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This week's idea was suggested by Shlamko.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Dux in Jurassic Trek. One of the highlights of that Trials and Tribbleations episode was seeing Dux in one of those slinky TOS miniskirts. How she managed to escape Kirk's clutches is anyone's guess!

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition.

This week's winning punchline was written by ScottE Bemeup. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all four competitions.


any : so this is scifi before computer graphics and special effects


Schziod: I remember when Kurzon Dux used to wear that for me...


Schidzo: Do either of you guys feel life support get warmer?


Schidzo: I'm beginning to regret all those times I called you 'Old Man.'

Rob McLeod

Schidzo: I knew her when she was a man.

Rob McLeod

Schidzo: And thus the Federation was forged.

Steve McQueen

Schidzo: Cold Showers.. Measley Cruncher.. Character building episodes!

Steve McQueen

O'Blimey: Quirk doesn't stand a chance!


Bashful: Tricorder reading excessive hormone levels.


S: Hemlines... rising. Hair... gone. Voice... slowing.


S: Must... remain... PC!

Wes Prang

Bashful:"Let's take those uniforms back with us!"

Wes Prang

Bashful:"Those were the days!"


Schidzo: Any objections to this becoming permanent? I thought not

Pointless Albatross

Bashful: And to think I used to AVOID "retro" parties...


O'Blimey: The best things come in small packaging!

Luigi Novi

Schidzo: If THIS doesn't improve our ratings, NOTHING will!

Helen Torkington

Bashful: Remind me, why are we trying to leave this time period?


Schidzo: You might want to keep away from Quirk while wearing that

Captain Riker

Bashful: My . . . speech . . . is . . . slowing . . . down!


Bashful: Medical emergency - we need eyedrops down here, stat!


Doctor: Captain, permission to gawk?


Schidzo: When we get back I'm going to have to talk to SevFleet about reinstating the old uniform policy.


Schidzo: Who's for staying in this century?


O'Blimey - So that's why tey called them the "Good old days"!!


I think we just went to "Red" alert!

Kyle Bruck

Schizdo: Doctor, I can't blink!


Schidzo:(gritting his teeth) : "I am a Captain, I will be PC...."


O'Blimey: "Now There is something Technology can't improve on..."


Schidzo: I think a retro aspect would be good for next season's uniforms...


Bashful - That's why Quirk was so energetic back then


Is it me or are the enviromental controls offline?

Pointless Albatross

Bashful: I feel it somehow reduces the sense of mystery, undermining... oh, who'm I trying to kid

Matt McLaughlin

Schidzo: Doctor, Chief, keep track of Captain Quirk's whereabouts at ALL TIMES!!!

John Lang

Schidzo: I never realized Dux came with a "stun" setting!


O'Blimey:Love the dress-where's the rest of it?


O'blimey: If this is the trial, bring on the tribble-ation!


Bashful: Barf, you lucky son of a targ!

Adam Leonard

Schidzo - Not bad for an old man.

Admiral Noguchee

Bashful- We've got it all here- a bald captain, scandaly clad women, annoying engineers, and me, the country doctor.


Hmmm ... maybe we won't kill you off after all.


Schidzo : 'Old man' just dosn't cut it in this case....

Phil "RealmMan" Capps

Bashful: William Ware Thiess, I salute you!


O'Blimey: And we gave up THIS for replicaters and hollowdecks?


O'Blimey: I was wrong, I LOVE temporal mechanics!


O'Blimey: Now there's a temporal anomaly I can live with!


Bashir: Talk about a blast from the past!


Bashful: They never taught THIS in history class!


Schidzo: That Gym Quirk really knew how to run a ship!


BASHFUL: THIS is why I got into medicine!


BASHFUL: Whoa! Drop by sickbay any day!


BASHFUL: Normally, I would consider seeing spots to be a bad thing!


SCHIDZO: Remind me to recommend a "retro" uniform look to SevFleet...


SCHIDZO: Kinda makes you nostalgic for the old days, doesn't it?


O'Blimey : As an engineer I know good design when I see it.


Skidzo : Gentlemen, Christmas is early this year.

ScottE Bemeup

S: Men, keep your mind on our mission. Who remembers what it is?

kai johnson

Bashful: Note to self- dust off history books.

Tyria Sarkin

We need to do this more often...

K Wyman

Schidzo - Forager can KEEP Ten out of Ten!


Bashful: To hell with the spacetime contiunum, I'm staying!

Francis Miranda

Sisko: Old men never looked any better!


Schidzo: OK, I'll stop the old man thing

John Lang

Schidzo: Computer...shower...cold!


Bashful: Right, so I'll team up with Dux then.

Rob McLeod

O'Blimey: Sir I'm reading elevated viewing levels, and possible syndication.

Mouse - jeffries tube 32

O'Blimey: So this is the original mini series!

Mei'Ch zantai A'Chdlerr

Schidzo: That dress would pass at Ferenginar!

Mei'Ch zantai A'Chdlerr

Schidzo: I can't understand why Star Fleet changed THAT uniform!

Angu§ McLaren

Schidzo: Gentleman, there is a god!


No wonder they had their colors confused..


Sch: Makes me want to rip my shirt...

The Rainbow Lorikeet

Bashful: ..dressed to Thrill and looking for Trubble

The Rainbow Lorikeet

Schidzo: Oh.....blimey! She's certainly not bashful!!

John Fassbender

Schidzo: Ahh, the good ol' days.


Schidzo - There's one prop we should have kept in DS9!

Les Sanders

Schidzo: Which is why they got away with cheap visual effects.

Rob McLeod

Schidzo: I love it when a plan comes together

Mouse - Jeffries tube 32


Rob McLeod

O'Blimey: The label said 'Dry Clean' only!

Rob McLeod

O'Blimey: I knew there was a reason I joined Sev Fleet.

Oscar van Duijn

Schidzo: Better keep her away from Quirk or she'll jeopardize the entire mission!

Rob McLeod

Schidzo; Dux I asked you to put on your Uniform!


S: Progress sucks.


Bashful: Now for THAT I´d rassle a Klingoff.


Bashful: "I see London I see France..."

Rob Mcleod

Bashful: I love not being PC

Rob Mcleod

Schidzo: I think I speak for us all when I say, 'Lets kill the Clingon!'

Rob Mcleod

Schidzo: No... Wonder... Quirk talked so... Slowly!

Rob Mcleod

Schidzo: Suddenly I understand Quirk a lot better!

Rob Mcleod

Schidzo: We need to have a word with Sev Fleet about reintroducing the old uniforms!


schidzo: Fine outfit but stay away from quirk, that´s an order


Schidzo: And they cancelled this show after 3 years? Unbelievable!


O'Blimey: That's it. I'm staying in this timezone.

Kyle Bruck

Doctor: So that is where Oohlala got her name!


That's quite a thrill!

Gregory Griffiths

O'Blimey: "Wow! Her uniform shrunk!"


Bashful: I've got to timetravel more often!


Schidzo: Perfect. You'll distract Quirk while we snoop around K-9.

Darth Clinton

Bashful: Captain, why don't WE have this dress code?


Schidzo: Somehow, I can't blame Quirk for his "reputation" anymore!


Schidzo: Drool cleanup crew to the bridge.


Bashful: Sure you weren't genetically enhanced?


Schidzo: This just became a permanent change in uniform!

John Lang

Schidzo: Dux, bring that outfit with you when we return home!


Schidzo: Suddenly I don't miss Curzon anymore.


O'Blimey: Y'know, technically Kookoo hasn't been born yet...

Erik Hollender

Bashful: I sooo wish I was born in the 2300s!

ScottE Bemeup

S: Now we'll see if ratings are directly linked to hemlines.


Bashful: Well that just goes to show that not all of Sevfleets improvments over the years have been good ones


Bashful: Whoa, do we have to go back to our time?


Bashful: I believe it's time for your physical, Dux.

ScottE Bemeup

Dux: You guys better blink soon or your eyeballs will dry out.


O'Blimey - How did they ever get any work done back then?


Schidzo - I can see how Gym Quirk got his reputation!


O'Blimey - NOW will you stop calling her "old man"?


Bashful - I was born 100 years too late!!


Schidz: Not old man... Definitly not old man.

ScottE Bemeup

S: Brace for testosterone impact.

ScottE Bemeup

B: Thank god for the polyester shortage of 65.

Mouse - jeffries tube 32

Those were the!!


Schidzo: Dux, I thought I said to get IN uniform, not OUT.

8 of 12

O'Blimey: I've got to read history more often!

8 of 12

Bashful: Don't you just love this time period?

CDR Soen

Schidzo : Who knew the old man would have such great legs!


O'Blimey: I don't think I'll repair those uniform replicators just yet....

U§§ ferryboat (~¿~)

Bashful: Tell me again why we changed the uniforms?


Bashful: I never thought of Redshirts actually SLAYING anyone themselves...


Schidzo: We hired her for her brains too!

John Lang

Schizdo: NOW I see why Quirk was such a ladies' man!


Schidzo: Careful men, we still have to follow the PC directive (sigh!)

Tom Hyde

Bashful: Those were the days!


O'Blimey: Keiko who?


Bashful: I think I need to schedule a medical exam!


O'Blimey: For the first time ever, I wish I were Barf!


Schidzo: Somehow "old man" doesn't seem quite so appropriate

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