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This week's idea was suggested by lizzyc.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Beta becomes a father! Halfway through drawing this cartoon, I suddenly realised I was drawing ANOTHER cartoon about parenting! This cartoon parodies that episode where Data builds an android daughter Lal. Here we found out exactly why he wanted a child.

Other Punchlines

These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. This week's winning punchline was written by Mark. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all four competitions.


Everyon keeps saying how much fun they are to make...


It's either this or some lame holodeck plot.


I wanted to see how long it'll take Piker to start hitting on her.


That's not a child, it's a decorative scratching post for Subplot.


To star in Sev Trek : The Next X Generation

girl from ipanema

Would you rather Lore carried on the family line?

Cordavin Lon

Wait 'till you see the schematics for Ken!

Kyle Bruck

For once, a family member doesn't look exactly like me!

Defiant Captain

I don't know I'm only a expensive clock


We don't have room for another regular?


Lore was the 'Alpha', I was the 'Beta'. I need a 'Gamma'.

7 of 11

There's a contest to see who can grow a child and have them die the quickest.


To teach her old man how to use contractions!

Kristian Werner

I want her to have the career I could not - tending bar.

Kristian Werner

Constructing her CPU made me feel human.


Pure curiosity, Sir.


To improve my command skills sir.

Tom Hyde

Noodlehead Song wanted a grandchild.


With today's prices we couldn't afford not to.


Child, sir? I'm building my dream date.

mouse - jeffries tube 32

I want somone who looks interested when I speak to them!

Mouse - Jeffries tube 32

It's the only way to get a storyline these days!

Mouse - Jeffries tube 32

Spare Parts!!!!


I didn't! But while you were assimilated, I got Bored...


To test my new stress subroutine


We needed a new spin-off.


In case I need a part-donor in my old age.


Child? This is a spare body!

Graeme Kan

So I can claim Single Android's Benefit

Graeme Kan

I want her to be a microchip off the old block


well, I like to think of it as a intelectually and vertically challenged individual

Raven's Gray

I don't want Spot to get lonely


oh please please, capt, i found her in the spare parts binn, can i keep it, pretty please huh?


She's no 10 of 10, but she'll do.


The writers asked for someone to replace Measly.


It's not a child, sir, its an upgrade.

Ian Freely

Captain, this is Lore in drag!


I don't, but I had to prove to Tryhard that it would be a better episode than her show with a kid.


Captain, I need a backup device


I belive humans call it, "The need for the sound of little feet clanking around in the quarters" sir.

Vicky Carson

So I can give her all the emotions I never had, Sir.

Stevie D

My cat needs a playmate!


The perfect plot generator...


I need to upgrade some wearing parts


We need something to clean those narrow Jefferies tubes.


This is my next generation, sir, my update.

Duncan Shortt

I tired of being the only one aboard asking dumb questions about humanity.


To much spare nanoseconds i guess.


I was feeling "mid-life-crisis" tendancies, sir.


Same reason you want hair, sir. We all want what we can't have.

Kevin Warrington

I swear she just followed me home from the holodeck

Erik Hollender

Kids are "in" now a days.


Would you rather have another Measely?

Cmdr. Mylok

Lets face it Captain, we can't keep killing off redshirts!

the Trek Witch Project.

It was Piker's Idea. He said he was tired of chasing after humans and holograms.


Ohhh, come on, everyone else is getting them


I want someone intelligent to talk to.


Everyone has got to have their hobbies.


One word...."Contractions"!

Graeme Kan

I"ve want him to be a microchip of the old block!


Script fodder, sir. Script fodder.


So that she could die and add depth to my character.


To keep the family name: series XGY6d73H2


Doyouwanna tryhard has had one, Heavily Cruncher has still got one, even you have had one I think I am entiled to a bit of a family.

Will Watson

Well, I thought it was time me and the computer settled down and had some kids.


Well, YOU want several new movies, but theres only one left in my face!

The Borgified Corpse

To spite you, sir.


Because I keep choking on hairballs


Actually, I wanted a coffee maker.


Subplot sheds too much.

Shane of Trek

Here we go with the "old and proud bachelor" routine, again.


I felt the need to recurse.


Spare parts...


I prefer a microchip off the old fatherboard

B'nana Torrid

It would make a great sitcom


I'm jealous of the replicators


I don't but we have to fill air time somehow

Raven's Gray

More character episodes.

Kevin Kitching

Three Words: Software Licensing Revenue

Rich DiTullio

I plan to market them as popular toys.

Christopher Michael

This is a character-building episode, is it not?

Scott McClenny

Obviously you haven't tried playing Scrabble with a cat.


It's the circuit of life.

Cap'n Krunch

I have an idea for a sitcom.

Avenger CO

Well SOMEONE has to do the dishes.

Kevin Warrington

Shh. Don't let her see us fighting

Kevin Warrington

Don't you want somebody to love? Don't you need somebody to love?...

Avenger CO

I was tired of being the only android to be pushed around.

Avenger CO

I found most of the parts in Riker's quarters.


My biological chronometer is ticking!


it is the effect of my new mother board.


Maybe it will bring an end to all those "fully functional" jokes.

Cordavin Lon

I'll set her up for a date with Measly, and then when they're alone- See this little button on my tricorder labeled "detonate"?


I'm tired of taking orders, I want to give some!


So I can practice realistic skin tones on someone else before trying to apply them to myself.


Look at her natural turnout! She'd be a GREAT ballerina! And I plan on being the best stage parent in this sector of the galaxy!

Chris Johnson

I'm working my way up to building a girlfriend.

Chris Johnson

So somebody else can clean Subplot's litter box.

Chris Johnson

Actually, I didn't. I started out to make a toaster, but one improvement after another....

Chris Johnson

It just occurred to me that I needed another hobby.

Gregory Griffiths

I wanted to find out why you're so opposed to them.

1999 & Counting

Like me Sir, she has come fully assembled, which is a bonus, I do not have to change dirty nappies.

Sevilian 2000

I have researched Sir and its the only way I can program a woman I can actually relate to.

Maria Spano

I want to see how long its Commander Piker to hit on her.


Gaudy needs a girlfriend

Darth Clinton

I've never wanted to be a science officer, sir. I want to be...a woman!


I got a pet, but it changed gender randomly, so I'm creating someone who will choose a gender at birth and stick to it.

Darth Clinton

It's called a plot device, sir.

Darth Clinton

Let's say Subplot isn't the greatest conversationalist...


I don't want to be the only person taking night shifts anymore!


There's a little bit of desire to procreate there, but mostly I want to show up Lore.


She's not my child -- she's my back-up...

Capt Matt

I'm not getting any younger, chrome dome


I wish to experiement with the human emotion of anxiety.

Petréa Mitchell

I don't know, sir, and frankly it scares me.

Petréa Mitchell

I need someone to project my unfulfilled ambitions onto!


I know, i know, you hate kids.


We needed some characters who were a little less stiff.

John Lang

I wanted to be judged on creativity, imagination, brevity and most of all funniness,sir.

John Lang

My "Mr. Potato Head" (TM) is broken sir.

John Lang

"Bubweek" is in full swing.

John Lang

It's Lizzyo's idea sir, not mine!

John Lang

But is she a chip off the old block or a block off the old chip?

John Lang

To thicken the plot, sir.


They've run out of ideas for my character

John Lang

Nuttin' to do this week.

Darth Tilden

The cat's not cutting it.

I feel stupid cuz I thought of a great mission for Forager and I didn't think of it until now

The desire to procreate activated in my positrontic net but due to my androidic nature, blah blah blah, blah blah blah, blah.

Strike Falcon

Two words, Captain: free labor!

Robert Underwood

Does it matter? She's a write-off on my taxes.

Robert Underwood

So my "#1 DAD" mug will have meaning.


I wanted a pet that didn't need a litterbox.


I want to understand teenage angst!


Companionship, creating a legacy, plot device... take your pick.


All the better to annoy you, sir.


We needed a logical alternative to Measley.


I was inspired after reading "Frankenstein".


I need a chip off the old chip.

ScottE Bemeup

It is a logical consequence of being fully functional.

ScottE Bemeup

To have somebody to take care of me when my batteries won't hold a charge anymore.

Shaun Harris

I need a plot that shows how much I've grown.

Will Etienne

They're tax deductable.


My nights are sleepless anyway


Someone to talk to at night aside from the replicator and ship's computer


I longed for the pitter-patter of robotic feet in my quarters


I wanted someone to share my toys with


I was actually trying to design a new warp coil....


I see that this is a touchy subject for you sir


Yes, what WAS I thinking....?

The Great Wizzard

I intend to creat my own business: "Ensigns R Us"


I wanted something from that mail order catalog.


So together we can destroy the human race, ... I mean, no reason...


I didn't, but you get overly friendly with the computer core and the next thing you know...

Matt McLaughlin

Gaudy said that my internal chronometer was ticking.


It was an experiment to create our own supply of disposable ensigns.


To cash in on 3 seasons of materinity leave.

The Great Wizzard

As we know the writers, it will probably teach us all a valuable lesson about humanity - especially when she dies.


I miss Wusley!

Joona Palaste

I want to practise the art of putting too much pressure on a child.


I need someone to back me up!

Erik Hollender

Subplot needs a friend.

Erik Hollender

This way my algarithums will live on.


Chill out... I'll keep her of the bridge!


The company of a stupid cat no longer intrigues me.


Relax sir... she'll die at the end of the episode!

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