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This week's cartoon idea was suggested by Dr Christopher (just breathe!)
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Sev Trek III: The Search for Spook! We let the Sevilians write Quirk's answer from the movie this time around! PS - I am defiantly unrepentant about using a "why" question this week. You've had a pretty good run of non-why strips this last few weeks (plus this is right out of the movie)..

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. Many thanks to Guy Ben Ami for running this week's judging session.

This week's winning punchline was written by Neil C. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all three competitions. And to Madmartigan, yes, I got out my Empire Strikes Back video to see the scene where Han gets frozen - Wendy and I had a good laugh at his changing uniform! :-)


If I have to stick around for 5 sequels, we ALL have to stick around...


I'm trying to earn brownie points for the next movie.


I hadn't boldly gone anywhere lately.

Rising Star

Gee, beats me. Live long and Ponder.

Spaceman Spiff

Yeah... but you should see the bill I'm gonna send you!


We had to undo EVERYTHING in Sev Trek II!


Eh? I did WHAT? Shpeak up, shunny!


Oh please, you think I planned it like this?

Avenger Executive Officer

I guess you forgot the title of this film.

ScottE Bemeup

I'm destined to die alone. I'm surrounding myself with friends.

Kirk's Wig

I did it for his sake, he was threatening to have a REAL acting career.


I have my talent to fall back on.


We have equality in our contracts. If I didn't, I'd be next.


Aw, that ship was a piece of junk anyway...junk food, that is


Think of us as "Paunch" and "Pinch." We're a team!


I always try to get on the good side of the director of the next movie.


Give me ten seconds, I'll find a way to get that ALL back.


Well, the convention circuit was drying up, and I had bills to pay...


I can't fit into the TJ Hooker costume much longer!


The fans of Spook outweighs the fans of everyone else!


Of all the souls I encountered in my travels, yours is the most ungrateful.


Cause you asked me to, you old fool! Do you have Bendi syndrome or something?

Curzon of Dax

Are you kidding?! l just killed 4 birds with one stone.


Sev Fleet told me I couldn't, so I did.

Swingin' Klingon

His cold, heartless logic, my unhindered libido... I mean, we need each other!


Oh sure! Everything's 20/20 in hindsight!


After hearing that I wonder why indeed.


You make it sound so dreary.


I don't know but I'm begining to wish I hadn't.


He ain't dying until he teaches me the neck pinch!

Ensign No-Name

Logic dictates... aw, heck, I don't know!


Saving the director has its good points.


I go nuts over anything in a skirt.


He's my best friend... besides, I need a straight man.


It's a guilt thing... you wouldn't understand.


I like the irony. An illogical act saved his life.


It's called a letter writing campaign. Go figure.

Not-Quite-A- Force-For- Cosmic-Evil

Next to him, I seem to have an emotional range!


Stop, you're embarrassing me!


I'll know better next time.


Hey, I leave the logic to you guys...

Kristian Werner

It's a living.

Kristian Werner

Boys will be boys!

Chris Johnson

Do you know how much MONEY I'm getting for this movie??

Ted Saarikko

A multi-million dollar contract.

Johnny Cool

He directs, produces & writes the scripts


Because he's Spooktacular


Well, the ship was old, the kid was a brat and it's harder to break the PC directive when you're an Admiral


He's the director, I had to


Because losing the fandom would have been fatal!

Jason Morris

Who else are we gonna get to host the Sev Trek marathons?

Jason Morris

Hey, I still have my good looks.


So that the franchise can live long and prosper!

The Star Trekker

Do you know how much money his merchandise brings in?


I had to restore my prestige after that "get a life" affair!

Samurai Penguin

I have to go, he's waiting for me at the altar.


He bakes great muffins


I've had a lot of blows to the head.


Cuz I'm Kooky for Spooky


How about that finder's fee?


Another picture, another paycheck!


Sequels, my friend. Sequels.

Erik Hollender

I also had to pawn my glasses too!

Francis Miranda

He has and always shall be my funds... I mean friend.

Francis Miranda

With the radiation he absorbed he can power up our entire warp core.


I know it seems dumb, but listen, I don't WRITE this stuff



Francis Miranda

He gets to live long while I get to prosper.

Francis Miranda


Francis Miranda

He still hasn't taught me the Velcron butt pinch.


He's the only real character we've got!


I couldn't stand my two best buddies being in one body


Pretty good for a redshirt, eh?

Angus McLaren

To get more screen time, what else?


Well, the ratings were shot to hell anyway.

Paul Pytlik

Well, when you put it that way...

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