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This week's cartoon was suggested by sirag000.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Sevdates!!In our nerdier moments, we've all wondered just where they get all those funny dates. Well, at last Sev Trek reveals how they're worked out!

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Riff and was chosen by a panel of judges on the IRC channel #sevtrek.

See how the judging session went in the IRC Transcript of the Judging Session (thanks to Rik de Deken for running the judging session and all the work he put into the amazing new feature of Majel, the vote counting bot). If you want to see what the mysterious, hyped up new features of Majel are, read the transcript. Here are some of the other funniest entries.


There's a teleprompter on the viewscreen.


I have crib notes.

John Cameron

Computer... Generate a random sevdate please.


It's subliminal advertising. By the way, the next date will be


And you thought your spots weren't increasing!


Do you really want to know, or are we undertime again?


Er... it's actually the version number of the uniform changes.

Jeff J.

I use my tootsies.


I told you on sevdate already, old man.

Juan Deer

Oh, I just pick them out of the air.


Two extra years at Sevfleet academy.


D'oh! Now I gotta do it all over again!


You just know these things when you're a Captain.

Mike Wille

I usually start with dinner, followed by a hollow-suite trip.

Mike Wille

It's easy, when I find the time.


That's obvious Dux. I just add one to the previous one.

ScottE Bemeup

I check my watch.

Kevin Shaw

It's all in the wrist.

Bob Clemmons

Don't you remember how we had to began renumbering things after the year 2000?

Bob Clemmons

I check the newspaper every morning.


I say [TECH] and the implausible translator dubs them in.


On the next bleep, it'll be Bleep.

Billineum Falcon

The writers look at the odometer reading on their cars.


Actually, I've used this date in five episodes!

Francis Miranda

Study your Sevdatology 202 and you'll know how.

Francis Miranda

With a strict regimen of exercise and a balanced diet

Francis Miranda

Who cares about Sevdates? How about you and me go on a date!?

Chris Cole

I use the Screwy Decimal System!

Carla Helm

I draw them out of a hat.

Oscar van Duijn

That's what we have script editors for!


Hold still... I'm counting your spots.


The art of Technobabbalism.


Patience... Hard work... Imagination!


They're random, so we don't have to worrie about chronology!

Maarten Roosendaal

It's the number of ensigns each series has lost. We've just lost number 249.


Cut an ensign in half 'n count the rings.


Who knows, I've just been making them up!

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