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This week's cartoon was suggested by Roger Wilco, refined by Spud and finished off by The Lone Ensign (it's great to see the Ideas Board in action).
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Why Pickhard hates kids. He's defeated the Bored, Klingoffs, Wrongulans and all manner of omnipotent beings. However, Pickhard still seems most uncomfortable around children. Still, it's understandable if his only experience is Measly Cruncher!

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition.

This week's winning punchline was written by Katie O'Neal. You can read the first part and second part of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all four competitions (we had a few problems with Majel - thanx to Erwin and Johan for keeping it going against all the odds).


They leak.

Don Burton

I keep having nightmares that I'm being mobbed by them at Sci-Fi conventions.


They boldly GO where no one has gone before.


I just can't find it in my pacemaker to accept them.


Because, my cleverly phrased Shakespearian dialog means nothing to them!


Because counselor, they can't appreciate my sanctimonious pretentiousness!


They think i'm related to mr. potatoe head.

Miriah Dax

They tried to break my little ships


I had a bad experience on Disney Prime...

M@ Nelson

They drink water all day long just in case someone picks them up!


I have severe allergies to hair.

The Avatar!!!

Children mean character building episodes....


They keep wrinkling my freshly tugged shirt


I was tramatized by children as a child.


One beat me up. Yesterday.


Computer, initiate emergency holographic babysitter!


Shhh! They can sense fear!


Every child is a potential Cruncher...

V. Equinox

I'm French, I don't like anyone.


Just wait until they mistake YOUR chair for the potty


Have you read the back of my head lately?


Because you can't set a phaser to "Sit still!"


Look at them. Just flaunting thier hair.


Shirt-tugging is supposed to be a captain's privilege.


You've never operated a console with drool on it, have you?


pickhard to sickbay, six to grow up


It's their hair! All that hair!!

Angu§ McLaren

Pickhard to Barf! Please report to the bridge with an armed escort.

Richard Dekker

It's the trouble with Dribbles!

Francis Miranda

The Next Generation Gap!

Christopher Michael

You weren't trapped in a turbolift with them!


They're attracted to shiny objects.


I have a fear of lawn gnomes. Children are the size of lawn gnomes. Therefore I am afraid of children.


I don't want to risk another Measly.


Damnit Tryhard, I'm a captain, not a jungle gym!

Hugh of 9

Just a MEASLY little reason...

Hugh of 9

I won't be when those red school uniforms arrive!

Stephen Gardner

I'm afraid of getting the Measlies


Dammit! They're stealing my scene!


Just a little measly experience


The Bored assimilation process is a joy compared to this!

James L. Terman

Never work with children or aliens!


You see children, I see Measlies!

Eddie Williams

They don't understand personal space.

The Łone En§ign

Did you think I lot this hair naturally?

The Lone Ensign

Two words explain it all, "The Boy!"


There are FIVE children!


You would too if kids kept rubbing you head for good luck


All are potential Measleys that should be crushed now!


They always want to play "pin the tail on the Captain"


I am always "IT" in their tag games


The Captain's chair is NOT a potty


They all look like like little Measly Crushers


I wasn't until I met Measly Cruncher.

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