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This week's idea was suggested by ┼byskolan.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Oohlala's earpiece. Here we finally explain that contraption that hangs out of Oohlala's ear.

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition.

This week's winning punchline was written by Mouse - Jeffries tube 32. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all four competitions.

Cmdr. Solomon

It's supposed to be a plot developer. Darn thing never did work!


Oh, that's where I left it

Allka (I'm coming for you)

I don't know what it is but it'll be shoved 12 inches up your rear bay doors if you don't shut up!


A cheap everything else around here

Lord Fledrinnian

Just a minute sir... Good afternoon. Thank you for choosing McDonalds. May I help you?


It keeps me Hailing Frequently.


It picks up radio stations from here to the Gamma quadrant

Jungle Torgo

Just a moment, sir - I'm being told my next lines.


It filters out those annoying bridge noises.

Joseph Rudolph

Without lines, I need some way to get attention!

Tom Hyde

Mr. Spook's ear wax removal system.


It filters out all the Poooings and Dings on the bridge.

Cordavin Lon

I'd be more worried about that thing in Chekout's.....

valerie parv

I told you to speak after the tone, captain


Please hold, 'ol baldy wants me.... yes sir?


Gene uses it to sweet talk me.


TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!! I mean...err...hailing frequencies open, sir.

Michael Bunnell

It's the Trek way to clean ear wax.


Listen bub, if we're gonna be questioning every "Thingie" in star trek, we can question till forager comes home

Andrew Babb

It's the tag I got when Sevfleet released me to the wild.


You don't use my hear my cue receiver? No wonder you take so long with your lines!

Mouse - Jeffries tube 32

You have a hair piece......I have an ear piece!!

Mouse - jeffries tube 32

Dunno...but my TV reception has improved 100 percent!!!

Luigi Novi

When I repaired the console, there were some leftover parts, so I kept this as an earing.

20 of 1

Something else to franchise.


Let this be a lesson to all to swab their ears frequently.


A self sealing stembolt, what else?


I moonlight working for AT&T Subspace -- It's The Next Best Thing To Beaming There.

Cmdr. O'Conner

Ever wonder why I don't need to read the script?

Christina "Saavik" Tilman

It's my copy of "Power Klingon".

The Chia Rhino

It prevents me from being just another red uniform.


At the tone the stardate will be.....


It translates technobable into english sir


The Universal transilator doesn't do Swahili

Oscar van Duijn

Oohlala to Squatty, can you come to the bridge, we are in need of technobabble again!


Already heard about external brain aids?

John Carver

It's the latest in high tech ear-wear, it removes earwax whilst I listen to the radio!

Jim Sharman or 24/7

Perhaps today is a good day for you to diet!


The producers don't think a woman can remember her lines: Hailing frequencies open captain


What? This old thing?

It filters out all of your pick-up lines.


"Ding next caller your on the air"


Nothing, it's just a prop to make me look "futuristic!"


It's my earing, I lost the other one on the last bridge stagger!


We can't afford speakers for the whole bridge.


I swiped it off some wrinkle-nosed freak.

8 of 12

Quiet! The next batter's up!


I use it to keep my waist line slim. You should try it.


It's a thought transfer device. Right now, you're thinking of giving me more lines.

Wes Prang

A transistor radio. I can pick up 300 stations with this baby!

Wes Prang

It keeps my hair in place when the inertia dampeners fail.

Wes Prang

A conversation piece.

Ohad Lutzky

It's a technobabble patch for my universal translator. Can't talk to spock without it.


A piece of plastic that adds an air of Sci-Fi-dom to this show...

redshirt ensign noname

it's the beta version of an "implausable translator"

Chris Johnson

It's called a PROP, sir. Like your hair will be eventually.


Do you really think I can remember ALL of my lines?


Something to divert your eyes off my legs.


Part of the comm station. I fell asleep and woke up with it lodged there.

=/\= Char =/\=

I'm louzy at remembering my lines! This little baby remembers them great!


I fell asleep on the console again.


It's to scare your tongue away!

Antti Ahmala

Shhh! Spook is having Gone Farr in his quarters!


Would you shut up? I can't hear the person whispering my lines to me.


Its called an EarSORE sir, I was born deaf you know.


HEY! it works! Finally I get noticed!


It gives me something extra to do especially with so little lines in the first place!!


this thing is why I never forget my lines


it's a dramatic pause assembler/filter


Shhhhhh, I can't hear my soaps!


Don't know, but I was told to touch it during pivotal moments.

Gregory Griffiths

It was either that or have a bad hairstyle like some cast members!

Gregory Griffiths

Here, want to try it? (turning up volume to max)

Oscar Vong

Hold on Betty. What's that sir?


Tango to Delta, cut transmission, he's becoming suspious.

The Chia Rhino

A tiny tractor beam- it keeps my hair in place!

Jor (the Wizard of Sha-ka-ree)

It draws the attention away from my legs

Heisenberg Concentrator

I'm not quite sure, but I get great Classic FM!

Pointless Albatross

Nothing, it's totally self-sufficient.

Mike McCormick

It's a warning system for exploding consoles, ripped shirts, and plot discrepencies.


I'm sure everyone doesn't want to hear Barry White.


The Q-tip of the future... today!


Tackiness detector... it never stops bleeping!

ScottE Bemeup

It's a hearing aid. I blew a drum at Woodstick 2369.

ScottE Bemeup

It translates your stilted dialog to normal speech.

Bo Beeson

Me, Lavar Burton... Michael Dorn. You guys just have to mutilate us black people somehow, don't you.

Norwegian Bajoran

It speeds up your voice.

Bob Clemmons

It's a Workers Compensation lawsuit just waiting for the next ship lurch.

Don Rae

Oh, you noticed my hearing aid.


It tells me the plot...I don't want to become a red shirt

Bob Clemmons

What thing in my ear?

Bob Clemmons

The way this bridge squeaks and pings, I needed to plug my ears with something!


It's the producers telling me to say "Hailing frequencies open"

Bob Clemmons

I've got the shortest skirt in the Galaxy, and you look at my ears?

Bob Clemmons

Whats with that rug on your head?

Bob Clemmons

It's an ear wax phaser

Don Rae

Hailing frequencies open sir....waitaminute - you actually asked me a question?


We're sorry, your call could not go through. Please hang up and try your call again.

Don Rae

What's that? I can't hear you...I have this thing in my ear!

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