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This week's cartoon was suggested by... as a complete surprise... Francis Miranda!
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Cruncher vs Pavlovaski! About a week ago, there was a vigorous discussion among Sevilians on the Sev Trek Discussion Board regarding Dr Cruncher and Captain Pickhard. Someone requested a comic strip about their relationship and a flood of ideas ensued. In the end, I chose to use this idea which although doesn't address their relationship directly, was at least an excuse to draw a new Sev Trek character: Dr Pavlovaski.

Thanks to everyone who sent me suggestions for Dr Pulaski's Sevname. The Sev Trek name Caffeine Pavlovaski was suggested by Christopher Kovacs.

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Olivia and was chosen by a panel of judges on the IRC channel #sevtrek.

It was a turbulent but interesting judging session this week - you can read all the gory details in the IRC Transcript of the Judging Session (thanks again to Rik de Deken for running the judging session). In spite of a few Dalnet splitting problems, we managed to get through the judging. However, none of us expected Majel (our vote counting IRC bot) to achieve sentience and start choosing punchlines herself. A storyline worthy of a Star Trek episode, surely! I also enjoyed the wash up after deciding the winning punchline where everyone debated whether Gates McFadden was good looking or not. Here are some of the other funniest entries.

Irie@420 (1 Snap)

Senior citizens discounts across the galaxy!


Face it Heavily, wrinkles are IN!


When the fans told the producers to "get rid of Cruncher", they picked the wrong one.


We don't only reuse plot lines - we reuse cast too!


Two words, cold hands.


Sevfleet requires a backup sourpuss

Roger Wilco

She's this season's Jurassic Trek crossover character.

The Goatboy

Redundancy Scheme. Send in Counselor Tryhard on your way out.


This time the producers wanted LESS sex appeal

Nick ''Naraht'' Frame

Tryhard had a binding Contract


We can't maintain continuity when your hairstyle is changing every episode!


To bait Da... I mean, to date Beta.


You wanna stay? Kill the boy.

Les Sanders

No real reason... is there, mother?

Irie@420 (1 Snap)

You will be welcomed back in 9 months, if you catch my warp sig...

Erik Hollender

We want to do an ageing episode. Pavlovaski will cut the makeup budget in half!

Tim M.

No annoying offspring.


She has a stable hair color.


We can give her any puny role and she doesn't complain.

Tim Thomas

Because next to her, I have a warm personality!


Oh, just a Measly little reason.


It's for your own good. With this mechanical heart, I could never love you.


We're due for our 3000 light-year cast change!


I need a girlfriend my age.


That will teach you to renegotiate your salary!

ScottE Bemeup

The next person I ask to dinner will remember to say yes.


We're hoping to increase our ratings in the senior citizens demographic.


They think I need a BELIEVABLE love interest!


I finally found someone who makes me seem cheerful.

Angus McLaren

She's part of the Jurrasic Trek set we're recycling!


She bulk bills.


Well for starters, I didn't kill her husband.

Curzon of Dax

We're giving new meaning to the term 'senior staff'.


Get rid of your brat and we'll talk.

Roger Wilco

Then nobody is protecting Measly from practical jokes


Storylines aren't the only thing we've borrowed from Jurrasic Trek.

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