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This week's cartoon was first suggested by Brian Lane (sorry FM).
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Why did Snog join Sev Fleet? This comic strip answers the question of why the capitalist Fungi, Snog, would join the utopian Sev Fleet. The answer, of course, is that there is one urge greater than greed - self preservation!

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition.

This week's winning punchlines were written by scifi1801a. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all four competitions. Thanx to Erwin who ran the judging session for the very first time!


Well, the FUNGI don't want me...


Why are you becoming a writer in a society with no pencils or paper


Where else can bald guys become famous?

Stephen SOS Caporn

Sev Fleet doesnt use money, so I dont have to pay for anything I use

the Outrageous Okona

Have you ever seen so many fully clothed women in your LIFE?!


Hu-mon females in tight fitting uniforms.. need I say more?


With all of our bald heads we'll take over soon enough!

Damien De Zilwa

I'm sick of seeing exploding consoles attack Hoo-mans, I want in on the law suit action!!!!


Free Hollowdeck and replicator access

Bill Castner

So you could have more screen time, but that sort of backfired.


They relaxed the height requirements.


You're just jealous because the writers chose to develop my character instead of yours!


think pickhard

Tree of Eight

Interseries crossovers. With luck, I can get OFF this dump!

Tree of Eight

Hair of Pickhard, Gainweight's head shape, winning combo.

Tree of Eight

Low-ranking, red-uniform? THAT's a high-risk business venture.

Tree of Eight

With the Ensign death rate, it's a lucrative field.

Tree of Eight

Didn't you know? We bought out Sevfleet.


Explore strange new economies, seek out new customers and new client bases, and to boldly profit where no Fungi has profited before!

KoRny PuNk!

5000 channels of unresticted holodeck programs!


Because i'm so ugly, this was the only job I could get

Darleen Masten

You get paid for doing nothing.

Darleen Masten

I love physcially fit women.


If you want screen time ya gotta wear the tracksuit. Unless your father's the star

Oscar van Duijn

Have you seen all the babes that kick on a uniform!


To get his own spinoff series.


I wasn't smart enough to work in my Uncle's bar

The Crazy Zonie

To boldly teach what Enterprise really is!


Well, I'm an ensign in the middle of a war... Wait a minute...


For the same reason as your father ... the profits!


Once you become captain, you get to kiss every beautiful alien you meet!


They need me for overhearing duty.


Well, they always need guys to kill off.

Marcus Vinicius M. L. da Cruz

At home, I'm only another Fungi. Here, bald is power.


Their accountants NEVER ask questions!


The Flounders pay top-dollar for military secrets!


Expense accounts and overtime :)

The Łone En§ign

I have better chances as an ensign to live on this show!


Its a market we've haven't been able to exploit till now

Paul Pytlik

free room and board,free food,free education,free travel, free, free, free!!!


you get "expenadable ensign" life insurance


So I can order my dad around.


Now I don't have to break into cargo bays... They gave me a clearence card!

Kevin Watts

One day, I woke up with a hangover and a SevFleet uniform.

Kostas Zerfiridis

My uncle insisted. He said something about virgin market...


Full dental and better yet: free plastic surgery


To boldly make profit where no one has made profit before.


I'll have a market all to myself


Oh come on, Joke. The highlight of my life used to be sitting here talking to you.


I was going to join the Fungi fleet, but since they stopped using those lightning whips, it's just not worth it.


Rule of Acquisition Number 147: with a uniform you get automatic trust, respect, and a sidearm.


The groovy outfits that change every couple of years.


To broaden our contamination.

Peter O'Donovan

Their replicators give pre-chewed food!

Mouse - Jeffries tube 32

With these ears I hope to serve as a class 2 shuttle!


I make lots of money by borrowing from ensigns!

Dr. Jekyl

Three words: Unlimited salvage rights


Salvagable rights...


Are you kidding? Check out these Jammies!


For the chance to exploit new worlds and civilisations


Just in case they go back to the mini-skirt uniforms.

Cmdr. O'Conner

I get everything free, and enough leave time to sell it all.

Cmdr. O'Conner

Bigger role, bigger paycheck.


As a Fungi, I'm a shoo-in to be the "ethnic character"


This way, I get to appear in some episodes, unlike a certain "regular" cast member I could mention.


I'm bald so I'm half way to being a Captain.


Trust me, the money isn't in the occassional writing gig.

Bob Clemmons

DS9's ending. Picture me in the next spinoff...

Bob Clemmons

I discovered a lucrative loophole in the PC Directive.


I get 10 percent off at ear massage parlours!

Mike Wille

To get in as many ensign's wills as possible.

Mike Wille

Do you know just how much an Admiral makes?


I hear that Tryhard is available again.

The irrepressible Zordauch

Tax breaks


I'm here to bring Capitalism back to Earth!


Well I was trying to get off the station, but for some reason I keep winding up back here.


I'm entrepreneurially challenged!


More episodes, more profit!!


Because i'm a Fun Guy


I sell life insurance to redshirts on the side!


To get more screentime than you.

ScottE Bemeup

The travel. The excitement. The pension.

ScottE Bemeup

They're looking for a few good life forms.

ScottE Bemeup

Even SevFleet needs accountants.

ScottE Bemeup

Unlimited access to replicators.

ScottE Bemeup

Two words. Action Figures.

Cadet Shlamko

You won't believe how much secrets I can hear and sell there...


I'm hoping SevFleet academy is a lot like the "Police Academy" movies!


There's latinum to be made in ensign farming!


I knew I should've asked for PLAUSIBLE character development!

The Great Wizzard

I was hoping to learn from the best womanizers of the galaxy.

Matt McLaughlin

Look at what it did for Quirk's love life.


New costume... new action figure... more profits!


Do you really think civilians are going to get any screen time in "Deep Sev Nine: The Movie"?


Know thine enemy and the battle is half won!


Ever heard the phrase 'wolf in sheep's clothing'?

Angu§ McLaren

Ever heard of income diversity?

Gareth Watson

They need a bald guy for the next spin-off... i'm it!


chicks dig the uniform

Francis Miranda

The profits have spoken.


Well for starters... just look at this cool red headskirt!

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