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This week's cartoon idea was suggested by Private Guy Ben Ami.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Cue and Captain Schidzo! Here's another scene (this time from Deep Sev 9 where Schidzo fought with Cue) where you get to rewrite the response. It's also the first time I've drawn Cue in a comic strip!

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. Many thanks to FCJ (it was you, wasn't it?) for running this week's judging session.

This week's winning punchline was written by Mudmaniac. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all three competitions.

Nick Frame

What can I say, maybe he didn't have the heart.

David Spunzo

That's not what it says in his logs...

The tribble guy

Well Pichard probably never saw you in tights!

Aleph Beth

Unlike other SevFleet Captains, I can't speak with an english accent.

The Kai

And how many people bought *his* action figure?

Irya Dax

Please stop. These comparisions, they sicken me.


Yes, we use him to feign weakness.


I guess senility has it's benefits!


No, he repelled you with Shakespeare.

Erik Hollender

Gainweight would really box your ears!


Didn't he? Well here are a few from him too!

Eric Craig

I was aiming for Bashful!


Pickhard didn't have a whole race or omnipotent beings on his side.

Don Rae

"Cueball in the side corner...."

Don Rae

It's just my way of punchline delivery.


You're the one who fell for "Your fly is open!"


I hit HIM when he assigned me here!


His loss.

Aleksandar Brezar

But he kicked you off the bridge!

Ken Prescott

He didn't need the ratings boost. Nothing personal...


Comparing me to Pickhard is what got you bopped to begin with!


Remonstrance is fuile! You will be annihilated!

Jessie H

You know what they say, hair today, Pickhard tomorrow.


Well, I owed him a favor...


Batter up!


Now you know how a real man makes first contact.

fire phizzers

I know, and look at how many times you kept coming back.


This spin-off's isn't big enough for all of us...


Just be glad you never met Quirk

Dr. Saturn

I have to do SOMETHING to keep this from turning out like Pickhard's first season

Neil C

Pickhard doesn't know the corkscrew punch either.

Juan Deer

I'm softening you up for him.


Captain's pet.


Pickhard has patience. I have a quick left jab.


Paramount was afraid Patrick Stewart might break a hip if they made him do action scenes.


Paramount couldn't afford having Patrick Stewart do action scenes.


I'm gonna do a lot of things to you that he should have.


Pickhard couldn't hit the broad side of a cargo hold


I'm a lot less touchy feely.


Three words: hair, heir, heart


I wish everyone would quit comparing me to Pickhard!


Well Unlike Pickhard i am not a peace loving hippy.


He thought calling you "Mon Queue" was enough!


If he knew all he had to do was hit you to never hear from you again he probably would have.


Pickhard had a soft spot for you. In the head.


He was just never dressed for the occasion.


I'm also 50 years younger!


And where's his show now?

Ensign No-Name

Unlike Pickhard, I listen to the opinion polls

Jon Nunn

And what are you going to do about it? Get shapeshifters to attack us?


I guess he was smart enough not to hit someone who could wipe out his entire existance in the blink of an eye.

The Black Falcon

You have to be a captain before Sevfleet neuters you!

Tim Daniels

He should! It feels goooood!


White men can't punch.

Namgubed the Merry Elf

Talk to the fist, Cue, talk to the fist.


He was too busy tugging at his shirt to swing at ya!

Bob Clemmons

Yeah, well, I'd whup his can too, if I had the chance!

Bob Clemmons

OH sure. Mention Pickhard. THAT will calm me down.

Bob Clemmons

"Float like an Emmissionary, Sting like a bee..."


Well, last time he did it, he lost a heart!


Well, WE'RE TIRED of Crossover Characters here!

Sandy K

You are such an omnipotent loser. you get humiliated by one captain, punched by another and soon you will be rejected by the third

Derrick Johns

His last message to Sev Fleet was, "If anyone sees Cue, give him one for me."

Derrick Johns

The director told me to punch on cue.

ScottE Bemeup

Be thankful I'm not Quirk. He's got that two fisted back slam move.


That's what you get for crossing shows like that...

Oscar van Duijn

That's probably why your defence is so weak!


He's bald, I'm bold.


Keep saying that name and I'll keep on hitting you!


You didn't have that absurd moustache before either.


He would have, but he was afraid of the counselling session after.


But he should have. I'm correcting his mistake!

Roger Wilco

I know. That's one reason why the X Generation got cancelled.

Roger Wilco

We don't want any X generation guest stars here!


Did he also not poke you in the eyes with two fingers?

Sweeney Todd

He's got the brains- I've got the brawn


I've got one thing Pickhard didn't have ... heart!


Pickhard isn't stuck on a Space Station all day!


I ain't a baldheaded wuss


Pickhard didn't do much of anything.


This one's the Schidzo Manoeuvre!


Unlike that yuppie boy, this Star Fleet captain actually has more things to do than drink tea and pull on his shirt!

Tekno Wolf

That's cause I'm usually foot-loose and follicle-free.


Call it the prime-time directive.


Figures. He couldn't even speak in a French accent.


Too much Earl Grey makes a man soft!

Angus McLaren

Enough with the tie-in references!


He did, you just never felt it!


What are you going to do? Make my hair fall out?

Angus McLaren

The PC directive was changed to not include Cues.


He just outsmarted you, twice a season.


And his show was cancelled.


I would prefer NOT to be compared to Pickhard...


I am not an old, feeble man.

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