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This week's idea was suggested on the Ideas Board by 8 of 12.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Captain Proton. At long last, the much requested black and white hollowdeck character makes his way into Sevdom.

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning punchline was written by Matt FalconKnight. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions.

Ian Sinclair

sign autographs and open shopping malls

Johnathan McClure

Retreat into the continuum known as... REALITY.

Johnathan McClure

Get a new sidekick!

Johnathan McClure

Wear my costume on the bridge!

Philip Whitehead

Escape before Gainweight find's out I used all of her coffee rations on hollowdeck time!


I'll end the holodeck, and I'll screw up the REAL galaxy...


Cheesy grin time


And who says things aren't black and white in life ...


I'm going to get myself promoted to ENSIGN!


Get de-promotrd again wanna come with?


Well, there'll be the fan mail, and the adoring public, and the autograph requests, but I'll try to take it in stride.

Philip Whitehead

Hijack the delta Flyer and find another galaxy to save!

Philip Whitehead

Let's just hope it doesn't involve spiders...


Do it again only give the bad guys weapons this time


Wasn't the annoying sidekick supposed to die in this episode?


This is a G-rated show Chin, so I guess we had better run the credits.

Zach D Monroe

Tune in Next week when I defeat the same caractures, And save the galaxy yet Again

Andrew C.

Steer the ship through sevspace anomalies like I'm supposed to.


Well, if Bologna finds out about this blond!I'm gonna have a great death scene!


Waiting here until the inevitable hollowdeck accident so I get some screen time...


Get back to being a loser. In colour!

James Innes

Comb my hair for my Closeup.

Andrew Babb

Spike the ball and do a moonwalk!

Philip Whitehead

Check the hollow-babe isn't Seska in disguise

Philip Whitehead

Go back and do all the levels I skipped


I gonna try out my new colouring set

Dano Langevin

Phone my Ex, Ms. Neutron. She went nuclear on me and we split.

paul smith

Do you think asking for a promotion would be a bit much????


Why, go save the universe, my good man!


Pretend to the captain I've been awfully busy!


Do it all over again until 10 of 10 comes in so I can rescue her instead of this babe!


Tidy up the mess, before the captain sees it!

Brad Rousse

Get my own Sev Trek spinoff!!

J Noreiko

Sit at the helm, look smug... nothing useful.

Sailor Alpha Centauri

Gainweight keeps editing my hollowdeck programs- it's *Ensign* Proton now...


I saved the Galaxy?!


Wait a minute, what do you do here again?


Get lost with the blonde... with Bologna, I mean.

Lady Firebird

Redesign the rocket more chapped cheeks!

Dial "M" for Maul

Ride of into the solar corona.

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Sweep the hollowdeck like I was supposed to be doing!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Take a reality check Hairy!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

How about a game of ping pong?

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Wear my under pants over my trousers!


I'm going to play the next level, "Proton's side kick gets killed"

Kira Mae

stand here an do nothing while something evil kidnaps that woman over there, then go rescue her!!


I'm going to do it again and in technicolor.

Wendee Rae

Stand here until I remember how to turn on my jet pack.

Wendee Rae

Merchandising, Hairy! Who wouldn't eat Proton Crunchies?

Matthew Fries

Now I'm ready for the Bored!

Cpt Thomas

Give Gainweight a choice: Promoting me or back into that "Queen Arachnia" dress


I'm plotting a course STRAIGHT to the Alfalf quadrant - no planets or anomilies!


Now for the Lieutenant pip.....

Cap'n Russ

Look handsome! What else?


We need find an another galaxy, Chin.

Qui Gon Vin

Time for a Bond style ending


Actually...I have to shoot one more person...on the 'stun' setting, of course.


Purge leola root from all of the ship's replicators!


Get Forager home!...Oh wait that's not possible

Chris Beck

kiss the lady, press the off switch, evidence gone!

4 of 5

make sure the captain doesn't find out I'm colorblind...


I'm going to do the level again, this time without the cheats


Let's install some of this retro crap in the Deltoid Flower.


What about a musical? I've got a fine baritone.

Captain Knowlson

Duh Hairy, you read the script, guess what comes next. Fade out!

6 of 10

I'll beging my shift which startred 2 hours ago...


Computer, load new supervillan.

Catherine Mclaren

The galaxy will never be safe, as long as I am around

Cmdr. Solomon

I'm going to kill Gainweight...Oh wait...did I say that out loud?

ThePenguin Weekly

Strike a pose, take some pictures, sign some autographs, then call it a day.

Cap'n Russ

The usual. Strutting and being cocky.


I'm going to use my ego to power the ship home!

Lindsey Hicks

Hold this pose while the credits role, what else?


Well... Guess it's time to go back to my so called life.


deliver another corny line

R. Jak

Look for more stuff to kill.

U ferryboat (~~)

Off to the mess hall to save it again, from Nelix's cooking

peter, End Program.


I'm going to sickbay. I can't see any colours.


ooops! I'm late for my demotion ceremony


Do it again...Except this time with the safeties off!

saspock of anhk-morpork

computer restart program difficulty level 2

Lokomokip kachelfantje

Put it in danger, so I can save it again.

Captain Treklin

I think I'll change the oil in my hair.


Fix my car in the other holodeck.


I'll save it again. It's either that or listen to Doc's opera.

Space Katet

The galaxy will always need saving with us in the Deltoid Quadrant

Space Katet

Explain how I did it using obscure technobabble

Wendee Rae

Chapter 47: Proton vs. Gainweight's Bun.

Wendee Rae

Sorry, Hairy, but two is a crowd.

Wendee Rae

I will now attempt to avoid sickbay duty!


That's Emperor Proton.


Harry, it's your lack of imagination that keeps you from that promotion.


The hero always gets the girl...sorry, sidekick.


Make a grand exit using my proton jet pack in completely airless space!

Dano Langevin

Endorsement deals, here I come!

ThePenguin Weekly

I'm going to do it all again, cause there's nothing else to do on this ship.

Dano Langevin

Reload. A hero's work is never done!


Umm..who's flying the ship?


Computer, restart program


Hairy, you know I don't think that far ahead.


Rule it like a tyrant!


Make the world safe for Democracy or Kiss this Babe, I can't decide!


Sorry, Chin- Tune in next week for more...


The 'Finally kill Chin for good' episode.


Design a VCR that's easy to program!

craig =8^}

next time, we go COLOUR!

Gregory Griffiths

I'll go babysit that cute baby Gaby Cook!


Thats Admiral Proton to you, I just gave myself a promotion


Hmmm...I think I'll actually go to the bridge and fly this ship home...


Get kneelicks to play the villian while the safty settings mysteriously turn off...


Erase all evidense of the hollow-babe before Bolonga comes!


see if i can persuade Bologna into Constance Goodheart's costume!


Get you to clean up this mess.


Well... what I do all the time... rescue the universe... myself... and fair ladies

Chris Forman

Get out the paint - this place needs brightening up!


although the bad guy here is dead, he never i'll just have to kill him again


talk to the phizzer cause the diplomocy never works ensign

ScottE Bemeup

Next, I'm going to try and save my career.


Don't you see? I'm allready pracising for my new holo-adventure...Saturday Night Fever!

Douglas MacAskill

Well, I've got a duty shift in 5 minutes...


First, the galaxy. Next, The Universe!


Get demoted for getting the ship in trouble again


That's for me to know, and her to find out!

Mary Beth

Get out of these tight leather pants!


Something even better... ping-pong in the messhall!


Slink off before everyone sees how immature I am.

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

The Queen of the Spider people wants to see me in her rowdy room!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Go and wait in the rocket ship, Buster!


I'm going to refill my Super Soaker Squirt Gun and I'll be ready to fight evil again!


Press the 'RESET' button

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Save the game of course!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Take these boots off - they're killing me!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Just roll the credits!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Let's save that 'til next week!


Get a life? Nah.

8 of 12

Cue the heroic theme music!


What I always do- be late for work




Get a better sidekick!


Start selling "Captain Protein: The Computer Game", Captain Protein T-shirts, Captain Protein coffee mugs, Captain Protein sketch pads...


What else? A sequel!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Computer end invincibility mode!

Jane Garland

Embark on a much more chalanging mission. Finding your personality.


Probably sit in the brig for a while!


Give a toothy smile, and save it again!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Suppose I'd better get back to work. We've been in here for 3 weeks!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Let's play hide 'n seek in the transploder buffers!

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

I'd better return the Captain's hair dryer before she sees it's gone!


You're not in the next scene Harry. Computor, delete sidekick character.


Hmmm, Im getting used to be called "captain"! Bwah ha ha...

5618 (David)

The same thing I try every night, Hairy: try to take over the quadrant!

ScottE Bemeup

Based on past scripts, nothing new.


Our next adventure will be figuring out how to get out of the Hollowdeck.


I hope to finally get a life!


Computer, help Miss Goodheart into something more comfortable!


Er ... fix the huge rip in the seat of my pants!


Computer, activate babe-o-matic machine


A little private time with the holo babe i think!


Just stand here and look heroic for a little while longer!


Find a way to get the Doc's mobile emitter for this babe!

John Fassbender

Tune in next week folks.

The Great Wizzard

Like every main character in SciFi series: attend Conventions until I die!

Ian Austin

See if I can get the REAL Bologna in here.

The Great Wizzard

Play the program again -- but this time with a female sidekick!

Dr Satan

Incorperate colour into the program. I need some red-shirt sidekicks.

Tom Hyde

Well, there ARE billions of other galaxies that need saving...


Clear out Dr. Chaotica's Fortress of Evil to make room for my ego.


Sign autographs for my fans, what else?


Get that other pip back from Gainweight!


Put out my costume...the rocket pack set my pants on fire in the flying-in-space scene!


Most likely make a wise crack

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

Computer end hero worship!


Oh I thought I'd just stand here and pose heroically for awhile...


I'll try to add some color to this place


To my left, you can see a babe. Need I say more?

mouse - Jefferies tube 32

It's only pretend, stupid!


Reset the hollowdeck and try it again at a harder level. This was just too easy!


Get to the next galaxy.

The Great Wizzard

I think of another catch-phrase since "Captain Proton to the rescue" won't work any more...

The Great Wizzard

Cumputer, disengage safety protocols! Hairy, if you ask ONE MORE stupid question...

The Great Wizzard

Why do all sidekicks have to ask stupid questions?

Number 0

Am i the captain now?


The same, with color!


I'll try to get some color on my cheeks!

John Guenther

Umm... do it again?


Save the galaxy again!

Chris G

Computer....disarm safety protocols...

The Great Wizzard

I want to get a date with Arachnia!

The Great Wizzard

You see that babe over there? By the way: if you tell Bologna, you're dead!

Matt Hancock

Boldly color where no color has gone before!

John Guenther

Attempt to tame the captain's hair!


Get us back to the alfalfa quadrent!

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