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This week's cartoon idea was suggested by Nick Frame.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

The death of the Enterforaprize! One of the all ime classic movie scenes is the destruction of the Enterforzprize. Finally Captain Quirk screws up with the motion picture budget to back him up...

Nitpicker's Log

The uniform police were at full strength this week. First out of the blocks was Francis Miranda, informing me that Kirk and McCoy were wearing civilian clothes when the Enterprise was destroyed.

Other than that, I was pleasantly surprised to get some positive feedback about this comic strip. I usually emphasise the text in my cartoons, not the pictures. So when I drew a cartoon slightly more picturesque than my usual efforts, it was nice to get some good comments!

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The punchline chosen by the IRC judging on #sevtrek was written by Williamson but in an unprecedented move, Wendy and I have chosen Shane's punchline as the winning punchline! Now this is the first time I've overruled the IRC Judges' decision in choosing a winning punchline. I was very reluctant to do so but decided to for several reasons.

I remember when START was decided as the winner, I wasn't too happy with it (you can read the transcript of the IRC session to actually see my reaction). Although I reserved the right as cartoonist to overrule the final decision, I've never wanted to undermine the democratic process (the only other time I nearly did it was the "scared shiftless" punchline which although funny was a little on the edge). So I decided to go with it.

When I showed the winning punchline to Wendy (Sev Queen and ultimate Sevloid authority on what is funny and what is not), she eloquently expressed her opinion on why she didn't consider it appropriate as winning punchline. It was not specific to the situation at hand and basically could apply to anything. It didn't have any substance. It wasn't funny. On the other hand, EGO had lots more content, gave a very pointed description of Quirk (she doesn't like Kirk very much) and was in her opinion, much funnier (Wendy isn't backward in giving her opinion).

So the result is I reluctantly decided to exercise my right as cartoonist (wachoo! Sound of whip in background) and choose EGO as winning punchline. Instantly, there was a huge backlash on the Sev Trek Discussion Board and I decided to formulate some guidelines on judging punchlines. A brief history of the judging session and judging guidelines are now found at the Overrulegate Page.


What you had to do, what you always do... put our lives at risk for your HUGE ego!

Spook Unlimited

Well for one thing, you neglected to go down with your ship.

Free Narn

Now just keep repeating to yourself... it's just a blue-screen, it's just a blue-screen.


Nothing, ILM did all that!


You are NEVER going to eat beans again!

Curzon of Dax

Dammit Gym, what haven't you done!

Amanda S.

If you need me to explain it to you, maybe you SHOULD retire!


You just killed the budget. Hellooooo, character builder ending!


Where shall I start?!?

Chris Johnson

You ordered too many toppings. OF COURSE it fell out of orbit, you nitwit!

Angus McLaren

Good, good... plausible deniability!

Nick ''Naraht'' Frame

Turned death into a fighting chance for merchandising!

Nick ''Naraht'' Frame

I told you the girdle wouldn't hold


I told you not to talk to the computer.


Put a derelict hulk to rest - take the hint!


You just toasted our ride, Einstein!


Set an expensive precedent


I TOLD you to wear your glasses!

Erik Hollender

You and your late night snacks!


I TOLD you to pay the premiums!


Dammit Gym, I'm a doctor not a narrator!


Don't be sad! It's pretty!


I told you not to leave it in cruise control. But did you listen? Noooo!!!

Chris h

What you have always done, Gym... talked to the computer until it blew up!


Is your eyesight goin' along with your good sense, Gym?


God won't help you now, Quirkie boy.

Samurai Penguin

First you fought a salt monster, then a little boy, then you killed your friend who got silver eyes, you let Zulu go topless, and you were cloned by the transporter. After that you had Mudd's Women, killed some robots, disappointed a little girl, had your brain scrambled, and were outsmarted by a little alien. Then came Spook's courtmartial, a murderous actor, the 1st encounter with the Romulans, and a pleasure planet where I got killed. Following that was a lost shuttle, a spoiled boy, a fight with a lizard, a flash-back to the 60s, your court-martial, and a computer with an ego problem. Then you dealt with Khan, got stuck in a virtual war, Spock got slap-happy, you saved a living rock, you met the Klingoffs for the 1st time, and you trapped Lazarous in a space-rift. Following that you fell in love with Edith Kealer, and had your brother killed by giant scabs. Then in the second season you got killed by Spook, killed a god, had a probe call you "Dad," got stuck in an alternate universe, destroyed paradise, killed a giant Bugle, did the Halloween thing, dealt with Mudd again, met the creator of the warp drive, met Spook's father, and had me deliver a baby. Then you aged quickly, attacked a cloud, saved Squatty's life, your rug had babies, you kissed Oohlala, played Fizzbin, killed a space amoeba, had dillusions of grandure, were assimilated, fought Hitler, got stuck in a trap, saved the flag, became a dunsal, fought Ceaser, and saved history. Then in the third season, spock lost his mind, you try to steal a cloaking device, you become a god, you let children run amok, you find the briefcase from Pulp Fiction, fight at the OK corral, fight the Klingoffs again, find a lost civilzation (and a cure for my disease), get the ship stuck in a web, had your mind taken over on Platonius, and talked very, very fast. Finally you seduce a mute woman, make a woman cry, outsmart a loopy captain, find out issues aren't always black and white (or white and black), infect a planet, play with a hologram, have Squatty's girlfriend see "four lights," meet an immortal, deal with some hippies, visit cloud city, meet Lincoln, go back in time, and have your body taken over by an old girlfriend. Then in the first movie you battled a space probe, in the second movie you meet Khan again, and then we end up here. I think that about covers it.
Sevnote: I can't believe you went to all the trouble to type this in! While I admire your dedication, I can't see us fitting the whole punchline in the speech bubble!

Scott E. Bemeup

Off hand, I'd say you just blew your pension.

James L. Terman

All right, all right! We'll let you direct now!

James L. Terman

You let the warranty run out!

USS ferryboat

That's what happens when you have a water fight in engineering.


You set up Sev Trek IV: The Long Walk Home!


What you always do... something stupid!


You forgot to go down with the ship!

Jennifer Handy

You boldly went... down in flames!

Francis Miranda

That's what you get when you don't change the oil every 10,000 light years.


Lost our no-claim bonus, that's what!


The Klingoffs kill your son and THAT'S what worries you?

Chris Cole

Ashes to ashes... crust to crust...

Chris Cole

I don't know, Gym, but I'm suddenly very hungry!


You've just raised the salary of ILM

Roger Wilco

I told you to quit smoking in bed!

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