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This week's cartoon idea was suggested by SlayerTrez.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

The speedy demise of Captain Christakea Hike!!! He commanded for one episode and then he was gone. Why? (btw, I got criticised for my caricature of the Jem'Hadar last week and this week's is not much better - Pike looks more like Christian Slater!)

Thanks for all the suggestions for sevilizing Christopher Pike. The Sev Trek name Christakea Hike was first suggested Nick ''Naraht'' Frame.

Nitpicker's Log

Yet another nitpick, again on uniforms (boy, you lot like to obsess over the uniforms!), this time from Tamara Hall:

"I just wanted to point out that at the time that Kirk took over from Pike, they both wore the same uniform - the one that Pike is wearing."

I checked through my Star Trek fact files and found out that Tamara was right! Oh well, when asked, I'll say it was an intentional error to avoid copyright infringements. :-)

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition.
The winning entry was written by Brian (moving on from recent Pits and Twist triumphs into Sev Trek!) and was chosen by a panel of judges on the IRC channel #sevtrek.

IRC Transcript of Book Launch

As well as judging the Christakea Hike comic strip this week, we also witnessed Sev Trek history with the Sev Trek Book Launch! I've posted a
Transcript of the IRC Judging Session, very bravely ran for the first time by Puam. I must also mention that due to the large numbers at the judging session, it was only possible due to all the new and improved features of Majel (our vote counting IRC bot), diligently programmed by Rik de Deken.

I've also posted a transcript of the IRC session leading up to the moment of the book launch. It was actually quite an enjoyable experience - everyone was getting excited as the moment of the launch approached and I found myself infected by the tension!

Because the transcript is so long, I broke it up into different sections. Here is the transcript of the IRC session immediately after the launch. It shows how I ran into technical difficulties as I couldn't successfully update the order form (d'oh). Then as I tortured everyone before announcing the first ten orderers. Yes, I know it's cruel (as M@ Nelson is showing me)! :-)

So it was an enjoyable and interesting launch. My only doubts is maybe having everyone enter as quickly as possible encourages errors when typing the order - there were a few mistakes. I'll have to rethink that idea. But thanks to everyone who was involved and you're all invited to join in on next week's judging session!

Mike Hudspeth

Because you can't act your way out of a glass cage.


You bore people. I bore them with pizazz!

Harry Hazeel

I'm not sure but continuity is going to have a field day!

Chris Cole

If your acting were any more "low key", we'd be checking for a pulse!


You allowed female crew to wear PANTS!

Curzon of Dax

A cheap looking ship deserves a cheap looking Captain.

Brian Kendall

You don't even know what womanizing is.


They... Needed... someone... even... a... kid... would... under... stand...


Morality is SOO next century!

James L. Terman

I heard you had a babe as first officer.


Three babes in "The Cage" and you turned 'em all down!


Because the needs of the ME outweigh the needs of the YOU!

James L. Terman

Spook can't keep a straight face around you.

Bob Clemmons

You made Spook smile. That's a no-no.

Bob Clemmons

Quit complaining and just boldly go!

Bob Clemmons

Unlike you, I'll do ANY script!


Thin is out!


As a pilot, you apparently failed.


You fantasize about green women. I go get them.


You deliver your lines so quickly, each episode only takes 20 minutes

ScottE Bemeup

Artistic differences. You can act. I can rip shirts.

ScottE Bemeup

This is the sixties. You're supposed to sleep around.


They want someone with more panache, or was that paunch?

ScottE Bemeup

Your character has too much moral fiber.

Roger Wilco

You're an actor. That means you're overqualified.

Francis Miranda

You just don't have the guts for the job.


Shut up, you're cutting into my screen-time!

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