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This week's cartoon idea was suggested by Eric McClung.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Gaudy's missing ISORE! (note - ISORE is the sevname for Geordi's VISOR). In First Contact, Geordi finally got rid of his VISOR - here is a comic strip that explains why he got rid of it.

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. Many thanks to Erwin for taking this week's judging session.

This week's winning punchline was written by thersites. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all four competitions.


I lost it in the last poker game.

Christina "Saavik" Tilman

Barf accidentally used it for a mouth guard.


I couldn't fit my sunglasses over it.

Matthew Doyle

It kept falling into the toilet when I bent over.


The ISORE was soooo 80's.


cpt. gainweight lend it for a short ride to the badlands

Nick Trek

I came, ISORE, I went.


I couldn't send the Bored home empty-handed!

Tina Chang

Don't go there metal -head


Sevfleet got complaints that we always took up the last handicapped parking space.


The screensaver got annoying


On my nightstand, on the Enterforaprize-D


Can anybody turn on the lights?


Tryhard needed it to hold her hair back.


I get free cable this way.

Mike Wille

I found out what it stands for... Impedes Sexual Or Romatic Encounters.

Sweeney Todd

I get full zoom capabilities with these babies!

Sweeney Todd

I got sick of being called "Sevvie Wonder"


I got sick of the blinds closing every time I blinked.


We had to find a way to cut costs for this movie. They're using it as a phaser for scene 3.

Don Rae

I prefer blindness over looking ridiculous.

Don Rae

Let's just say it didn't survive in the movie deal negotiation.

Don Rae

We have enough sci-fi gimmicks already.


well that explains it why it is so dark in here.


I just want to fit in


I kept getting it caught in my eyebrows


Beta? Am I on the bridge again?

Claire Kinane

Captain Gainweight promised she'd have it back in 3 weeks!!

Jason Lima

Is that ALL anyone ever noticed about me?

Not-Quite-A-Force -For-Cosmic-Evil

I've got real vision now, Heavily


I'm sick of being the show's token handicap!

Jason Donahue

Doyawanna needed her hair clip back.


With you and Pickhard getting most of the screen time, I bet the audience won't even notice!


I got sick of people calling me 'banana eyes'!


Getting rid of that thing is the most character development I'm allowed in this movie.


I am now using ISORE98


The Klingoffs kept getting our sheild frequency.

St.John Morgan

I'm having a a death ray installed

The Black Falcon

It got caught up in the last weekly uniform change!


Isore? that was just a headband that fell down on my nose.


Since the destruction of Enterforaprize-E, Pickhard ordered me to wear contact lenses.

Shane Vassar

Because it became exactly that.

Erik Hollender

Squatty got fat : I got eyes.


Cheese graters are SO last season!

Norwegian Bajoran

I've gone from Ray Charles to Frank Sinatra!

Samurai Penguin

Subplot is using it as a chew-toy.


I'm just gonna use Barf as a guide dog for a while.


Who said that? Is somebody there?


I lost it in a poker match

Angus McLaren

I don't know but you lot look ugly without it!

Angus McLaren

Isore, you saw, we all saw for Isore!


It looked even faker on the Bigscreen.


I lost it. Where in the hell am I, by the way?


After nearly twenty years wearing it, I finally realised something. It made me look stupid!


I left it in Tryhard's quarters. And yes, it IS still turned on!


I tossed it. It's not Y2K compliant!

Nicholas Lagos

I was tired of Piker asking me to play Harmonica in his band.


I never needed it- it was just a running gag!


It's on the 'Star Trek Exhibit' now, of course.

Francis Miranda

A feature film make-up budget eradicated it.

Francis Miranda

I decided to go with the natural look.

Francis Miranda

We just didn't see eye to eye.

Francis Miranda

There was a buy one take one eye sale.

Francis Miranda

I replaced them with my First Contacts.


Test audiences reacted poorly to seeing a six foot cheese grater onscreen during close-ups.


I found a grater way to see!


I don't know, I wasn't looking when I took it off.


ISORE come, ISORE go.


Props recalled it.


I left it on the Enterforaprize-D.

Jason Lima

It didn't go well with our new uniforms.

Jason Lima

Batteries went dead.

CDR Soen

Turns out IT was causing my vision problem!

Nick Frame

You know those Sevilians, never happy unless something changes

Nick Frame

I upgraded to avoid the Y2K Bug

Jason Lima

The look went out of style years ago, Beta.

Billy Van Sickle

My fans kept running into walls at the conventions.


Everyone finally realized why I always won at poker.

Andy Kaye

APRIL FOOL!!! I could see all the time

Curzon of Dax

Next week I get a seeing eye dog.


Two words...banana clip.

Ryan C

Piker's using it for a shoehorn.


Never mind that -- check out these baby blues!


I just found these eyes lying around the engine room after our last mission.


I forgot to take it off in the shower...then zap! I could see again.


Tryhard is using it as a hair clip.

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