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This week's cartoon idea was suggested by The Original Dave.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Balogna Torrid and Tomb Parisite! Who could forget that scene where Tom and B'elanna make out on the comm panel, only to be walked in upon by Tuvok.

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. Many thanks to Erwin de Jong for running this week's judging session.

This week's winning punchline was written by Martin Dawson. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner of all three competitions. And to Madmartigan, yes, I got out my Empire Strikes Back video to see the scene where Han gets frozen - Wendy and I had a good laugh at his changing uniform! :-)


We just lost our PG rating, and the writers changed the name from Voyager to Voyeur.


Now I'll have to get out the Windex again...


On second thought, I'll work on that console next week.


I suggest you be carefull, Mr. Parasite. We don't want Forager to be crawling with little Parasites, do we?


I'd throw you two in the brig, but...

Kristian Werner

Twoblocks to shower room, two to cool down.


Congratulations. You've just separated the saucer section. And, no, it's not built to do that.




The warp core just went critical and nobody's driving. Thought you two would like to know.

Martin Dawson

Computer: One bucket of water, zero degrees Celsius.

Mike Wille

I see you're involved in another torrid affair, Mr. Parasite.


Playing Doctor should be done in sickbay.


Ooh, that looks like a nasty parasite you've got there, Torrid...


I do not believe that is the proper way to console one another.

Erik Hollender

I told you to stop watching the Gone Farr network.

Tekno Wolf

I'm not sure this is what the captain meant when she asked you to do crew inspections.

John Lang

That's a comm panel, not a love seat!


Tomb, next time I'LL be writing the hollowdeck novels again


I know I said this was a character building episode but I didn't mean a new character.


You do realize that you are sitting on the intercom button?

Paul Pytlik

The Captain has just informed me that now that ten is on board, your romance is no longer necessary to boast ratings


Another one for Foragers funnest home videos


You two are under arrest. Charge: breaking the PG Directive.


The captain will be pleased to know that the crew is getting along...


Captain, I have found the source of the temperature spike.


Kissing your impending promotion goodbye?


Computer, end mistletoe!


Your taking your life into your own hands Mr. Parasite. Wearing a Red shirt and having a love interest........


Twoblocks to Gainweight, I'll have gravity back on Deck 10 in a second.....

Captain Leita Chandra T'Por

That is SO last season, Tomb.

Captain Leita Chandra T'Por

Do not try the "We're playing Console Twister" excuse, it will not work a second time.


Ughhh. Now I have to carry this mental picture of the two you like this.


Ughh. And I have to work on that console tomorrow.

CDR Soen

When the captain said to test the console, I do not think she meant a stress test.

CDR Soen

And people wonder why we can't seem to get home...

ScottE Bemeup

Twoblock to The Docter. Hormone overload in Engineering. Report immediately for damage control.

Janice Buttriss

Must you carry out your human activities on the console. You have just ejected the main engine core.


Is this what you call doing a "diagnostic" on this console?


The captain requests you get off the main viewscreen.


So this is why the ship's doing backflips.

Sweeney Todd

that's all this ship needs - more sexual tension.

George Leser

Do you realize that you've just cut off life support for decks 4 through 7?


We just lost our PG rating.


Another sad attempt at a ratings boost, no doubt


You call those evasive manuvers?

Ted Saarikko

Perhaps you are not aware that this series is rated "PG".

Norwegian Bajoran

I see you're planning Forager - the next generation!


Lt Torrid, Lt Parisite, please go retrieve the warp core you accidentally ejected with your activities.

Tim M.

You two have Gone too Farr this time

Daniel Schütt

Stop this and restore life support to the bridge immediately!

Francis Miranda

I said "Report!", not "Rapport!"

Francis Miranda

Lipstick is unbecoming of you Leutenant.

No El

What is the nature of your medical emergency ?


So that's what you meant by 'liaison officer'...


Tomb and Bologna sittin' on a console...

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