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Alfalfa aliens in the Deltoid Quadrant!! One thing that perplexes me about Voyager is the frequency with which they encounter stuff from the Alpha Quadrant. There's Amelia Airhart and friends, a couple of Ferengi, Seven of Nine, the Dreadnought, those evolved lizard men and the biggest stretch of all, a tribe of aliens who happened to be chummy with Chakotay's tribe a century or so ago (this is almost as big a stretch as that TOS episode where the aliens had the USA constitution and flag).

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. Firstly, I must thank Erwin de Jong who ran the Entries Page for the first couple of days of the competition while Wendy and I lounged on holiday. It was a lot of work reading through all the submitted punchlines and allowed the Sevilians to keep visiting the site while we were away.

This week's winning punchline was written by Roget . Once again, I was away this weekend at the Stanley Awards (didn't win anything, damn it!). Personally, I liked Dathon's punchline "Four quadrant show, one quadrant budget" - I thought it was clever, well worded and really answered the question. However, the winning punchline was my second choice - not quite as sharp as Dathon's punchline but probably having a gentler, wider appeal (you judges are so conservative).

Someone during the judging session said I couldn't overrule the judge's decision - I think there's a few misconceptions about what I can and cannot do. I'd advise you all to read the Overrulegate Page thoroughly to get a proper understanding. In this week's case, I could've chosen to use Dathon's punchline if I wanted but I won't - Roget's is still pretty good (but I can tell you I might not have gone for TRAILS - it's clever but doesn't really suit the comic strip.

I'm sure some people will complain about choosing a third winning punchline using a variation of the "Boldly go" line. Well, I understand and sympathise. You can post all your complaints on the Discussion Board and direct them towards the IRC Judges: Angel-Eyes, Babyslime, Blueberrie, DuMdeDuM, Erwin, Gizmo47, JonasBashir, Puam and ShaneS (I hope I haven't missed anyone). Before posting, make sure you read read the transcript of the IRC session to pinpoint exactly who voted for what! :-)

Derrick Johns

I hope this doesn't turn out like that "Planet of the Apes" movie.


I don't know, but it's very annoying.


Familiarity breeds contemptible plotlines...


Stowaways. Hundreds of them.


We're out of weird foreheads


They followed the trail of shuttlecrumbs


Suburban sprawl?


The caretaker must have a special frequent flyer program.

Robin E. Cook

They need the work now that X Generation is off the air.


Four quadrant show, one quadrant budget

Derrick Johns

Who cares! That truck will make an excellent shuttle!

Nick Trek

The studio is too cheap to fix the plot holes.


It's the gravitational pull of my hairdo....

Norwegian Bajoran

Well, in the next episode we learn that Jimi Hendrix is the ancestor of the Kraze-ons!


Stowaways, I guess.


We're not the only one's who fall through plot holes


I guess this is the "Lost and Found" department of the Galaxy!


Well, we ARE taking the scenic route!


We're PC- we recycle!


Simple. They came through a plotho... uh, I mean wormhole.


The question is, how do we stop encountering them?

Brian Kendall

Out with the old and in with the... um... old.

Erik Hollender

We get our new shuttles this way.


We can't go home, so home comes to us!


If you've seen one quadrant, you've seen them all!


Well so much for that "where no one has gone before"

Roger Wilco

Wormholes, Loopholes, Plotholes, Potholes, Mouseholes, Wholeholes, Sevspace-phenomenons, Caretakers, Cues, Continuity failures, WriterStrikes, Replicaterers, Transploder-accidents etc. Let's call it "The usual suspects".


Gym Quirk's 'first contact' policy populated the entire galaxy!


Well, just be glad we haven't seen more aliens like Kneelicks.

Chris Cole

Writers' block knows no boundaries...

Harley Cat

Sev Fleet Regulation #47047.47, "Whenever Possible, Reuse Charachters, Sets and Props


It appears not only do we reuse scripts, we replicate entire quadrants!


PC Directive. The writers are into recycling.

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