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This week's idea was suggested on the Ideas Board by Cameron Mason (aka Trelo)..
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

The cute Naomi Wildman. She's cute. She's bright. She's grown 10 years in a third the time! If she isn't a child genius "Measly Cruncher" in the making, I don't know what is (actually, Wendy and I like her - we think she's cute).

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. This week's winning punchline was written by ScottE Bemeup. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions.


You're Bored, I'm bored, wanna play?

Lieutenant Eurique

Well, somebody has to clean up the trails of drooling saliva dropped by nearby men...

Lieutenant Eurique

I just want to know when you'll be done borrowing my glitter for your catsuits...


Forgot we're playing tig didn't you


To steal screentime, I must learn from the master!


Budget cut's, this is the only section of corridor left on the ship!

Wendee Rae

Kneelicks needs some tinfoil for the leftovers.


Bologna's wayyyy too cranky,and I'll never be a sevship captain. Youre the only possible idol I have!

j. dodge

To see if that space-wedgie in your tights ever goes away

The bored guy

It seems the rest are having one boring holodeck problem after another

Avenger CO

I want my names in the opening credits too!

Justinious Q Caesarus

This is the first time I've seen a life size Barbie.

Michael A. Bright

"I thought Borg technology might explain my never-ending growth spurts"


I identify with you, we both have weird stuff on our faces.

little green woman

Kneelicks was starting to talk about that tree again!


I wanna learn how to evolve from cute baby to sexy babe


I need some spare parts for my Science Project.


When you're done wearing my pajamas, may I PLEASE have them back?


Oh. Hang out with Neelix or hang out with you. Now THERE'S a hard choice.

Yza Winn

Since I have no Barbie dolls I thought I might play with you


I wanted to see how long it would take you to notice the 'Kick Me' sign on your back.

Kai, Last of the Brunnen-G

I've got to study up on my technobabble as to further my quest in overthrowing Gainweight as Captain.


Where 10 goes, so goes the plot!


I'm learning to "strut".


Well, at the rate I grow, I'll be younger than you but have the same figure in about three months...I thought you deserved fair warning that your job is in jeopardy.

Jen the jumping quean II

I have a question. Isn't that catsuit irelivent?


When I was with Kneelicks I was seen once a season, when I'm with you I'm in every other episode.


Protecting you from Hairy Chin


Hey! Walking doll!


You're dressed in a kalidescope and I'm a kid!!!


The doctor used all my toys on you the last time you got injured!!


You've been "IT" for three seasons!!!


built in toys!


It's either the drama queen captain, the pms engineer, the furry cook, or someone with toys built in!!


ou're the closest thing to an action figure on board!


it's in the contract follow the one with personality


You are a main character, my mumīs not!


Itīs the only way to integrate me into the storyline.


I am BORED. Prepare to be annoyed


As you may have guessed from my growth rate, I'm actually a Happycampa agent--here to avenge Cuss!


I'm BORED--get it? Oh, right, humor is irrelevant.


I mistook you for my "Bored Barbie" doll.


You're the only other person on board with things sticking out of her head


Half the crew is paying me to report as soon as your outfit loses structural integrity.


Everyone else wears CLOTHES!


Resistance is futile. You will find me adorable.


Kids love weird things!


Somebody told me you were ten.

Joona Palaste

I was wondering if that silver jumpsuit came in my size.


I was gonna give you a wedgie, but what's the point?


I want to borrow your cool eyebrow-ring!


I thought we could share clothes since we wear the same size!


I wanted to tell you not to wash your clothes in hot water next time!


I thought you might like my clothes when I outgrow them!


I wanna be a Bored tramp just like you!

Siriusly not

I'm playing follow the looker.

Capt. Renalt

One word....hand-me-downs!


Why not? Everyone else does around here!

Avenger CO

I might as well since I age as fast as borg children.

Seele 01

How else can I get a date with Hairy

Piper (whos getting annoyed because he never wins))

Because if I become a main character there's less chance I will be killed off.


Following in your high heel steps

Sarah Jane-Way

I wanted to see how many people you assimilated before breakfast


Bugging the main characters is the only way I can get any screen time.


I've been taking lessons from Neelix on how to be the most annoying cast member.


your the closest thing this ship has to a Barbie doll, and I want one

Lieutenant Luke

You can keep the position of "Ship's Babe" for all I care, but the rank of "The Captain's Pet" is mine, okay!

Lieutenant Luke

Why play with a teddy bear (Kneelicks) when I can have a Barbie Doll (Ten)?

Lieutenant Luke

You stole my inheritance of the position of "Ship's Babe"..

Jane Garland

It's eiter me or Hairy Chin. Which would you prefer?

Jane Garland

Otherwise I'm an "Unnecisary Charachtor." a.k.a. Cannon Fodder.


It was either follow you or follow a security ensign. Do you know how long the average secutiry ensign lives?


Following? I thought this was one of those time hoops!

Don Rae

Maybe I'm a bit Bored too.

Don Rae

Show me a more interesting person on this ship!

Don Rae

I thought I might catch some of the leftover attention!?

J Racer

Hey, one of us Wildmans deserves some screentime!


I want to help you save the ship every week.

J Racer

The Borg babe and the cute kid on screen together-what could be more perfect?


You brought the ratings up, someone has to keep them down!

V. Equinox

My mommy's not scheduled to guest star again for six more episodes.


The good of my career outweighs the good of the crew, or the Ten.


I'm after your job! At the rate I grow, I'll be ship's babe by next season.


When you grow 10 years in 3 seasons, you have to get rid of excess energy somehow!


Annoying you will get me on Gainweight's good side.

Qui-Gone Gin

Ship's Babe wannabe reporting for duty!


I'm only doing what Hairy does!

Will Etienne

I want to learn how to make men's eyes bug out too!

ScottE Bemeup

I can't figure out how you use the bathroom with that suit.

ScottE Bemeup

I want my catsuit back.


with your blue costume you remind me of Flopper


Oh, don't worry. I'm sure it's just a sub-plot

Endris Gakor

Blame your magnetic personality

Darth Tilden

There's nothing good on the holodeck.


I was doing what the ship was doing- foolowing silicon nabulas!

Cordavin Lon

The only thing to do around here is watch your paint dry...

Cordavin Lon

You're the only character left that's smarter than me... for now.

Cordavin Lon

You're the only one cuter than I am!


I'm hoping some of your good looks will rub off on me!

Maria Spano

As the Captain's Assistant I want to make sure you're not regenerating on the job!!

Jason Rose

Try to find a guy anywhere else on this ship.

Brian Sanford

I haven't seen my mom in years!!


Hey, it's not my fault the set only has one intersecting corridor.

Sam Fergusson

You're the only sexy role model on the ship.

wsdfg'rl qalgh ljbwqeri

I was trying to act like Ensign Kim!


The door sensor to the bridge is calibrated for adults so if I slip in just behind you...

Jane Garland

I don't want to end up like Measly.

Jane Garland

You're Ten, I'm Ten, wanna play?

they thought we'd be a perfect pair, you get paid cause your sexy and I get paid cause I'm cute!


My mom got mad at me for getting more screentime than her, so she locked me out.

Christopher Michael

If I don't stay on screen often enough, I'll be 50 by the series finale!


We have more mother-daughter scenes than I do with my actual mom.


Watching paint dry isn't as boring as you might think!


It's you or Kneelicks, I think the rest is self explanatory.

Wendee Rae

If I hung out with my mom, I'd never be seen.

Wendee Rae

Just looking for the little drone's room.


Small children are attracted to shiny things.


I'm just trying to figure out why you think three-inch heels are the most efficient footgear for a starship full of ladders!


Hairy Chin promised me ten replicaterer rations for every hollowimage I can take of you!


The physics principles involved in your suit are the subject of my doctorate thesis.


im watching the paint dry


Hang on a second while I grow another 4 years.


I was hoping to discover where I could get implants like yours.

Philip Kerselaers

One word... "Screentime"


I see all the boys do it.


My mother doesn't get enough airtime to follow.

Michael Kraft

Resistance may be futile, but persistance pays off.

John Lang

I want "paint-on" clothes too.

John Lang

To find out if the Bored use the bathroom.


Because following Kneelicks is boring.


I've just been following the camera


I want to open this bottle of soda,and you've got the opener on your face!


It's a much nicer reason than the men on the ship have, believe me!


You're for older guys, I'm for the younger ones.


Filling my demographic duties.


Earning my Measly points?


Can I be assimilated? Can I, can I pleassssseeeee!!!!!?

The Great Wizzard

Hairy Chin asked me to wipe his drool trail.

Dr. Jekyl

The way I see it, the more time I spend with you, the more likely I am to wind up in a position where I have to save the ship.


Because my mother never seems to be with me

Qui-Gone Gin

I know, stalking is more efficient!

Qui-Gone Gin

I'm a Ship's Babe in training!

Qui-Gone Gin

Otherwise my screentime will be irrelevant!

The Great Wizzard

I'm lost. The only map of the ship I have is from "Twisted".


An assignment from ensign Chin - to film you from behind!


I`m atrackted to shiny objects, nice outfit


Mum said to stop following her, or she'd send me to the Borg. I thought I'd save her the time.


I'm not following you, you keep walking in front of me.

The Great Wizzard

The writers needed to extend the plot for five minutes and the Doctor refused to sing yet another duet with you!


I want to know who paints your clothes


I wanted to know where you got those implants

The Great Wizzard

You're the most popular character - it's better than following the least popular character like I did before.


You're always infront of the camera...

The Great Wizzard

Annoyance is not futile.

Britney Spears of Borg

Ten, do you think the Bored could give me some implants too?

The Great Wizzard

To annoy you -- and the viewers.

The Great Wizzard

After following Kneelicks for three years, I've become so annoying, I'll follow the person with the most screen time.

carDASSian and WAR Drum

Becaues hanging around Neelicks all the time has put me off men!


It's the only way to get any screentime!

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