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This week's idea was suggested by Francis Miranda.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

The Mission of the X Generation. Two weeks ago, we looked at the mission of Jurassic Trek. This week, we're moving onto the mission of the X Generation which was substantially more politically correct than Jurassic Trek.

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. This week's winning punchline was written by Andre. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all four competitions.

Heisenberg Concentrator


Livid find a uniform that doesn't ride up!

Erik Hollender

...Is to update the entire Galaxy for the 90s!

The Magistrate

To find out exactly WHY I have to say this at the beginning of every episode


To baldly glow like no head has done before

Cwene of the Nymphs

To squeeze every last penny out of this franchise!

Victor Of Borg

To be denied existence by the Q Continuum, and reclaim it within the hour.

Rich DiTullio

to seek out new life and count their forehead bumps.

Shane Vassar

To boldly tick off omnipotent beings as no man has before!

Dean Thomas

To find uniforms that we will never have to tug on!

RobRoy show off this nifty new ship that almost flys itself but breaks down on a weekly basis.

RobRoy repeatedly blow up our ship and hit the reset button.


To feel androids' bottoms

STJourney eek out new gravy trains as no one has eeked before!


to coin catch phrases like "make it so" and "fully functional"...


To not let the Voyager or DS9 mob have a Star Trek cinematic movie of their own!


to say whatever quirk did faster


to survive the galaxy by tugging on our shirts

Seth defy the PC directive, but this time only with much character-building debate and inner conflict.

8 of 12

To find Piker a love life, Barf a girlfriend who won't die, Beta a personality, Gaudy a personality, Tryhard something to actually do, Measley a life, Heavenly a character, and as for me, a years supply of head wax will do nicely.

High Priestess of the Pink Fuzzy Bunnies

To come up with a way to kill Weasley Crusher without raising suspicion

Francis Miranda

to replace redshirts who die with no reason with yellowshirts who die with no reason!

Francis Miranda

to subtly escape major confrontations through "dialogue and peace."

Francis Miranda

to bore viewers to sleep with philosophical platitudes.


To go through as many plotholes as possible


to boldy go where no frenchman with an english accent has gone before.


To be polite but firm where few have been polite but firm before

Shane Vassar

To rattle endlessly with techno-babble even we don't understand


To introduce the future trend of exceedingly annoying characters on Sev Trek

The one and only Q

Run into anomaly after anomaly.

The one and only Q

To meet Cue again and again and again.


To boldly be more politically correct than her predecesor...


To do the same thing every other Enterforaprize has done, only with a larger budget and better special effects.

Steven coincidentally be where all the action is, all the time.

The Magistrate

To find a hollowdeck that will not try to kill the crewmembers or take over the ship


To revisit old plotlines, seek out new marketing opportunities, and baldly go where no one has gone before. While remaining PC, of course.


Whatever -- let's just try to keep the ship in one piece (or maximum TWO pieces), OK?!

Brami Jocol

Wait, sorry . . . IT'S mission . . .


to spread political correctness by pushing aside all religion and ethnic background!


To find out what does Tryhard really does.


To seek out scantly clad alien women, and give them some cloths.


"To go farther than Forager and be back in time for supper."

Tasha explore strange (not that we consider anything WRONG with being strange) new (for us, that is. There's no reason your world could not have a highly developed culture, and thus be old to you) worlds (by which we mean planets, moons, asteroids, and any other heavenly bodies), to seek out (for scientific purposes only) new (or old, depending on your frame of reference) life (although if you do not want to be put under the category 'life' please notify us so we can refer to you by your proper name) and new (or old, depending on your frame of reference) civilizations (although we do not discriminate against any non-civilized beings), to boldly (or not, if you are offended by boldness) go (or fly or slither, or whatever means you have for moving about) where no one (as we do not want to offend any female or androgenous lifeforms) has gone before (although when in the case of inhabited planet (or moons, or other havenly bodies) the natural inhabitants have already been there, so this doesn't apply)


To force the entire universe to submit to the semi adjustable PC Directive


to replace the dramatic pause with the constant shirt tug

NightbatŪ .../\y/\

To reach new hairlines,...


To seek out new life and make up excuses to disrupt it.


to make it through a complete season without encountering a temporal anomaly.


To explore new women, er estrogen enhanced humans.


To boldly overdo the PC Directive.


To find out what's really in Barfly program 9!

James L. Terman

to keep the franchise going during all the Sev Wars sequels.

James L. Terman

to make a movie that brings in more money than Sev Wars.

Nick Weaver

To show that bald old men can still be sexy


To explore strangely improbable coincidences.


To prove that a real captain needs no toupee.

UCA Webmaster

To let the first officer boldly go where no one has gone before.


To prove that bald guys get more chicks


To not blow the whole franchise...


To reach enough episodes for syndication...

King Orthur

to sell strange new merchandise


To trick every species into the Sev Fleet.


To last more than 3 seasons....


To survive all the enemies' attacks but to crash-land on a planet.


To be the only ship that survived 3 bored atttacks.


to pointlessly wander throughout the galaxy.


To spend more money on special effects than any TV show has spent before!


The same as the other crew's mission -- to make money!


To seek out scantily clad babes and promote them into bridge officers!


Try to solve every problem by calling a meeting.


To prove that bald people can get ahead.

Petzi show the universe how french captains speak.

Angu§ McLaren

to explore strange new plotlines... to seek out new sets and special effects... to expensivley go where no one has expensively gone before!


to continue the odd numbered film tradition.

Alejandro Lee

To explore anywhere but ancient Earth, to seek out better alien prostetics, to boldly be bald!

Miriah Dax

to make it to another season

Chris Hatt

to boldly franchise where no franchise has franchised before.

The Great Wizzard

To rehash every Jurassic Trek story at least twice a season

The Great Wizzard

To do that same ole stuff as in the 60's - but this time politically correct.


to run head first into anomolies even when we can see them on our sensors!


To make twice as much money as the first one did!

troy cleary

to serve you entertainment with a side of chicken


to finish an entire mission without getting cancelled!!!


To spend seven years on tv, then make movie after movie until we forced out like the Jurassic Trek cast.


To spawn more spin-offs than Jurassic Trek.


To talk Guano out of using the Saucer section as her next hat!

Terror Teen

To avoid scantily clad green alien babes!


To spread political correctness to every corner of the galaxy!

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