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This week's cartoon idea was suggested by Francis Miranda.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Malfunctioning transploders!! Whenever the writers are short of a storyline, hey presto, the tranploders break down! One wonders why they kept using them when such mishaps occur so regularly!

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. Many thanks to Erwin de Jong for his valiant efforts in running this week's judging session. Not only was he implementing his new Punchfile Creator software, he also had to deal with THREE competitions as we judged The Pits and Twist Competitions this week also. Thanks also to Rik, champion of Majel, for assisting Erwin in getting it working. It was a difficult IRC session but we got through it all!

This week's winning punchline was written by The ORIGINAL Dave (a very popular guy on the Discussion Board). You can read the transcript of this historic IRC session where we decided the winner of all three competitions!


The ratings go up when the transploders go down.


'Twas a request from the ladies, sir.

Namgubed the Merry Elf

The warranty ran out two seasons ago!

Derrick Johns

Sorry, Captain, I ran out of quarters.

Goetz T Heinrich

Ah canna change the laws of screenwriting, Cap'n!

M@ Nelson

How ELSE could ye get in touch with your feminine side, Cap'n?


Maintenance is futile. You will be effeminated.


I keep confusing the "energise" and "effeminise" buttons.

Swingin' Klingon

You try reassembling sub-atomic particles with knobs and switches!

Swingin' Klingon

We haven't had enough body switching episodes this season.


They would work better if they weren't made from cardboard and prop plastics.

The Goatboy

Why complain, it's the best shape you've ever been in!


Hott mon, ye seen the COST o' a new one?


Aye, she may be a wee bit off-kilter, but she's quite a bargain!

Tim M.

Now we know who REALLY wears the pants on this ship.


Not sure, but this is gonna play hell with the censors


Actually, I think the writers just wanted the first interracial head-switch in TV history.


Those are big words for such a wee lass as yeself!


They are nae designed for kissing in mid-transplode, Capten!


They weren't meant to beam things as large as your ego.


I have to get my screen time somehow!

The Lone Ensign

We still have ensigns stuck in there from the last transploder accident.


We keep trying, but we just can't get rid of you!

Crew of the NCC1701

I told you it was a bad idea to have a conversation with the computer!

Brad Bradsher

We're still trying to get the year 2000 bug out.

Josh Pate

Your toupee keeps clogging the buffers Captain.

Christopher Michael

Never drink and energize!

Christopher Michael

If it didn't, I'd be out of a job.

Christopher Michael

Actually, I did this one on purpose.

Nick Calabrese

Your ego keeps clogging up the salary-compensaters.

Richard Brooke

That's what you get when your engineer is one finger short.


It's not a malfunction, it's a feature


Well, I would fix them, but then everyone else will come running to get off this tub.


I dinna ken there's a problem -- ye look a fine lass, Capten!


What makes you think its an accident


You keep talking to the targeting computer.

Francis Miranda

Malfunctions are the cheapest form of creativity.


I dinna do it. Nobody seen me do it. Ya cannae prove a thing.


Transploder? I thought you said to activate the transvestor.


They don't, I just needed a laugh


I distinctly heard you say "preen me up, Squatty".


Doesn't this make it even easier to love yourself?


Now you can give yourself a taste of your own medicine.

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