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This week's cartoon idea was suggested by Elim.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

The Gem'Hoarder!!! What do you do for fun when you're solely bred for war? Hmm!

Thanks for all the suggestions for sevilizing Ketracel White. The Sev Trek name Klearacil Wipe was a combination of suggestions from Theophilus and Jacqueline Mellor .

Nitpicker's Log

I received some interesting comments this week on my Gem'Hoarder comic strip. In the past, I've received many complaints about how I never draw the new DS9 uniform so I thought I'd bow to Sevilian pressure and give you what you want. I received a couple of emails in response, the first being from Ah-Havva Kaplan:

"Hey, wait a second! If this week's Sev Trek is from To The Death (which I assume it is), Dux shouldn't have the season 5 outfit on!"

I finally give you what you want and I *still* get nitpicked (although admittedly I did make a mistake there). I sure have my work cut out for me - Star Trek fans must be the most nitpicking fans in the world (I should know, I've made a career out of nitpicking). However, I received an ever more serious message on the Sev Trek Discussion Board from The ORIGINAL Dave:

"Sorry John, but that Jem'Hadar looked awful. Since when had they been green? Where are the drug tubes? Why don't their uniforms look fierce enough? I'm sorry, but they look pathetic. Please tell me they were just some kind of space filler until you could do a better drawing?"

I didn't think the Gem'Hoarder was *THAT* bad, but I didn't really give the message too much thought until I received an email from Christopher Kovacs:

"You must need to have a very thick skin to have to put up with something like this. I think I'd want to personally strangle such a person. Anyway, I thought the caricature was perfect."

It was very kind of Christopher to send that message but it got me thinking that it didn't really even bother me reading that message (and usually I'm very sensitive to criticism). I think I'm just used to the flood of nitpicking emails coming in and frankly, I don't mind it. My thought has always been it's better to get negative comments than to get no mail at all! I'd rather people care enough to bag my cartoons rather than not be interested enough to bother.

So in summary, I'd like to thank you all, for your kind comments *AND* your insults! :-)

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Nick Frame (who was conspicuous by his absence during the judging session - do I smell a conspiracy?) and was chosen by a panel of judges on the IRC channel #sevtrek.

Thanks to some speedy moderating from FCJ and the new improved version of Majel, we raced through this week's judging session! Read the IRC Transcript of the Judging Session. There is also some interesting questions about credit card security towards the end of the transcript - anyone intending to order the Sev Trek Book might be interested in reading it (and sorry to Puam for not answering his question - no, I don't accept American Express, I only accept Visa, Bankcard and Mastercard). Here are some of the other funniest entries.


Killing is thrilling, and very fulfilling!


Our quilting bees are renowned throughout the quadrant.


I use my face to tenderize meat.


Ever wondered why we keep attacking you? We're bored!


Well duh, we kill you guys.


We spend a lot of time filing down our faces.

Brian Kendall

We get totally loaded. You think this drug just keeps us loyal?

Francis Miranda

Kill. Die. Ritual suicides. Nuff said.


We sharpen our head spikes.

Bob Clemmons

Floss our faces.


We count the bumps on each other's heads.


Pathetic weaklings - oblivous to the joys of patty-cake!


I'd give you a slug in the gut, but you already have one!


You call that fun? No wonder you're losing!


You've obviously never done Klearacil Wipe!

ScottE. Bemeup

We attend 12 Step meetings for Wipeaholics.

ScottE. Bemeup

You've never pillaged, have you?




We get facials. It's not easy to look this good.

Christopher Michael

We raid the medicine cabinet and get buzzed on Klearacil Wipe.


We play shroud and seek


Moisturiser commercials


Kill, hunt, destroy, you know, the usual.


Trying to find a cure for these bumps on our face!


Why do you think they call us the Gem'Hoarder?

Roger Wilco

Just try our drug, then you'll find out for yourself.


You think we're born with flat heads?


We polish our spikes.

Irie@420 (1 Snap)

Six hours of makeup should ring a bell


We squash slugs. Speaking of which...

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