collins we need to rehearse that love scene one more time!!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32


Robert Saturn

Squatty, I've got a "special assignment" for Yeoman Randy


Sqatty, try your line again ... this time I want more of a feeling in it!

Michael Arnold

The script needs more scenes of me shirtless!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Call my psychiatrist!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Give us that catchphrase one more time...


Can we reprogram the episode so I can't lose?

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Warp 15 - I'm late for a date!


Squatty, increase power to the overacting subroutines.


Squatty, what's that sentence you always say when I...


Don't worry, I'll get the Sev Fleet tailor to widen my pants

Jazzier Fax

Squatty, re-tune phasers to "flirt."


Squatty? Say it again, please!

The Great Wizzard

Squatty, summarize your 10 minute TechnoBabble lecture in seven words.

Dial "M" for Maul

I feel the need to rip a shirt.

ScottE Bemeup

Increase power to my belly containment field.

Dial "M" for Maul

Squatty, fix the lights to hide my hairline.

Dial "M" for Maul

This episode may require a jakuzi.

Dial "M" for Maul (At this point, I'd like to express my feelings about this punchline: AHHHHH!)

Squatty, I'm going to sing.

Dial "M" for Maul

Mr. Sulu, steer us through a new episode.

Dial "M" for Maul

Squatty, we need another season.

ScottE Bemeup

Have a box of chocolates delivered to OohLaLa.

The Great Wizzard

Squatty, write my complete speech on one cue card.

Tom Hyde

This is the Captain. This week's female guest star, report to the bridge at once.

Norwegian Bajoran

Scotty, I'm going to try to act today!


Squatty, more power to my speech velocity upgrader!

The Great Wizzard

Squatty... why... did... Oolala... leave... the... bridge... during... my.... speech... ?


Squatty! I want more blinking lights on this bridge, and NOW!


Expand my waistline a bit more.

The Great Wizzard

Squatty, I think my ego needs another boost.

The Great Wizzard

Squatty, what was your catchphrase again?


Squatty, get me, some more, red shirts.


Scotta, get my little black book ... I've got another name to add!

The Great Wizzard

Fix the computer, Squatty. It doesn't accept any of my commands.

Joona Palaste

Squatty... speed up the dialogue... so I can finish my lines... faster...


Squatty, my wig needs a styling

The Great Wizzard

Squatty, what do you think of me and Yeoman Randy?

The Great Wizzard

Squatty, I need a level 10 force field for my girdle!


Squatty... make me... speak... faster


Scotty I feel my shirt about to rip - divert power to containment fields




Squatty, get my hair stylist up here!


Increase power to Spook's sense of humor by two percent.


Squatty, send a damage control team to tighten my girdle.

Chris G

Squatty, break out the Karaoke Machine....


Squatty, let's see if the laundromat is ready for a new batch of torn shirts!

Borg 9 of 9 235

Divert more power to my girdle

Borg 9 of 9 235

Squatty, call yeoman Rand

meggy eel

Scotty, add another punchline to the sevtrek comp!


Divert warp power to my ego contaiment field!


Please tell ensign beautiful to meet me in my quarters.


Squatty, can you tighten up my girdle?

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