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This week's cartoon idea was suggested by Nick Frame.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

McCorduroy and transploders! Doctor McCorduroy has what would seem a paranoid fear of transploders. Considering all the carnage that transploders have caused over Trek history, can you blame him?

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. Many thanks to Erwin for taking this week's judging session.

This week's winning punchline was written by 009. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all four competitions.


Just make sure Quirk's shirt makes it down in one piece


You'd be afraid too if you saw the medical equiptment I have to work with!

Samurai Penguin

Would you trust a machine made of cardboard, Christmas lights, and radio knobs?

Don Rae

I'm trusting my life to a low-budget effect!


Im in a scene. Gotta rant about something.

Brian Blalock

I like my molecules exactly where they are.


When I'm in one, I just go all to pieces.


For starters: transploders brought me aboard this tub.

Ben Hoback

Because I know engineers, they just love to rearange things!

I like my molecules shaken, not strirred


Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not an energy packet!

Thomas D'Alimonte

If I wanted myself blasted into tiny bits, I'd use a phaser, dammit!


Ever wonder why Spook is half human and half Velcron?


Disassembling and re-assembling people is MY job!

Ensign No-Name

I heard that the writers were planning a freak transporter accident that would change me into a woman named Pavlovaski


I've done autopsies on victims of this thing, you know!

James L. Terman

Two words: beam rash

Eric Craig

Just beam us down before Quirk starts his monoluge!

ScottE Bemeup

The only thing proven about the technology is its value as a plot device.


Go ask your evil twin.

Danny Davids

Last time it left my heart in San Francisco!


It's just one more of my 'cranky' personality traits.


There are only three of us beaming down and I'm the most expendable character.

Kevin Shaw

Let me toss you in a blender with Quirk and Spook and see what mutation emerges!


I see the consequences everyday in the sickbay!

Roger Wilco

I've seen the engineering budget.


it's not so much the transploding as it is the "counting of fingers and toes" afterwards


mostly because of the fact that before every transplode you tell me to "hang on to your molecyles"!


Why the hell not?


They make my hemorrhoids flare up!


They've never been fully tested on the elderly!


Because nobody EVER gets along with their clone.


The pattern buffers might mistake my personality for a disease.


You should know. You lost a finger using one of these.


Cause the person operating it is missing a finger!

Don Rae

I feel like I'm in a damn photocopier!

David Butler

For three seconds my molecules mix with Quirk's.

Don Rae

Three words: Heisenburg's Uncertainty Principle.

Swingin' Klingon

Maybe I don't like my molecules being rearranged with knobs and switches!


'Cause all the ship's red shirts and all the ship's men can't put my atoms together again!

Neil C

Ever since I rematerialised with Quirk's Logic and Spook's Libido.

Neil C

You should see what these guys DO when dematerialised!


I just don't want my molecules scrambled with that green-blooded Velcron's!!

Francis Miranda

The writers felt that they needed a more exiting back story for me.

Francis Miranda

It's what's known as a character twist.

Francis Miranda

Haven't you heard of the expression, "Don't drink and beam?"

Francis Miranda

I'm afraid that i might be transformed into a horny green blooded captain.

Francis Miranda

Gym is afraid of commitment, Spook is afraid of emotions. I'm afraid of transploders.

Francis Miranda

Getting disintegrated to my base atoms is not my idea of fun.

Derrick Johns

I believe it's called Transploderphobia.

Derrick Johns

Listen carefully to what they're called again.


Dammit Mr Squat!...I'm a human, not a jigsaw-puzzle!

Jason Lima

Oh, you HAD to say it...Now you've jinxed this episode!


Ever wonder why I can never wipe this grimace off my face?!


Transploders? Exploders, more like!


There's a drunk at the controls!


Gym had a few words with them earlier!


What if Gym tries to pinch me in mid-transplode?

Jason Lima

I'm a doctor, not a therapist!

USS ferryboat (~J~)

I suppose it's not a problem since I'm a main character.

USS ferryboat (~J~)

The name might be an indication.

USS ferryboat (~J~)

I fear being mixed up with spock.


How would you like getting your molecules mixed up with Gym's?


Look at what transploders did to the guy beside me.

Elliot G.

Would you rely on 50's technology???

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