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This week's idea was suggested on the Ideas Board by Alejandro Lee.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Cloning Wayout. I think the DS9 writers realised they made a big mistake when they killed off Weyoun (Jeffrey Coombs is a great actor - check him out in Peter Jackson's "The Frightners"). So in an inspired moment, they turned him into a clone to recycle ad nauseum... the only Trek character with his own reset button!

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. This week's winning punchline was written by Mark. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions.


Would YOU pass up the opportunity to kill me twice?


Where there's a will, there's a Wayout.

Oren Otter

The Dominion is only budgeted for one red-shirt.


I'm trying to beat Harry Kim's death count.


I'm the next best thing to a sheep!


Because they got an special offer : " Clone one get one free!"


Because they have discovered that reset button on my back!

Mark Foster

We're a handy food source! Soyolent Green is clones!


They cloned in bulk!

Hitesh J. Mehta

Because I made them an offer they couldn't refuse!!!

Don Rae

Haven't you heard of discount genes?

Terror Teen

'cos I keep falling like Dominos.


Who cares all I know is I get a lollypop everytime it happens!!

The Traveler

They just follow the directions on the box

Kenyar Jad

No reason. They just think my other charred bodies make good potpurri.

Steve "Slaan" Asselin

I don't know. I just can't seem to find a Wayout of this series!

Andrew Perry

What? Gainweight recycles shuttles, Pickhard recycles ensigns, Quirk even recycled planets. Can't the Dominion have SOMETHING?

Petréa Mitchell

They feel I have excellent tie-in marketing potential!


Hey, 500 trillion gallons of Flounders can't be wrong!


Why question good taste?


All the world loves a clone!


I make them feel gooey inside


There perfecting the recipe.


They felt Sheepish.


Because I'm WayIN with the Flounders.


I wish they would activate all of the clones to make my job easeyer

Air CB

Unlike Sev Fleet, the Flounders believe in continuity.


I am the best kiss up in the history of my race.

-Sir Davian-

If at first you don't perfect, clone, clone again!

Luigi Novi

I'm microwave safe, and take only 45 seconds to make!


The same reason Sevfleet keeps redshirts around, to keep the enemies from shooting the main characters.

Cmdr. Solomon

Stop killing me, and they will stop cloning me.

Cmdr. Solomon

If you kill him, they will clone.

Mike Blackwood

Well, Sheep were considered too complex...

V. Equinox

It's a side effect of cloning scripts.


I'm the Kenny of the Gamma Quadrant


I don't know, but it sure beats a facelift!


Instant coffee, instant scripts, instant plots, why not instant Vortas?


They don't know how to change the default settings...


I'm the only one who never questiones their stupidity.


How could I dare to understand the Gods?

Cameron Mason

Clones have more fun.


They're fresh out of new faces to mold.


Inspired by Bashfuls Gameboy - extra lives.


I'm the black sheep of the family.


The Dominio has started redshirting.


For some reason people keep killing me!

Kalahari Karl

Are you kidding? My public loves me!


They don't I'm just a continuity error.

Brittany Bell

A good classic never goes out of style


When you're hot, you're hot!

sexy lexy

nobody ever questioned it when the same red shirt died every week.!

Justin (Ironpants or is it Oscon?) Allen

You know, they've been doing this for so long i've completely forgotten!

Andrew Lipsett

Would YOU let hair like this go to waste?


Clone three, get one free!


The more of me, the merrier

Avenger CO

If at first you don't succeed, DIE, die, again!

William J. Higgins

The original is trapped in the copying machine.....


They're suckers for suck-ups.


My contract's fine print keeps coming back to haunt them.


Please, we prefer to be called "identical developers"


You got your ensigns, we got our Wayouts


Everyone has to have a hobby

Cevanna of the Vortaphiles

Well how else am I supposed to appear in the show? As Brunt?

J Racer

They'll do it until my warranty expires.

Acting Ensign Emma

They add a little bit of personality each time round, you should realy try it with the doctor.


Well, the Flounders are fresh out of female Vorta!


It saves time with casting.


They're testing the technology for Forager's shuttles.


Repetition is the sincerest form of flattery.


Because they are still trying to get my ears right!

Faith Snater

Faded genes!


Can't keep a good villian down.


Well, they got tired of making me out of leftover shapeshifter goo.


They haven't figured out that transploder duplicate trick.


Forget baseball. Wayout-killing will be THE sport of the 24th century.


So kids will buy 7 copies of my action figure!


I am so slippery, The Flounders mistake me for a Liquid.

Kalahari Karl

Hah! I can not only be cloned, but I can reincarnate in the form of Brunt!

Gobi Toby

I'm too obseqious to die only once...


I draw enemy fire better than anyone!

Gary Granger

Because my freshness date has expired!


Practice Makes Perfect, Constable!

Michael Vlamijnck

Same reason, why they let you shift only once in an episode. THE BUDGET


Shut up and recycle me!


Sometimes you cant get enough of a good thing.


Too Much of a Good Thing is such an overrated phrase.

Jason Lima

It was a "Wayout" of raising children

Shawn McNiel

Because Clonliness is next to Godliness.

Shawn McNiel

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Cmdr. Solomon

The writers can't come up with an original new character.


Clones are cheaper than ensigns!

R A Spottiswood

How many other recurring villains can die every week?


Our motto is "Bet you can't clone just one!"


I know a few cool party tricks.


Even in death I cant escape my contract!


Our disposable ensign technology is lightyears ahead of yours!

Rob Jensen

You divide me faster than they can multiply me!

Zachary Zulkowski

They like me! They really like me!!!


What your security people would GIVE for this technology


They don't have your ensign recycling technology.


a few more and we can play poker


I know its hard to believe you can improve on me!


What's worth doing once, is worth doing ad nauseum....

J Racer

'Cause I'm a better actor than YOU, bucket head.


They only have to pay me if I live through the epsiode

ScottE Bemeup

They bought the extended service warranty.

ScottE Bemeup

They've grown accustomed to my face.

ScottE Bemeup

Sometimes a copy of a copy isn't as sharp.

John Lang

My hair looks like a sheep.


Hey, when you look THIS good...

evay (who points out that the actor plays both parts)

I have a seven-season contract and NOBODY wanted to see Brunt that often.


Everyone loves a clone.

Fonn Parr

These ears won't fit on anyone else

The Trivial Psychic

We get most of our treknology from the Xeroxians


Eventually they might get it right!


Endless supplies of mindless, sycophantic underlings...Wouldn't YOU?


We come in six-packs!


Ever hear of supply and demand?


I am eunuch...I meant unique!


Why does the Federation keep cloning redshirts?


If it ain't broke, don't fix it -- just duplicate it.


Why reinvent perfection?


I'm willing to work on minimal wage!


I am the only one ever to pass the redshirt phase.


Because you keep killing me!


My rates are lower than an army of red shirts!

The Great Wizzard

More interesting is that they always kill me exactly one day before pay-day.


Full time contract is cheaper than gueststars...

Francis Miranda

The first one was Rare. The next one was well done. I'm just right.

Francis Miranda

Part of 24th century recyling philosophies.

Francis Miranda

Because they've been cloning around.

Francis Miranda

You can't have too much of a good clone.


If the shoes fit...literally. I mean, clothing is expensive, you know.


Good help is hard to find.

The Great Wizzard

They replicated Foragers reset button into me.

The Great Wizzard

I can do more than popping up behind Quack and saying "Brunt, FCA!"

The Great Wizzard

Lots of horrible death scenes followed by "My God! They've killed Wayout!" - "You Bastards!"

Johnny Cool

Well if the writers can recycle stories surly they can recycle me

Justin Allen

Because the writers can't beat my ironclad contract!

The Great Wizzard

The first Vorta was Kenny McCormick.

Justin Allen

You know, you should think about this, think of the money you could save on ensigns!

Siriusly not

They couldn't be bothered hireing anyone else.


Because the Domino doesn't have ensigns.


I'm the new recurring bad-guy... he he he!


We're addicted to the suicide pills...

Tim M.

You'll notice I'm wearing a red shirt.....

Dano Langevin

Q left. Recurring villain spot opened up.


The Vortex were once a race of cats

Dano Langevin

Third time's a charm...


A little under-the-table incentive goes a long way!


Because they don't trust the J'mhadar with their dry cleaning

Duane Ferguson

Once they pop, they just can't stop!

Theodore Moser

My incompatence makes them look more like gods.

Ian Freely

Anything Dux can do, I can do better!


Hey, when you're on a good thing...

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