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This week's idea was suggested on the Ideas Board by Borgified Corpse.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Beta pushes Cruncher. One of the most interesting (and perplexing) scenes in Sev Trek: Degenerations is the 19th Century sailing scene. Having found themselves with a motion picture budget and existing sets and models, they had to spend the money somewhere! Rather than spend it on something that might advance the plot and expand the Trek universe, instead they opted for another gratuitious hollowdeck simulation! (oh oh, I think I'm ranting)

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. This week's winning punchline was written by Nico. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all the competitions.

Computer: Initiate program Jaws alpha 2 .


I had a lot of pier pressure..


The story depth was not within acceptable parameters.


Methinketh she stinketh.

Wizard of Frobozz

Hey, you're the one who double-dared me...

Cmdr. Solomon

Computer, End Movie. DARN!!!!

Cmdr. Solomon

Computer, Add Sharks and disable hollowdeck saftey protocols.

Cmdr. Solomon

Pushing her out of an airlock would have been illegal.


Isn't time to sing a Gilbert and Sullivan song?

Chris Klecker

To give everyone screentime in a foul attempt at introducing ourselves?


Is this not how one initiates a "wet T-shirt contest"?


I wanted to see what parts of her anatomy might inflate.


Ratings! I just did what the fans wanted


It was the correct response to a triple dog dare!


You make fun of my complexion, you sleep with the fishes!


I am exploring the concept of the double standerd.


Oh, no reason... say, is that ISORE waterproof?


I've programmed myself to commit random acts of comedy. Stand back, I might strike again at any time.


I can think of exactly 23648 reasons!

Cmdr. Solomon

Oh, just a Measly little reason.


Her flirting with the captain was threatening to move us to a later time slot.

John Lang

Piker said, "No women"


Remember "Encounter at Farpoint" when I saved Measley from drowning on the hollowdeck? I'm repenting.


This is a meaningless scene,and it needed a meaningless joke!


Note to self: Improve slepstic.


Deep down I KNOW I'm funny!


You TOLD me to throw Barf a life-preserver..


She must never be allowed to breed again.

The Trivial Psychic

Cmdr. Piker is hosting a wet T-Shirt contest.

Paul Inglis

She's so wooden I figured she'd float, Gaudy.


Just wait until my next action... Computer, add sharks!

Oren Otter

I needed an excuse to try out my inflatable butt.

Hank Scorpio

Hey, if she sinks, then she ain't a witch!


I am the only one with the guts to do it.

Dano Langevin

Wet nurse! Humor! I love it!


For God sakes man, she gave birth to Measly!!

Cmdr. Solomon

She had Measly. What better reason is there?


I heard a rumor that she wanted to have another baby.


I'm trying to save this movie! The bald guy's next!


It was revenge for her turning me off during the hiatus.


I wanted to see if her rear end inflated.

CDR Soen

It has been a dream of mine for years.


I have been waiting seven years for this opportunity.

Shawn McNiel

She was cutting into my screen time.

Shawn McNiel

I overheard her trying to get Measley to come back.


You are just mad because I beat you to it.

Mr. Tuvok

YOU have to go to sickbay, I don't.


I blame it on the emotion chip...oh, wait, we haven't done that scene yet...

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