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This week's cartoon idea was suggested by Joe Halleman.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Klingoffs and Trubbles!!! Have you ever wondered why Klingoffs, the ultimate warriors (or is that worriers), are so afraid of Tribbles? Now we find out why at last!!

You might be interested to know there was a big response to the request for alternative Tribble names. I received 64 email suggestions. The most popular suggestions were "Trouble" (24 times) and "Dribble" (19 times). We ended up choosing "Trubble", first suggested by Jacqueline Mellor.

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Quip. This week, I finally ran Majel (our IRC vote counting bot) in the IRC Judging Session. It was a very streamlined and slick session - we voted through the punchlines very speedily, finishing with an interesting debate between Quip's "multiply" punchline and Pasty White Thigh's (?) "merry people" punchline. Quip ended up a definitive winner. See how the judging session went in the IRC Transcript of the Judging Session). Here are some of the other funniest entries.

They multiply faster than we can divide them!


They dishonor themselves with their cuteness!!


We once mistook them for cotton candy.


Because we are afraid people will find out that we think they are cute too.

Jan Husak

Thanks Dux, I've had 4 for dessert. That's enough!

Mike Wille

Smell your hand, and you'll know.

Mike Wille

Ask me again when my pants are dry.

norm cachora

Klingoffs once used them as hairpieces, but they sucked on our brains!


Why are you in love with screechy little pom-poms?


Their sound makes our foreheads wrinkle.

Chris Cole

Just a Dribble? Whew! I was afraid you were going to powder my nose!

Gidi Kroon

They're kitsch, like furry dice in a car.


We don't want anyone to know that we evolved from them.


We're not afraid... we just hate bad props!

Mike Wille

Their bite is worse than their squeak.


Underneath that fur they're all teeth!

Mike Wille

Evidently, you haven't stepped in tribble droppings yet.


We don't like our food to scream while we chew it!


Have you ever seen a grown-up one?

Captain Leita Chandra T'Por to Ennien

Why were you so afraid to renew your contract?

Jay Berryhill

We are NOT afraid! We are... cautious

Jay Berryhill

Whoopie cushions have always scared us


Ok, who read my diary?

Dan Sommerfeld

If you didn't shower for a year, you would be scared of a sponge too!

Kristian Werner

Klingoffs do not cuddle

Brian Mc

They steal our fleas!

Tyler Stevens

Tribbles evolved from moldy cheese!

Bob Clemmons

We don't do "Warm and Fuzzy."

Bob Clemmons

We thought they were earmuffs, and woke up the next day with wrinkled forheads!

Pasty White Thighs

We are NOT a merry people!!


We thought they were hairballs from a giant cat!

ScottE Bemeup

After sitting in a makeup chair as long as I have, you'd be afraid of powder puffs too!


Have you ever fed one after midnight?


Because people like you keep shoving them at us!

Francis Miranda

They nest in our furrowed brows.

Francis Miranda

They are hard to get off our teeth.


They make noise only we can hear!


They used to be much, MUCH bigger.

Rodney Hrvatin

They used to sound like Whoppee cushions

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