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This week's idea was suggested on the Ideas Board by Muffy.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Ten researching relationships. To be honest, the original idea for this strip had Bologna asking "how do you know when we're having intimate relations?" I drew it months ago but couldn't think of how to use it without getting 99% lewd/crude punchlines. Then Wendy suggested we reword the question, hence this week's strip :-)

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. This week's winning punchline was written by ScottE Bemeup. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions.


I've been put on console cleaning detail.


I accidentally downloaded the Doctor's stalking subroutines.


I'm upset, you mistook my alcove for a console!


Learning to dominate the male crew, you are the most efficient.


Why do the male crew members look at your face when they are talking to you?


I need a woman's opinion. Does this catsuit make me look fat?

the little red caboose

I got a report that a console was malfunctioning


I'm investigating the recent wave of nausea on the crew... You happen to be the source.


To ensure neither of you engage in irrevelant activities.


Naomi says it is your turn to be 'it'


This is the first story not featuring me--I miss the attention!

the little red caboose

the console's been complaining


I heard Tomb's biological distinctiveness was to be added to your own!


The Doctor wants me to study humour and your relationship is the funniest thing on Forager.


It is the Doctor's 17th lesson; stalking for amusement.


I'm correlating your movements with console wear.


The concentration of hormones is creating a plot hole. I'm here to fill it with technobabble

Doggy Spew

Hey, itīs a small space-time continuum.

eric zuiderduin

I am Bored - you WILL be irritated


Operating at 142% efficiency leaves me a lot of spare time.


No, you must have mistaken me for some other hot, blond Bored in a skin-tight suit...


Would you like to buy some chocolates for the Bored Scouts?


After weeks of careful tracking, the female has noticed my approach. The next few minutes could be critical.


I seek answers to my mating ritual inquiries. Flirting will now commence.

Stephen Yang

I'm not following...I'm powerwalking my way down to a size 3!


I speak on behalf of the whole crew when I say : GET A ROOM!

Kalahari Karl

I need to learn how to give Hairy the ol' back-handed rejection slap...

John Lang

I'm not...I'm doing some brisk walking so my paint dries

Rob Simpson

Actually you're following me - it's a time distortion thing!


It was either that or listen to Hairy play the clarinet.

Brian K.

Kneelicks wishes to improve ratings for his current events programming.


The Doctor told me to study some negative examples of humanoid romance.


Look, do you want to be in a scene or not?


I was assigned to ratings repair. I thought I could do the most good here.


I can learn about relationships from either you or that neurotic hologram with an awful bedside manner. Is it really a choice?


I'm now in charge of enforcing the PG directive


My tricorder was showing unusually high amounts of lewd particles in this sector.


Your overproduction of endorphins is creating an imbalance in the ship's atmosphere.

Johnathan McClure

I have come to remove a parasite from you.

Kenyar Jad

Trying to erect a farcefield between you two. But you keep moving.


And why are YOU preceding my every moves?


You can see me? My catsuit is barely visible!


Do I LOOK like someone who values privacy?


I'm looking for love in all the wrong places.


The Captain had instructed me to tell you your relationships is to be supended until further notice, you two are risking the structural integrity of the ship.


My contract requires me to be in every scene.

Acid Warlord

Using me as a background seems to attract more viewers..


Naomi won't follow me here - she thinks kissing is 'icky.'

Mr. Shadow

Reaserch compleat. It takes humanoid femails 6 minutes to ask why they are being followed.

Jane Garland

I'm scaning the mess hall for anything unsavory.

The Boss

I have my toycorder set to set to sappyness and you two seem to be a constant source.

Jane Garland

Recapturing my childhood, Naivite style.


The Doctor insists that I learn how to bicker.


The captain sent me here to remind you that this is a family show.


following you? Im even suprised tomb follows you.


The doctor detected that blood pressure in this section was way above normal. He sent me to check it out.


Didn't you hear I'm the Captains eyes and ears!


You are my sunshine!


Your Relationship is ineficent.


The writers want to get me in every scene possible.


I have a message from the Captain....."Stop it".

Corsair (I've totally drawn a blank on this one)

My Toycorder indicates Crude & Lewd.

Cpt Thomas

Ten to bridge - character building scene succesfully avoided

Cpt Thomas

Romance is irrelevant - I am the babe

Night's Master

I seek to learn more about pointless relationships


Your communicator has been "on" for 24 hours. Turn it off.

Cordavin Lon

I've been assigned to prevent Lieutenant Parasite from procreating.

Berlinghoff Rassmussen

The captain figured after that little console incident you two needed a chaperone


I think I've found the source of exploding consoles.


How is it that you always seem to be walking in the space I happen to be studying?

Wendee Rae

I require batteries for my gameboy.

Wendee Rae

I have a formal complaint from the occupants of deck six.


I need you to adjust my optical implant so I can find out what it is you actually see in that parasite.


I'm trying to figure out why the fire alarms go off whenever the two of you walk into a room


So THAT'S why the consoles explode!


One of the engineering consoles filed for a restraining order. I'm investigating.


I have been taking annoyance lessons from Naomi Wildman.


It was either this, or date Ensign Chin. Hardly a difficult decision.

Kevin Watts

I am attempting to learn how to gossip


So I can pick up some tips for Harry and I


I'm the only reason people don't get nausia right now

Thomas Redfern

I felt you needed some screen time.

Andrew Dullege

What? Could you see my breast around the corner?


Talk to the tricorder.


The captian assigned me as your chaperone. The last time you made out on the consoles you changed all the replicators to produce only decaf.


That is irrelevant, prepair to be studied, your technolo...uh...well, just your biological distinctiveness will be added to my notes!


I'm waiting for our fight scene.


I need information on human rituals.


Smile, you're on "Candid Holodeck!"


I'm doing the gossip coloum on the new look "Brieffing with Kneelicks"


Elementary, my dear Bologna, elementary.


I am measuring your inefficiencies at love.


Its an experiment on love. You've failed!


I heard people saying you are ... kissing... I just wanted to see it with my own eyes!


You may proceed with the "Intimate Relations".

The Crazy Zonie

The Captain wants a report on commpanel usage.


To annoy you...Tell me, am I successful at doing so ?

ThePenguin Weekly

I wish to know why all the consoles are malfunctioning.

ThePenguin Weekly

You will terminate this line of questioning.

John Lang

I'm scanning for raging hormones


I'm not, I work on that console!


Your "romance" is causing shipwide nausea.


Just showing Toomb that he could do better.


Just providing some background scenery!


I'm Bored.


Im trying to work out why the tricorder detects three lifeforms when I point it in your direction....

The Great Wizzard

Well, this episode is named "Somebody to Watch Over Me".


Im here to make sure you dont break the PG rating, if you do, your're both assimilated!

8 of 12

This is Seven of Nine, reporting live for 'A briefing with Kneelicks'

the girl from ipanema

Where I come from, privacy is irrelevant.

ScottE Bemeup

Your methods of assimilation are slow, but effective.

ScottE Bemeup

I want to observe how you assimilate him.

The Great Wizzard

Annoyme Wildman asked me about that "Birds and Bees" stuff.


I set my toycorder to "romance". Yours was the only one I could detect.


I have Naomi Wildman disorder.


I am trying to find the source of the strange smooching sounds.

The Great Wizzard

Well, how should I learn about human relationships? From a neurotic hologram perhaps?

Joona Palaste

I need more hints in assimilating men.

The Great Wizzard

"Why" is irrelevant.

The Great Wizzard

"Big Sister" has been watching you...


I am Bored. You will be annoyed...

The Great Wizzard

Well, it's because... oops, gotta regenerate! now!

The Great Wizzard

I followed others and here are the results: Chocolatey: Dull and boring; Hairy Chin: Dull and boring; Twoblocks: Dull and Boring; Kneelicks: Annoying and annoying. Need I go on?

The Great Wizzard

I promised to help the Doctor enhancing his personality with some passion.

Darth Paul

We need something to keep the viewers entertained while you guys do your "relationship" stuff.

The Great Wizzard

I want to find out when you discover that "Kick Me" sign I placed on your... oops!

The Great Wizzard

Just some research widely based about your "inflatable waistline".


You should thank me, it's the only way you get any screentime anymore!

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