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German translation by Malte Kirchner (630kb)

To hear more amazing voices by Wally Fields, buy his CD from or visit his website

Thanx to Anders Stenhammar, Andrew Christian, BW, Frank Brower, Greg Nolle, Johan Draaisma, Mauro Dalu, Neil Docherty, Nick Frame, Ruan Geldenhuys, Valdir Fontes for hosting mirror sites.

Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

The first ANIMATED Sev Trek!!! Thanks to the talents of Wally Fields and Andrew Simpson, we present a 3D animated version of this week's Sev Trek comic strip. The voices of Quirk and Spook have been supplied by the very talented Wally Fields. The animation was supplied by the equally talented Andrew Simpson who converted my characters into 3d models and animated them in just FIVE DAYS. Both Wally, Andrew and I are very interested in hearing your thoughts on the animation so please email me your comments.

MIRRORS WANTED: If you're interested in mirroring the animation files (particularly if you're outside Australia), please feel free to host the animation on your server and email me the URL of both files and your geographical location, I'll add them here ASAP to make downloading easy for everyone.

You can hear more of Wally's Star Trek parody (called Space Trak) at and Wally also has a Space Trak CD. I've heard it and as well as being a great voice impersonator, the parody is very well written as well. You can even buy the CD from Amazon - there's a Naughty Bits Version or a Woosie Version. I strongly advice you to check it out.

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition.

This week's winning punchlines were written by Hobbes. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all four competitions. Thanx to Christina who ran the judging session for the very first time!


Don't....blame me...I don't...write the show....I just...over-act it.


Very well. Then we will go with the "emotional Spook" plot instead.

Harry Hazeel

Can we edit that bit out?

Jan Stah

Then I'll go reeeal quiet like....

The úone Enžign

Spook, try a little Gone Farr, it'll help you relax.

Jorge Castro

To violate the PC Directive is MY prime Directive

Gidi Kroon

Spook... can we skip... this discussion... this time... That gorgeous greenette... won't wait... forever... you know.


Oh, yeah, like that's ever enforced


And yet YOU'RE the one who gets all the fan mail! I just don't understand it!

Paul Pytlik

Oh, Spook. You always did know how to make me laugh!


*khhhh* What's that? You're breaking up...

Maryl Sanders

PC Directive? Man, what were the guys at Sev Fleet smokin' when they came up with that?


It's either that or I get to sing


NOOOOOOOOOO! *sound of shirt ripping*


Don't worry Spook-- when I took the oath, I had my fingers crossed!


Save it for the next generation, Spook!


Strange, that gets funnier every time I hear it!


That's never stopped me before Spook-- and I don't intend to start now!


You're right. We can't discriminate against the boring shows.


Excellent work, Spock. Now we have established the "B" storyline.

Cmdr. O'Conner

I'm already below this month's Scantily-Clad-Female Quota. You're just being difficult.

Cmdr. O'Conner

And what were the ratings of the last PC compatable episode?


Yes, yes, whatever, Spook. I'll meet up with you later...


Lighten up Spook, tear your shirt once in a while


If we don't I won't have a date tonight!!!

Aubrey Minnick

Not if we go back in time afterwards and cover up our tracks.

Lord Fledrinnian

We never should have replaced his brain.....

Lord Fledrinnian

Let's just say that humans have needs more than once every seven years.....


Captain's log, final note-- Commander Spook will NOT be joining us on this mission!


The vulcan's remarks shall be stricken from the record

Christopher Michael

Note to self: Bring Buns along to distract Spook.


One more character-building episode, and we'll get axed!


Your objections will be noted. Now go find my best shirt.


This could be a beginning of a beautiful conflict, Spook!


But not the Quirk Gets Space Girlie Directive!


PC... Precludes Captains!

Mike Wille

Just shut up and beam me.

Mike Wille

Only if we get caught!


My response violates the PG directive


It's their culture...or our jobs!


Note to self: get rid of annoying first officer.


Details, details.

S. Donaldson

You have your Prime Dirctive and I have mine.


Spook, did you hear a word I said?


Do you have a point, aside from your ears?


Captains log supplemental, Spook is being a real partypooper again...


Spook, I wrote the book on violating the PC directive.


Captain's Log Sevdate I've decided to make this a solo mission ...


You know this is still recording, right?


The PC directive should never interfere with a good storyline.

James L. Terman

Captain's Log Sevdate Addenum. Get new first officer. This one's a drag.

The irrepressible Zordauch

Captain's log, supplemental: I recommend that žev Fleet ditch the PC directive


Damn the directive,Spook! They have green women!

Admiral Dack

You see? It's getting interesting already!

Admiral Dack

...right after we drop Spook back off on the Genesis planet.

Redshirt Dan

Bah! This is because of that time they made me their deity...isn't it?

Redshirt Dan

Yes...that is true...but if we...don't...I...may not get to rip my shirt all episode!


I think of it more as a general guideline.


It's up to you Spook to make it legal.

Anguž McLaren

Only if we tell Sevfleet about it!


That new thing? It'll never last!


Yes, but _I_ know what's best for them!


But not doing it would violate every other directive I follow!


You're beginning to catch on, Spook!

Da Chief

See, already we are developing tension!


You mean PC as in Premature Cancellation!


We're beaming down, and we're not leaving 'til I've destroyed all the computers and kissed all the women!


But It's Friday Night And I Need A Date


Maybe I'll violate the PG Directive too!

Technomage of Technobabble

But, isn't that what we always do?

The Great Wizzard

Every time we respect it, our ratings drop dramatically.


Damn it Spook, im tired of charecter building episodes!

dr. Crane

Spock! Have you turned into a nerd?


.... Security to the Transploder Room.


Spork the.... PC Directive was never meant to.... inhibit a good story!

Francis Miranda

Ohhh go sharpen your ears!

Francis Miranda

When did that ever stop us?

Michelle Betz

I'll have to make time to read it someday...Now let's go get some alien butt, I mean KICK some alien butt.

Sam Peirce

Tell that to all the alien women down on the surface!


PC Directive? Never heard of it!

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