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This week's cartoon idea was suggested by Francis Miranda.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

You know you're a Sevilian when... I know this is a very self-indulgent topic but as the 100th comic strip, it seemed appropriate (a Sevilian by the way is a fan of Sev Trek and other Toon Zone cartoons). It turned out to be an interested topic - many of the punchlines made us realise just how much "culture" the Sevilian community has developed!

Two of the characters in this week's comic strip are Sevilians themselves. The groom is Guy Ben-Ami, writer of the winning entry. The priest is Madmartigan, winner of the Sevilian Competition. Here are the pictures of the two just to show how poor I am at caricatures :-(

Guy Ben-Ami (would you trust this man with a rifle?)


Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. Many thanks to FCJ (it was you, wasn't it?) for running this week's judging session.

This week's winning punchline was written by Guy Ben Ami. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all three competitions.


You stay up untill 4 in the morning because you want to be there when no-one nominates your punchline.

USS ferryboat

You regularly take screen shots just to catch John in a mistake


You emailed your life story to some girl named Erin.


John Cook knows your credit card number by heart.


If your answer to this comic comes from real life.


The only friends you have are other Sevilians.


You have an operation to remove your pinky, and to make your eyes bulge out.


You set your watch to Australian time.


You insist on no more than four lights in your family christmas tree


You hold your breath waiting to find out if that cartoon really came from your idea


You clean your room using the "cut" and "keep" technique!


Your life motto is "creativity, brevity, funniness".

Sev Trek Groupie

When you actually correct people and say its actually "Sev Trek" not "Star Trek" (I do it all the time!)


You shamelessly try to plug a Sev Trek product in a punchline.


You get nostalgic every time you read the sentence:"First timers, read the rules before entering."

Dr. Jonas Bashir

You let your girlfriend waiting for an hour because you have to finish the Judging Session (and this punchline IS from real life)

Spaceman Spiff

You actually know the "Sev" versions of the names without having to look at the "Characters" pages...


You curse the Israeli government for making Guy Ben Ami join the army.


Your friends have changed their names to John Cook, Wendy Cook, Nick Frame and Francis Miranda just so that you'll pay attention to them.

Jen Hawker

You get thrown out of the theater for saying punchlines aloud.

Submitted on behalf of Iona by The OIGINAL Dave

You get to meet Kate Mulgrew and excitedly address her as 'Gainweight'

Brian Kendall

Your internet provider starts sending you thank-you notes.

Brian Kendall

Every article of clothing you wear has "Sev" written somewhere on it.

Brian Kendall

John Cook is three days behind schedule because of all the punchlines you submitted.


You wallpaper your house with Sev Trek strips.


You read these punchlines and think, "What's wrong with that?"

Steve Jung

Someone else has to finish your sentences for you.

Mike Wille

You know what time it is in Australia (EST) even though you live in Kansas.

CDR Soen

You check the page at least 3 times a day despite the fact you know JC hasn't had time to add anything yet.


The only time you use IRC is to vote on punchlines.


You think OverruleGate was the most important event of 1998.


You buy a new fast modem just to be one of the first book orderers!


You're late to your wedding because of a judging session!


You get excited when cartoons don't ask a 'why' question.


You keep a punchlines notebook on your nightstand.

Boomer Cerviche

You go ballistic when someone calls you a "Sevvie" instead of a "Sevver".


You submit more than three punchlines at a time.


You read every single submitted punchline every single day.

Francis Miranda

You petition your school to move your classes so you can attend Saturday judging sessions.

Francis Miranda

Your goal in life is to appear in a Sev Trek strip.

Francis Miranda

You blow an entire Sunday afternoon looking for subliminal Sev Symbols in posters and strips.

Francis Miranda

You nitpick the nitpicks of others.


Your sense of self-worth is derived from whether yours is a punchline of the day or not.

Roger Wilco

You seriously participate in a discussion about the spelling of "Sevqi"/"Sevquis"

Roger Wilco (No offence, FM)

You get in a homicidal mood when Francis Miranda claims that he posted the idea (which took you one month to think about) two years ago.


You know what 'Sev' actually means!


You try to avoid 'why questions' at all costs!

Jay Berryhill

Barf is something you actually WANT on your favorite shirt!

Jay Berryhill

Sev Trek is the first site you purchased merchandise via the internet


When someone talks about Majel, you think they mean the IRC bot, not Gene's wife.


You got more angry about OverruleGate than the Clinton scandal.

Steve Warstler

Your upper lip sticks out two inches over your lower lip.

USS ferryboat

You have participated in a GATE.

USS ferryboat

You wear Sev Trek shirts to formal parties.

USS ferryboat

You know what IB, DB, and WNP stand for

Erik Hollender

You order all the Sevtrek Christmas cards after Christmas.

USS ferryboat

You can discuss, in depth, such terms as OverRuleGate

Tim M.

You limit your answers to nine words or less

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