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This week's cartoon idea was suggested by Jacquelline Mellor.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Naked Fungi Women! It's interesting that every alien is politically incorrect and generally nasty whereas the humans are so damn noble all the time! Fungi epitomise all those ugly things we like to think we're not. How dare they demean their women by making them wear no clothes (although Ten's costume is not much better!)

Nitpicker's Log

I have a new goal in life - to draw a comic strip that CANNOT be nitpicked! This week, many Sevilians pointed out that Romp should be wearing a Bjorn commbadge, not a Sev Fleet one (d'oh). However, not a single one of you noticed that I forgot to draw Moogie with her gold chains that dangled from ear to ear! Ha, ha, I beat you all!! Bwah ha ha!!! (I remembered the chains when I drew her in the Poster)

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning punchline was written by Daniel Soussan. As I had to attend the Conquest 98 Convention this weekend, I was unable to attend the IRC Judging Session. However, Erwin was kind enough to run it and sent me the transcript of the IRC session.

It was another interesting read. The actual judging was quite short, only having 11 punchlines to choose from. Everyone seemed a little tender after Overrulegate last week, but rest assured, you all did an excellent job in judging the punchlines. Wendy especially gave UNVESTMENT the thumbs up! :-)

What was especially interesting about the transcript is the impassioned debate over whether to have a long or short list of punchlines to choose from in the judging session. Personally, I prefer a long list - I think the nominating is the best part of the judging. However, I will open it up to the Discussion Board and we'll see how the debate goes there.

Christopher Michael

Our bodies are set to STUN!


Ten out of ten men prefer it this way.

ScottE Bemeup

Why ask why? Just do it. Feel the rush.

Charmless Man

Male dominated society. No ethics. You do the math.


There's never anything in our size.


We're not naked. We're garmentally challenged.


We enjoy watching Sevilians squirm around the "Crude and Rude" rule.

Curzon of Dax

An apple a day keeps the censors away.

Tabitha Wexler

Because Fungi males don't trust us with pockets.


This way, the only thing I have to iron is myself.


Why bother, you would sell them at the first opportunity


Wear naught, waste not.


I knew Garage was conning me out of something.


We wanted to prove to you men that we were more than just big-eared buttheads.


I guess your great great grandmoogie's hand-me-downs are wearing a little thin.


Let's just say maternity doesn't SUIT us.

Curzon of Dax

With my skin, it would wrinkle in seconds.

Curzon of Dax

Do you know how hard it is to fit clothes over these ears!

Liz C.

Didn't ya hear? Wrinkles are in!

Erik Hollender

I don't mind. Just don't eat the fruit.

Duane Bouchard

Odour's morphing used up all the budget


Well I don't see how you men get shirts over YOUR heads.


The three inches of Latex makeup isn't enough already?

Rod N. Berry

When your butt's on your head, why bother?

Danny Davids

What... and be mistaken for YOU fools?

Danny Davids

Clothes may MAKE the man, but this ensures we GET the man!


We're the only race ugly enough to do this without losing PG rating.

Francis Miranda

Don't knock it till you've tried it.

Derrick Johns

Earth women burned their bras; we burned our whole wardrobes.

samurai penguin

To keep men from looking at our ears!

Chris Cole

We save a fortune on wardrobe!

Chris Cole

It keeps the film editors on their toes!


Would you go out clothes shopping like this!

Roger Wilco

Rule of Acquisition #47: Sex sells!


Doesn't matter as long as there's strategically placed fruit in every room!

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