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This week's cartoon idea was suggested by Jaime De Leon.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Sevships and seatbelts!! Whenever a sevship gets shot at, everyone goes flying. Why don't they install seatbelts on those things? (I'd love to see crash test dummy experiments where they deliberately run the ship into a wall)

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. Many thanks to Johan Draaisma (FCJ or Dumdedum to his friends) for running the judging session. This week's winning punchline was written by Christopher Michael. You can read the transcript of the IRC session where we decided the winner.


Every time we lean forwards they activate our comm-badges.

Josh Pate

We'd be overrun by ensigns!


No reason. Have you been working out?

Charmless Man

What if there's a dramatic moment and I have to stand up for no apparent reason?


Sev Fleet is using all its fund researching non-explosive consoles.


Well, if the cameraman would stop sneezing...

Curzon of Dax

Barf didn't think we were risking our lives enough.


Why don't we have seatbelts? Why do we go "whoosh" is space? Why don't we have toilets? sheesh! Haven't you people heard of suspension of disbelief?


We spent the last of our budget on the furry dice!

Bradley Gentry

Odour would break in half every time we were hit!


At least you have a console to break your fall.


"Brace for impact!" sounds better than "Buckle your seatbelts!"


They were banned by the stuntman's union!


The viewers wouldn't know if we got hit


It was seatbelts or your boyfriend's morphing effect, so stop complaining!


Ensigns are cheaper and easier to come by.

Angus McLaren

We just couldn't come up with a hi-tech looking seatbelt!

Angus McLaren

We have exploding consoles that counteract the forward momentum!


Barf stole them all to make sashes.

Christopher Michael

We must be bodily flung where no one has been flung before!

Christopher Michael

They make tighter seats, and we fall off. They make larger armrests, and we still fall off. The line must be drawn HERE!


I'm sure Odour would be happy to mold himself into a seatbelt for you, Major.


The Fungi own the patent.


Yeah! And where's that cupholder I ordered?

Curzon of Dax

I suppose you want plausible action too?


They do! The seatbeats are just stuck under the seat cushions.


Why bother. We invented the disposable ensign instead.

USS ferryboat

Then how would we know we'd been hit?


The inertial dampener industry would collapse


It wouldn't be an issue if you didn't ride the brakes!


Why don't they just hold the camera still?


To make action scenes look more spectacular


Sevfleet couldn't keep up with its officer's waistlines.


Just you try avoiding these exploding consoles with a seatbelt on.


What? And abandon our "synchronized lurching" workshops?


Garage said they clashed with our Sev Fleet uniforms.


Sevfleet's tightening their belt.


Oh, belt up!

Francis Miranda

Because that would make sense.

Scarlet Vandal

They're shipping with the non-exploding consoles.

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