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This week's cartoon idea was suggested by Kris.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Rigmarole Barfly and the Hollowdeck! When I found out Dwight Schultz was visiting Australia in November, I just had to have a comic strip about Barclay! Thanks to everyone who suggested Barclay ideas - I was about to use a different idea involving First Contact and Zefram Cochrane when Kris suggested this idea at the last minute. It seemed the ideal way to capture what Barclay was about so thanks Kris!

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. This week's winning punchline was written by Q. You can read the whole transcript of the IRC session. Although some people have been complaining about the last couple of judging sessions, I thought this one was interesting. I particularly enjoyed all the discussion at the end about why each punchlines was or wasn't funny. I think debate like that is the whole point of the IRC judging sessions.

I must also mention that Rik has added another amazing new feature to Majel, the ability to automatically eliminate punchlines that get less than 2 nominations (and he can customise it to make it less than 3 nominations if he wants). The man is a machine! :-)


The usual, lewd and crude stuff.

Dot Quirk

Oh, just a nice quiet place where I can kick back, relax, and have people worship me.

Kevin rudolph

The meaning of life, sev and everything.


That's ADMIRAL Barfly to you, Gaudy!


I'd show you, but I'm afraid it would overload your Isore.


I'd tell you, but then I'd have to delete you.


The Measly Chainsaw Massacre.

Red Shirt 4

Barfly, warrior princess.

Francis Miranda

Something that is guaranteed to improve the male viewer demographics.


A hollowgraphic doctor-- I'm still working on the hair!


Let's just say it involves Counselor Tryhard and a game of Twister!

Brian Kendall

Let's just say it'll boost ratings.


The au natural Enterforaprise.

Brian Kendall

It's the ship in a clotheless situation, I mean, hopeless situation...

Capt Parker

Counsellor Tyhard's counseling sessons, MY way!!

Jeppe T

It's Counsellor Tryhard in traditional Fungi Female clothing !!

USS ferryboat

Where shall I start?

Kristian Werner



A rubber wetsuit and a dozen soapy frogs.


You've know 10 out of 10? I found the other nine!


My number one reason to live!

Scott Martin

Oh, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...


I can't tell you, but let's just say the safeties are turned off.

Scott Martin

You don't think "Sev Trek V" really happened, do you?

Scott Martin

Everything. I'm the only real person on this show.


The Enterforaprize of course. You didn't think you were real, did you?


What isn't?

Derrick Johns

Let's just say you'd give it a ten out of ten


The question is more WHO's in program nine!


Your ISORE isn't sophisticated enough to see it...


Hey, I didn't say anything about YOUR holo-fantasy-scientist-thing, now did I?


Tron-the movie. End program.. I said "end program!"

Semi War

Oh, you're still here? Computer, END program nine.

Roger Wilco

We'd lose our PG rating if I told you


It's where I play Xena and you, Gabrielle...


My ticket to a recurring role!


I'l tell you if you tell me why you spend so much time in that Utopia Planetia program

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