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This week's idea was suggested on the Ideas Board by MJH.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Counsellor Tryhard's jumpsuit. In the futuristic age of enlightenment and political correctness, it seems strange that Sev Fleet still insists on dressing all their women in skimpy, skin tight suits (and this applies to all the Sev Trek incarnations). This week's cartoon attempts to explain this anomaly in the case of Counsellor Tryhard.

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. This week's winning punchline was written by Chet. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all four competitions.


Come now, Captain. Surely you can attest to showing a little too much SKIN...


Captain, I sense drool coming from Piker!


The standard issue thong didn't make it past the censors...

8 of 12

I do. I just made some alterations!

Avenger CO

I was told to decorate the set.


And be taken seriously? Never.


Oh ye of little imagination!


Captain, I think you need glasses.


Originally, Sev Fleet only wanted me to wear the badge.


This is a Sev Fleet weapon for First Contact situations.


Captain, you know tight uniforms on women is a Sev Fleet directive.

John Lang

I love it when your mouth says "no, no" but your eyes say "Yes, yes."


You should see my wedding gown!


And ruin crew morale?


Sir, when was the last time your vision was checked?

Cordavin Lon

My mommy told me it wasn't proper to wear my jammies in public.

Avenger CO

You wear spandex your way and I'll wear it mine.


Why don't you wear the Sev Fleet toupee?


I'm setting a precedent for future female crewmembers!


Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

Cmdr. Solomon

You didn't complain last week when we played twister.


this uniform is the only way i get any business!

Ensign Dim

I'm required to under the Primal Directive.


What and clash?

Mind-Melda aka Gina Melton

Since I'm a Beta-zoid,this was as close to nudity as I could get and still be regulation,Sir!


I sense this suit does more for crew morale...

Fay Apple

I sense... conflicted emotions, Captain.


This uniform catsuits me fine!


I've seen what happens to female sevfleet officers who wear the uniform - Cruncher disappeared for a season, Pavlovaski got dumped, Trashy Yard got killed...


Clashes with my lack of personality.


I will, when this one is dry.

Cmdr. Solomon

If you were any other man, I would Counsel you where you stand.

Cmdr. Solomon

I am already useless, and now you want me to be unattractive?

Tanz Rahim

Do you really expect me to believe I'm paid for stating the obvious?

Kris Vandecruys

80 years ago.. .this was a lot for women to wear

Air Monkey

Oh, those uniforms are SO 2369.


When are you going to let me drive?

J Racer

Did you ever wonder why this show lasted seven long seasons?


Why need the pips when you have the looks.


A Sev Fleet uniform wouldn't fit over the hairdo.

Mouse - Jefferies tube 32

I have all my own clothes, teeth and hair........unlike some people!!!


Do you want ratings, or do you want a dress code?


Chicks ditched the uniform


I'm testing the prototype for Ten out of Ten's costume.


What, and rely on my ACTING ability?!?


if i wear a uniform someone might make me do some work around here.


Packaging sells the product, Captain.


Sometimes distraction is the better part of valor!


Do you have unresolved issues with it, Captain?


Does the term "Male 18-34 demographic" mean anything to you?

Steve 'Slaan' Asselin

This is a Sev Fleet uniform, only I mixed up my colors doing my laundry.

Steve 'Slaan' Asselin

Uniforms! next thing you know you'll be wanting me to be useful around the ship, too!

Steve 'Slaan' Asselin

Tasha took all of mine when she went through my closet.


I notice you're asking not ordering!


My mother told me about modesty-- and to avoid it!


Not ALL men on board are over 65!


My mother wouldn't approve!


Why else would I be on the show?

Rich Tanner

If you think THIS is a cheep ratings ploy, wait 'till you meet 10 out of 10!

Quistis & Rinoa

Oh, keep your hair on!

Rinoa & Quistis

I don't hear Riker or Worf complaining!


Don't pretend, I can feel you like this.


If you had a figure like this you'd show it off


We empathetics like to show that we have nothing to hide!

Ron Rogers

Because...I'm too sexy for that suit.


Hey, I'm the ships babe.


Sev Fleet has always believed that equality between the sexes is best fostered by plunging necklines!


my face is up here captain.


All this spray paint would take too long to scrape off


They need someone to beta test Ten's outfits.


I am... General Order 47: 'The Quirk Uniform Protocols'

Gregory Griffiths

This IS my sevfleet uniform! I put it in the wash and it shrunk!


It's not as if I do any work.

Scott T

It's called diversion therapy


You're lucky I'm wearing anything! I am half Betazoid, after all.


Captain, even Gaudy isn't that blind!


I dunno; some admiral named Quirk ordered it...


Haven't you seen our viewer demographics?


The writers figured you in a Speedo wouldn't look as good!


And get cancelled? No way.

Siriusly not

I just love to see Pikers mouth drop?!?!!

Siriusly not

With this figure?!?!?!


How many purple-shirts have you seen get shot?


I'm just too lazy to dress in the morning


I didn't really get into sevfleet, I'm just around to boost the ratings.

ScottE Bemeup

Isn't it obvious? This bridge is designed with curves in mind.

ScottE Bemeup

When I sense dissatisfaction from the crew, I'll change my wardrobe.


Why does Barf get to wear his Miss Kronos sash?


okay, okay, i'll get Heavily one too


I went to fashion school with Ten out of Ten

ScottE Bemeup

I was going to wear my wedding dress, but this is a family show.

ScottE Bemeup

A blood starved brain is easier to probe.

ScottE Bemeup

Purple is a royal color, and I'm a royal pain.

The Crazy Zonie

Between Baldilocks and the Boy Blunder, someone has to keep this show afloat!


With this figure? Are you mad?

Cmdr. Solomon

Sev Fleet regulations: All useless characters shall die before end of each episode, unless they are female and wearing skimpy outfits.


Don't worry, I'm just testing this for Ten of Ten.

Harley Cat

Without this I would have no purpose on board at all.


You know, some captain actually LIKE budget cuts!

Wendy j

They're not paying me enough to wear primary colors


The producers are scared that if I tug it too hard we might lose the PG rating.


We all have our skills. I flaunt my body, you blind enemies with the glare from your head.

Mouse - Jefferies tube 32

It shrunk in the wash

Jan Stah

And you told me NOT to state the obvious!


I'm just following the Rodenberry Directive!


Hey, it's the one job I have and I'm going to do it right!


Hey, Worf is free again!

MouSe - Jefferies tube 32

I needed a containment field to wear one!


I have to do SOMETHING to take the focus off the redhead in Sickbay.


Gives convention goers some other outfit to copy.

ScottE Bemeup

At least I lost the cheerleader outfit.

ScottE Bemeup

You command a SevShip, I command attention.

ScottE Bemeup

My job description reads "Eye Candy".

Shawn McNiel

Sev Fleet secondary directive states, that each ship and/or star base will have at least one female in tight, clingy clothes at all times.

ScottE Bemeup

I sense that moral would suffer.

ScottE Bemeup

I make this look goood.

ScottE Bemeup

I've tried, but I can't get this one off.

Shawn McNiel

I hardly get any dialog, I need to do something to get some attention.

Shawn McNiel

As ships counselor, it's my duty to keep up the mens morale.


I'm paving the way for 10 of 10!

Michael Kraft

It improves crew morale, well the male crew anyway.


Interesting question ...tell me about your mother.


Captain? With this lipstick?


Why Captain, surely you aren't THAT old

The Great Wizzard

Why? Does this make my butt look big?

Eric Satan

This way I'll never get killed on away missions!


And be shot at by the bad guys every week?

The Great Wizzard

You do have some privileges when your mother is Gene Roddenberry's wife...

Michael Shaw

This is the only way I can get people to go to counselling

The Great Wizzard

Then I would look like I have a purpose on this ship.


Then I know I have the undivided attention of my patient.


I would answer that, but than I would be stating the obvious again


What! don`t pretend like this outfit was my idea buddy!


can`t find it. Looks like someone keeps hiding it

Johnny Cool

Captain, I put this suit on 4 years ago and I cant get out

Joona Palaste

They don't come in my cup size, captain.


Political correctness always takes a back seat to ratings, Captain.

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