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This week's cartoon idea was first suggested by Allan (sorry Erik & Francis)
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Spook's viewing thingy! In Jurassic Trek, Spook is always peering into his viewing thingy (just what do you call that thing?) Just what's in there that seems to engross him so much?!

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. This week's winning punchline was written by Brian Kendall. Wendy and I were away on holiday this weekend but still had a chance to contribute to the judging session as we had to decide between Brian's punchline and Madmartigan's staring contest punchline. We ended up going with Brian and taking the judge's recommendation of changing the B4 to B5 to get a little more double meaning into the punchline (if you don't understand what I'm talking about, B5 refers to Babylon 5... and you call yourself a sci-fi fan :-). Feel free to read the whole transcript of the IRC session. Many thanks to Guy Ben-Ami for running it this week.


It appears that THIS is what Sev Fleet built for toilets.


Season three episodes. *shiver*

Jos Litjens

It's not a viewer, it's my hairdryer.


Shh! It's the latest edition of "Logic Illustrated"!

The Dave

My career slipping by...


Don't you DARE start talking to it

Chris Cole

I'm looking for an escape clause in my contract!

Di Basco

Mmm, nice ears... Excuse me, you were saying?

Sir Richard

The Gone Farr Channel


I'm scanning for an intelligent plot


Nothing, it's just a prop, you idiot!


The other shows in our time slot!


I'm trying to beat Squatty's high score!


We're having a staring contest. I think I'm wearing it down.

Angus McLaren

I can't tell you, but it costs me a penny each time!


Just a minute Captain. I just got through on AOL.


The VCR ate my tape again!


Next week's episode. It doesn't get any better.


You get women, I get cable.


Quiet, I still have two more minutes on my nickel, Captain

Sweeney Todd

I call it "Program Nine"

Sweeney Todd

The fine print on my contract.


I'm waiting for my toast, Captain.

Sarah Dalrymple

Ssshh... this is the one where Jason proposes to Charlene.


Trying to spot loopholes in my contract.

avenger XO

I'd tell you but you would probably never let me have it back.


If you keep interrupting me, I'll never get to the next level!

Michael Kraft

Shut up and give me another quarter!

ScottE Bemeup

Help Wanted ads. I've gotta get off this tub.


I bet you didn't know that Yoeman Randy's quarters are right under the bridge...


The toaster's jammed again

Chris Cole

Fascinating! All this technology and I can still only pick up infomercials!

Chris Cole

Fascinating, Captain! Rapidly flipping photographs that give the illusion of movement!

Roger Wilco

I'm reading ahead in the script.

Roger Wilco

Oh my god! It's full of stars!


Even in the future, it takes forever to make a piece of toast!


That's my teleprompter, you dolt!


My lines


Darn, I missed the bonus invader.

Francis Miranda

23rd century infomercials.

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