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This week's cartoon idea was suggested by Cath.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Sev Trek Caves!!! It seems that every single cave on every single planet visited by every single crew on every single show of Star Trek looks exactly the same!

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Jeffrey Contompasis. An interesting point to note about this week's IRC Judging Session was that this was the first time one of my punchlines nearly won (I usually only enter the very first punchline under the name Rutiger but this time I slipped one into the finals under the psuedonum "The Scarlet Vandal"). The punchline ended up coming second - I don't know if I would've used it if it won but I sure would've liked one of those Sev Trek screensavers! :-) See how the judging session went in the IRC Transcript of the Judging Session). Many thanks go to Erwin for running this week's IRC Judging Session. Here are some of the other funniest entries.


They were assimilated.

Brian Mc

Cultural bias-- to cavemen, all stars look alike.

Brain Mc

This isn't a cave, it's a plot-hole!

The Omnipotent Symbiont Slug

All of our budget was spent on hairspray, plastic ears and wonderbras.


Mr Chin, kindly confine your remarks to 'I can't get a lock'

Namgubed the Merry Elf

You couldn't tell a cave from a hole in the ground!


We're explorers, not decorators.


Four different shows, hundreds of different planets, one set.

Not Elvis

You'd think with the budget savings of Ten out of Ten's wardrobe...


The same reason that all alien races are bipedal, have two genders and have similar facial features to us - just luck I guess

Chris Cole

You ought to know! You've been hit by rocks in almost every one of them...

Francis Miranda

That's what you get when you buy caves at wholesale.


Same caves, same scripts... Who cares?

Tim Daniels

For that matter, why have we explored every cave of every planet?!

The Scarlet Vandal

They all evolved from the same styrofoam.

Francis Miranda

We're Sevfleet. Shoddy props is part of the job.

Chris Cole

As if the Producers will throw more money down a NEW hole?


It's the laws of Trek. If it doesn't have a repeating element, then it isn't true Trek.

Fox Cutter

We're PC. We Recycle. Plots, Props, Scripts, Scenery...


This way, we only need one map


It makes navigating them easier.


Millions of years ago, a dying species spread the DNA of their caves all over the galaxy.

Brian Mc

Wow, we really ARE going in circles!


Forget the cave, I'm worried about the bats nesting in my hair!


Ensign, please keep your geological prejudices to yourself - they do not "all look alike"!


We transport them down before we land.


Why does every line you deliver sound exactly the same?


Because we only visit M Class planets - "M" for "monotonous."


Because the needs of my hairdo outweigh the need for scenery.


They had a lot of polystyrene left over from my hair.

Catie Bormann

Obviously you've never heard of the Prop Directive.


Well... we all look the same to the cave... be tolerant!


If I didn't know better, I'd say this cave was following us!

Ha Ha

Because the prop directive forbids messing around with set structure.


Do you think caves grow on trees?

Kev Hillard

I could say the same for Ensigns, Ensign.


SevFleet occupational hazard: Conformal Tunnel Syndrome

A Iverson

Caves are like air, gravity and english

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