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This week's idea was suggested by Erik Hollender on the Ideas Board.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Spook's head in a rice picker! This week's cartoon thinks of a more convincing, wittier and less racially offensive way for Captain Quirk to explain Spook's pointy Velcron ears.

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. This week's winning punchline was written by evay. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all four competitions.


They're prehensile ears to make up for his lack of arms!

Al Urrutia

Excuse me officer, Which way to the Jerry Springer show?

Al Urrutia

It's the latest fashion, doubles as a coat and hat hanger

Kevin Warrington

If you're happy and you know it , point your ears

Tom Hyde

He's from....Australia. He got his head stuck in a mechanical kangaroo skinner.


Just think of the paperwork


They cut down on wind resistance.


Oh, those are nothing... you should see the tattoo on his... uh, never mind.


Hey, you don't hear us mentioning your nose, do you?


He picks his ears


The Viagra didn't work as it was supposed to. Viagra has been invented, right?


Trust me on this. Just look how clean his ears are.

Ergene Lee

He's a great listener. You look like a man with many problems! Spook, here the man out!


Don't worry, he'll grow into them.


He's all ears! He-hoo! I'm funny!


His family goes for "Pull my ear!"

John Lang

OK..I'm sorry for saying "Get a life" get a life already!

Sam Peirce

He likes to stick his fingers in light sockets.


Can you tell us where the costume party is? We're lost.


He may look weird, but we get great reception.

the girl from ipanema

He's from another planet, there's no law against it!


Those are handles ... for when I ride ... piggy-back.

Catie Bormann

I see you've noticed my friend's new earmuffs...

Cordavin Lon

Beautiful women giving away food... Shirts that don't rip at the slightest provocation... People with hair that looks faker than mine... I like it here!

Cordavin Lon

Figures. We land in a period with no female law-enforcement officers!

J & B

Someday, people everywhere will be dressing like this for weekend parties...

Sam Peirce

We're from the future, and we've come to stop our drugged up doctor from messing up the future by letting some girl live who inadvertenly causes the Nazi's to win World War II. Don't buy that? Okay, he caught his head in a mechanical rice picker. Don't buy that, either? Well, then, I guess it's time to run!!

Sam Peirce

Would you buy some really cheesy and racist remark about rice pickers?

The Borgified Corpse

Trust me, in 40 years these babies'll be selling like hotcakes!


Can we talk to a female officer, please?


He made a face as a child and it stuck


He has ears like that and you notice my wig?

Curzon Dax

My hair is real, REALLY!

Kevin Warrington

What? They do that when he's excited


The ears? It's a new hippie thing

Randall Whitfield

Well officer, I slept on it wrong, and had a really bad cowlick, and... what? Spook's EARS? Oh, they're fake.

Robert Underwood

He's the prototype the Wright Brothers were using.

Captain Ahab

I told him not to get that hairstyle. Really!

Captain Ahab

What?! You're a New York cop and you've never seen two guys in their underwear hangin' out in an alley?

Mason Moessmer

He...cut himself shaving...bad...

todd m

haven't you heard of the Vulcan ear pinch?


His kid had a bad time teething.


Never go to a discount plastic surgeon.


Ok, you caught us--we're finding out who's naughty and who's nice.


Hey, someday it won't be PC to point out people's deformities!

Mouse - jeffries tube 32

There once was a rice picker named Spook, Who didn't always play by the book, One day he got caught , in the big machines slot, And his ears got all stretched...JUST LOOK!!!!!


I know, I know. You shoud have seen his mothers reaction.


What? You've never been to a sci-fi convention!


What ears, big nose!?


Don't....panic, Spook....if... I pause...long...enough...he'll... get...tired...and....leave!


I'll have none of this racial profiling!


They have freaks here don't they?

Gilligan Taylor

Can't we all just get along?

Gilligan Taylor

We're starring in a new version of Cyrano DeBergerac that gives the main character big ears instead of a big nose.


"Spook, have we used the mechanical rice picker line on this planet yet?

Cordavin Lon

Oh no! I've been seen with my shirt in one piece!

Cordavin Lon

Spook... I think he's looking at my toupè...

Cordavin Lon

But, you don't understand- We have to get him back to the north pole by Christmas!


Let's pray he doesn't want a blood sample...

Nintendo Guru

His dad picked him up by the ears a lot.


Gee officer, I'm in a bit of a PINCH here... *nudge* *nudge*

Kevin Warrington

They always point North

Nintendo Guru

They're just latex. Wanna feel?

Nintendo Guru

His family has really good hearing.


A little help here, pointy ears...

Kevin Warrington

They're like tail-fins on a '57 Chevy


Spook, now would be a great time for that neck pinch...

Kevin Warrington

Botched facelift


His reception is fantastic.

Sam Machado

Sorry officer ... you know how lax immigration is these days!


Watch Spook while...I...confound with my...brilliant...explanation.


Aren't they cute? I think everyone will be wearing them some day.

Sam Fergusson

He's had surgery.He's the founder of the Worldwide Yoda fan club!


This is nothing! You should see all the people with bumpy foreheads!


You know, it's important that we not discriminate because of appearances.


Spook, i`m setting my face to stunned


See, elves are not extinct!


Don't mind him, I'm the handsome one.

Capt Matt

He's auditioning for a short lived yet extremly popular TV SciFi show


I see you've noticed the fact that we're from the mean....

Darth Tilden

It...worked for...Yada.


Ring toss, anyone?


All the better to hear you with, my dear... uh, officer.


You wouldn't believe the tv reception we get with these things.

Ian Freely

People were alway pointing at his ears. Now they point back.


This is what happens when you keep dumping chemical and nuclear waste!

Joshua Eves

He's an alien you moron!

Scott McClenny

Would you believe he's the Prince Of Wales?


...malnutrition and lack of vitamins...this is the Great Depression, right?


We're trying to find the twisted plastic surgeon who did this to him...


...cruel kids used a pencil sharpener on him...


...a difficult birth...the doctor applied the forceps poorly...


Speak louder. My friend has a hearing problem.


Cheap plastic surgery, what can I say?


My friend has a terrible ear infection...


We're all ears...


Trick or Treat? Yeah, Spook give him your neck pinching trick.


I see you've noticed my rugged physique...


I see you've noticed my toupee...

Lt. commander Bobby

Spock, why is it whenever we go back to the 20th century, we never end up at a sev trek convention?

Dan Smith

You see, when he was a baby, he crawled into a basket of clothes while his mother was hanging laundry....

Mouse - jeffries tube 32

Shhhh....his ears are a sore point with him!!!

John Lang

He's "Dumbo" without makeup.

Andrew Bell

Don't worry, he's just one of those wacky Star Trek fans.

John Lang

Wanna donut, officer?

Strike Falcon

Which...should I say, Spook? The truth, or the... racially offensive....excuse?

Strike Falcon

He's a police officer, too. Part of surveilance unit...

John Lang

Don't laugh...he can pick up 25 radio stations.


His mother was bitten by a fruit bat while she was pregnant with him.


I know, but we get GREAT reception.


His mother smoked while she was pregnant.


Look, he's embarrassed enough about them as it is. Don't make him feel any worse.


He has a face only a mother could love.


Before the operation his ears were this big.


You look tense, Mr. Spook woul you rub his neck?


Yes officer this IS my real hair!

lt jg robertson

Uhh... catch him and you'll get three wishes!


He's half Pikachu


He's playing an elf in the school play.


His parents would drag him around by the ears.

ScottE Bemeup

When he was born, they pulled him out by his ears.

ScottE Bemeup

Shallow gene pool.

ScottE Bemeup

Children can be cruel sometimes.

ScottE Bemeup

He left his pitchfork in the car.

ScottE Bemeup

His mama used to hang him on a clothsline to dry.

ScottE Bemeup

He suffered from excessive ear wax as a child.

Rich DiTullio

You know what they say about guys with, big ears?


It was either this, or another shirt ripping scene.


Don't stare, he doesn't know.


Happy halloween.....!!!

Mouse - Jeffries tube 32

He didn't mean to give you an ear full!!

Mouse - Jeffries tube 32

He's learning to fly!


What? Can't two guys get dressed up for a sci-fi convention?


Silicone ear implants!

Dr. Jekyl

Would you believe Noddy and Big Ears?

Mouse - Jeffries tube 32

Stunning aren't they!!!!


When I was a kid, I got my hair stuck in a carpet laying machine.


Um... do you know where the Science Fiction Convention is, officer?


I told him he should have taken the nose-job !


So he got a little carried away with his Halloween costume...

Jor (the Wizard of Sha-ka-ree)

He has a lot of ear-pulling relatives

Michael Shaw

All the better to hear you with?

The Great Wizzard

I see you've noticed my wig... Well, look,... I'm from.... Iowa and there was..... that .... freak... lawnmower accident. Yeah that's how it was.. Oh, you meant his EARS!

Mouse - Jeffries tube 32

His ears grew faster than the rest of him!!

Mouse - Jeffries tube 32

It's not a wig..honest!!!!!

Mouse - Jeffries tube 32

He's a great listener!

8 of 12

He's one of Santa's elves. He's trying to get home.

8 of 12

They're not that bad. Once you get used to them.

Mouse - Jeffries tube 32

Don't worry about him.....he's just a little batty!!!

The Great Wizzard

Let's just say: Never have plastic surgery performed on April 1st.

Mouse - Jeffries tube 32

Bad ear day?!!!

Mouse - Jeffries tube 32

He got caught by the Mob and they hung him out to dry!!!

The Great Wizzard

We're just on our way to a X-mas casting. I want to be Santa and he tries to be an Elf.

The Great Wizzard

Yes, I know, Halloween was two weeks ago, but tell that to HIM!

The Great Wizzard

He took too much LDS in the 60s. Wait, what was the year again?

The Rehashing Wizzard

Sorry, we don't discuss it with outsiders.


His mother couldn't afford to get his ears pinned back

The Great Wizzard of Oz

Spook, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

The Great Wizzard

We had to test our pencil sharpener on something.

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