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This week's cartoon idea was suggested by Nick Frame.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

The Velcron Neck Pinch! One of the most popular features of Spook is the neck pinch. This simple move has more character and class than all of Quirk's roundhouse punches, shoulder rolls and shirt rips combined!

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. This week's judging session decided TWO punchline winners, the online competition and the Conquest 98 Competition. You can read the whole transcript of the IRC session.

The online competition was won by FerengiBert. The Conquest Competition was won by Cath who wins the original artwork of the Velcron Neck Pinch comic strip. I will post pictures of the framed artwork and possibly of Cath receiving it later on (check the What's New Page to find out about that and other new stuff added to the Sev Trek site in the future).


Two possibilities: you are unwilling to learn, you are unable to learn. My money's on #2.


Isn't it enough that you 'pinch' all the scenes?

Keith Rakofsky

Because it's a neck pinch, not a heinie pinch.


Because the only restraint you know is your girdle.


Your fingers must first evolve to a prehensile state.


Just climb a little higher up the evolutionary ladder

Catie Bormann

Because you learn slower than you speak.

Brian Malerich

We never have enough redshirts for you to practice on.

Brian Kendall

I set my fingers to stun.

Brian Kendall

Humans can't do it, you doorknob.

Catie Bormann

Talk to the hand salute.

Cameron Mason

Because you'd rather neck, than neck pinch!


First of all, the pinch happens above the waist line


You have a lot of nerve, asking me to!

Carol Janeway

Why, have you run out of good pick-up lines?

Sam H.

It's all in the ears, Gym.


Don't you put enough people to sleep?


You keep applying it WAY too low!


You get on too many nerves already!

Andrew Schleit

Captain, don't you think you do enough pinching?


I have the neck pinch, you have the rear pinch.

Catie Bormann

Just keep talking. It has the same effect.

ScottE Bemeup

Oh sure. Give the monkey boy another assault option.

ScottE Bemeup

The flesh is willing, but the intellect is weak.

Nick ''Naraht'' Frame

Can't, or won't...


Velcrons don't live that long.


I never pinch and tell...


Your genetic structure is not capable of producing the electrical impulses that...oh, forget it! It's because you're too stupid!


The pinch is to be handed down to posterity, NOT to posteriors.

Michael Lewis

The nurses asked me not to.

Hollis McCray

You put people to sleep with your voice, I do it with my hands.


You stick to paunches and I'll stick to pinches!


Oh no! Today it's the pinch, tomorrow it's the ears.


Another ego boost? Not on my shift.


Are you a Velcron? Think about that

James L. Terman

You just have to have your fingers in everything, don't you?

Samurai Penguin

Because you're already a pain in the neck.

Not Elvis

Come here and let me show you.

Not Elvis

If I told you, I would have to pinch you.


You don't need it, your breath is enough.


I sedate, you seduce. That's the way it is.


If you teach me the 'Human mouth kiss'

Roger Wilco

I tried, but you passed out when I demonstrated it on you.

Michael Lewis

You need an IQ above your number of fingers.

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