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This week's idea was suggested on the Ideas Board by olv.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Beta's evil twin. Usually this kind of contrived storyline was the domain of soapies but never put it past Sev Trek to use a contrived storyline or two (hey, that's what sevspace is made for)...

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. This week's winning punchline was written by the little red caboose. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions.

Kiara Janeway

VHS has a life.

Mr. Shadow

I think it's pretty obviouse... that I don't know!


Well, the cat could, but all we found was the tail.


If you weren't fully functional, You'd be evil too!


One of them has his emotionalc chip stuck on madness.


You have three guesses. Don't waste them.,


Ask a simple question, the one still talking after 10 minutes is Beta!


Process of elimination-- I'm always wrong!


Scan for Trashy Yard particles.


Beta keeps his Bwahaha chip in stasis.


Simple, Beta's bottom is smoother than Piker's cheeks!

8 of 12

Lore just swung Subplot around the bridge.


Have you ever known Beta to cackle?


Check their underwear for star fleet issue.

Mouse - jefferies tube 32

Personally I prefer his young cousin DVD!


Turn around and see which one sticks a knife in your back.

King Orthur

Where is Mr. tricorder when we need him!!!

Admiral Schnur

They cut the maniacal laughter out of Beta 2.0.


Does it really matter? They're both annoying.


The evil eyebrows. It's always the eyebrows.


One has a cat as a pet, the other has a crystaline entity.

Ronald Wanders

Try a bad joke, beat won't understand, his twin will laugh like crazy.

Vixen of Borg

The emotions the facial tic and the eyebrows are a dead giveaway

Mr. Memo

Beta tells you, "In space, no one can hear you scream." VHS throws you out the airlock to test the theory.

Mr. Memo

Beta has the "Intel Inside" sticker. VHS has the "Evil Inside" sticker. I have the "Clueless Inside" sticker.

Mr. Memo

Let's just say one is "fully functional," & the other is only a "Beta" test version.

Mr. Memo

VHS says, "Bwah ha ha." Beta says, "Blah Blah Blah."


VHS is obviously a better actor.Just look at that range!


You've come to the right person. Betazoids are specially bred to detect Betas.


I don't know. One of them threatens to bore us to death, and the other threatens to kill us. They both seem evil to me.


My pathetic senses tell me...shoot them both and sort it out later.

Luigi Novi

Lore's the one laughing. He saw the way all the people submitting punchlines can't spell for their lives.


Isn't it obvious? The one desperately trying to be funny is Beta!


Beta never puts a bwah before his haha.


His off-button is on the other side.


Lets keep the one on the right. He's more fun anyway.


You have to have hair to understand: the one who makes your hair rise of fear is Lore.


Beta lacks expression while the evil twin expresses himself very well

Risando Marconi

What would you do if your male cat got babies?


Just don't start them singing...


VHS shuts up occasionally

Harry Hazeel

I sense anger from one of them, but I'm not sure which.


Ts, Ts, captain. Heīs not evil, heīs ethically challenged!


The older model always has a few bugs.


Beta is on the right. See how happy he is to have found his brother!


Easy! I make my best judgement and then pick the other one.


I gave them a personality test-- Beta always shows up negative.


Usually the evil one is followed by onminous music. See, there it is now.


I recently learned to tell right from left!


I figured out a way: one's on the right, one's on the left!

8 of 12

Why don't we see which one tries to destroy the ship?


Captain, watch your langage! The term is "misunderstood!"

Hope Q Janeway

I can't. I'm the useless one, remember?


VHS has a personality... however deranged


I'll tell a joke and if he gets it 7 years later,it's Beta.


VCR is not fully functional


Smell their boots. Spot found a new litter box recently...


Hmm, maybe I''m more useful then I thought...


I don't know; how do you feel about it?


I'm sensing it's the one laughing like a complete maniac


I feel your stupidity.


Beta's the one who's NOT laughing at your blatent stupidity.


Beta's more irritating


Start singing a Gilbert and Sullivan song. The one that doesn't try to strangle you is Beta.


Ask one of them what gender Subplot is. If he doesn't know, he's Beta.

Gary Burch

Compare their reactions to the phrase 'fully functional'

Gary Burch

We get rid of the one that can tell a funny joke


If he tries to kill you, it's not Beta.

Hanover Fisk

The minutiae of body language is all part of Sev Fleet Training, sir.

Triple Dutch

Beta uses Duracell... He'll last longer.


By the dumbfounded look on Betaīs face.


By using an ancient Betazoid eyes.


Give them a lifeform and see who'll sing about it.

little green woman

The same way you spot every evil twin: He's trying to take over the world!


Hmmm....Crazy laugh,eyelids turned down in anger....shoot the one on the left!

Cmdr. 8472

Maniacal laugh, glaring eyes, controlling, I can't tell the difference at all.


Are you sure You're fully functional,Captain?


Compare their CONFIG.SYS: In Beta's you will find DEVICE=C:\DOS\BORING.EXE, in the other DEVICE=C:\DOS\DESTROY EVERYTHING.EXE.


Beta's not killing so many people.


I know which one's Beta, but which one's Bore?


I'll give you three guesses.


I'm sensing confusion - Oh wait, that's me!

Joona Palaste

VHS is the insane one, Beta is the boring one.

Wendee Rae

I scanned for cat hair.

Wendee Rae

Beta's hair has more bounce.

Cordavin Lon

Do you think we can somehow twist this into a way to kill off Measly?


We'll Beta runs on Windows 95 that's why he's so expressionless and the evil twin runs on Windows 98, that's why he's prown to fits of maniacle type laughter.

the little red caboose

The clock is ticcing...and so is one of their faces!

the little red caboose

lets try this...hey guys, why did the android cross the road?

the little red caboose

I don't kiss and tell

Cmdr. Solomon

Well, one is Beta, and the other is VHS. So the one who is not VHS is Beta, and the one who is not Beta is VHS.


My keen empathic senses help me to pick up the subtle differences.

Cmdr. Solomon

As Beta would say: VHS is approximately 1.233423435123 Micrometers taller than I am, and his skin is approximately 1.4538787974% darker than mine.

Finder the Bard

You just had to give VHS a uniform, didn't you?


Well.... Beta isn't a good kisser.

mistress of mayhem

If the serial number spells serial killer.....


He's obnoxious, pompous, and annoying. As for Lore...


I would think the 'kill everyone' dialogue would clue you in.


Ask which one is 'fully functional'!


Check the degree of the evil eyebrow slant.

Gregory Griffiths

I tend to lean towards the one displaying emotions...


If you look closely, you'll notice that Lore has a bit of an insane glint in his eyes.

Captain Leita Chandra T'Por

I know I'm the Queen of the Blatantly Obvious but this is just too much ...


Beta's fully functional, VHS's fully dysfunctional.


The statue is Beta and the one acting like an idiot is his twin.


we prefer to call hin "morally challenged"


Only Lor laughs at Beta's jokes.

ScottE Bemeup

I'm a member of the Ignorance and Apathy Club. I don't know and I don't care.

Dave Kerby

Well, when one tries to twist your head off, chances are it wasn't Beta


Beta is the only person in the whole galaxy who enjoys being with Measly.


I sense... similarities.


You're going blind as well as bald now?


Hmmm, a question asking for the blatently obvious... must be my turn to say a line.


Just yell out "Dah-ta" instead of "Day-ta" and the real Beta will correct you

Petréa Mitchell

Well, obviousness *is* my domain, sir.


Whose behind looks more like Will's chin?

Luigi Novi

The "evil twin" just tried to have Beta's cat "fixed'" with Worf's bat'leth.

Luigi Novi

Well, Beta can play the violin, the viola, and the guitar. Lore makes fart sounds with his armpit to the tune of "Bad to the Bone."

Luigi Novi

Well, you know how everyone keeps suggesting to blow Measley Cruncher out of an airlock? Lore actually went and did it.

5618 (David)

Just ask both of them how long that laughter lasted. The one giving the answer in the most decimal numbers is Beta.

John Lang

Beta doesn't go "Bwah ha ha!"

5618 (David)

Just press his nose and look if his rearend inflates.


We know VHS is the evil one because he came with Windows 95 preinstalled.


Cut Subplot in ahlf and see which one complains.

Theodore Moser

If you can't tell, I think you should step down as Captain.


Ask a question and see which one goes into "Encyclopedia Betannica" mode!


I'm sensing hostility from one of them....

Shawn McNiel

He's the one with the serial number 666.


The mad cackling might be a clue.


Check the serial number on their underwear.


There are SLIGHT differences... like he kills people!


VHS uses bad words, and Beta would never do that.


The "return to factory" sign is a hint...


Beats me! Letīs send them both to Trashy Yard for further analysis.

Jean-Pierre Sirois

We must bring Piker here to see with which android butt his face match !

Mouse - jefferies tube 32

Just stand beside them and we've got The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!!


Captain, I'm sensing great stupidity


Not very observant, are you Captain....

The Great Wizzard

Pity that we ain't in the 60s where the doubles had no similarity at all to the original...


Beta wont rip off your head and spit down your neck...


He's the one with an emotion chip on his shoulder.


He's the one with a loose screw,apparently.


I wish Trashy Yard was here! She could tell...


Go get Subplot! The one she scratches must be Beta!


Well, you could try ASKING them...


Set them behind a console and make them do the 'Lifeform' song.

The Great Wizzard

VHS is the one who's trying to kill you. The drawback is that you'll find out when it's too late.


The sense of humor.


There's a little mole on his... oops...

8 of 12

All I'm sensing is confusion

8 of 12

Which is the real McCoy?


I'm not here for stating the obvious, captain.


The evil twin has a personality

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