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This week's cartoon was suggested by Roger Wilco.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Fungi headpieces!! Apologies for the glut of DS9 cartoons lately but I'm stocking up on Snog comic strips for Aron Eisenberg's appearance at the Sydney FSF convention on June 13 (I'm doing a workshop there so Sydney readers, be sure to drop by to say hi).

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition.

This week's winning punchlines were written by Quip. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all four competitions. Thanx to Erwin who ran the judging session for the very first time!

Bill Harris

Flypaper. We like bugs, remember?


Doesn't *your* head get cold?


It stops people from seeing where Quack wrote "Insert Brain here"

Ian Williams

It's the next best thing to a comb-over.


All will be revealed in the season finale.

Squashed Tribble

They protect what LITTLE hair we have.. want one?


It's no headpiece. I'm hanging my underwear to dry.


To differ us from Sev Fleet captains.


Its a neat place for bumper stickers.


And you think the front of our head are funny looking!!

Erik Hollender

We got tired of "But Head" jokes.

1999 & Counting

I didn't want to blind you with the back of my head Captain.


Do you have any idea how many people flick our ears?

Cadet Shlamko

It keeps betazoids from reading our minds.


You've obviously never had sunburn on the back of your head!


Well at lest we don't change the style every season!


Nothing. We just think they look cool.

Captain Leita Chandra T'Por

We couldn't afford full head latex and make-up, so costuming brain-stormed and these are the result.


Does the word "butthead" mean anything to you, sir?


It covers up my bad head days.


They're convenient hankies!


On weekends my uncle pays me to put an advertisement of his bar on it

Diana van der Pluijm

The producers hope it becomes a fashion.

Namgubed the Merry Elf

Filter out the background noise.


Our make-up crew won't do behind the ears


Saves latex


Deflect the rubber bands people are always shooting at our ears.

Josef Sollman

It covers up those hard to wash areas.

Wild Wild Wookie

Chicks dig it when I stand over a vent and it flutters up


You were saying? This head pieces do such a good job of blocking out sound.


Suprisingly little.


Dance? Sing? Its a head pice what do you expect it to do?


What doesnt it do. It slices, it dices.....

Al Tag

I don't even know how it stays on.

Al Tag

Match my outfit, silly!


Keep our bald heads warm, want to try one?


It's a skirt. They weren't kidding when they called us butt heads.


We're aliens. Weird hats are part of the job.


Talk to the head.


It firms and lifts.


It's advertisment space for rent. Do you have a product for me to endorse on it?


They help prevent lobeshrink.


Make our heads look like a plumber bending over.


Want one? You've got the hairline for it.


Our necks sunburn easily.


Atleast we are trying to cover our bald head!


The makeup crew didn't have time to make the latex lines invisable


Wouldn't you cover a part of your body that resembled the part you sit on?

ScottE Bemeup

It lifts and separates.

Jeppe T

That's so I don't have to wash me behind my ears


Why? Does it make my butt look big?


Add a touch of allure and mystery to an otherwise ugly and boring species.


I'm just not comfortable with you ogling the back of my head all day.


Covers up diaper rash.


Some of us are more modest than others.


What head piece? I'm a natural red-head.


i'm sorry but that is classified, it's a cover up

David Dorward

We kept getting head colds

David Dorward

It was cheaper then even more latex

The Rehashing Wizzard

We don't discuss it with outsiders either.


it's an excellent place to smuggle stolen goods


Rule #265: Never let them get a clear shot at the back of your head!


You spit when you talk...


No-one's going to call me a redneck!


It prevents eardraft sir.


Underpants for buttheads

The Great Wizzard

A thirty minute plot for a one hour show again?

Francis Miranda

Something to help the producers shave a few bucks off make-up costs.

Francis Miranda

If we didn't wear them we'd be rated R.

The Great Wizzard

They hide the zipper which'd prove that we're only actors with strance facemarks. Oh damn, was that camera on?


I can tell you, but I'll have to charge you.


Wouldn't you like to know, baldy!

The Great Wizzard

You know our nickname "buttheads"? That's how we keep the PG rating.

Angu§ McLaren

Like it? You can have one for a minimum outlay of 20 bars of latinum.


It protects us from Telepathy!


They protect my ears from exploding consoles!

The Chia Rhino

It hides the scar from my lobotomy.

The Chia Rhino

It keeps my brain fresh.


Can I intrest you in one

ScottE Bemeup

They keep you from sneaking up and tweaking my lobes.

ScottE Bemeup

They cover up our headbutt crack.


They're hats, we just can't efford the rest of them.


A replacment for hair. You should really get one sir.

The Łone En§ign

If our ears are erogenous zones, imagine the back of our heads!

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