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Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Odour becomes a solid!!! If you've always wondered exactly how the Flounders turned Odour from a shapeshifter into a solid, the answer is here!

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition.

The winning entry was written by Fox Cutter in a judging session where I had to leave halfway through. To be honest, when Wendy and I read the winning punchline, we nearly vetoed it because of it's reference to a crude saying (and Wendy was very interested to read the conversation you guys had about her! :-). But when reading through the other punchlines, we couldn't find any punchlines as funny that weren't crude so we went with the democratic process. Read all the gory details in the IRC Transcript of the Judging Session).

Many thanks go to Rik for running this week's IRC Judging Session and creating the finalist punchlines page when I forgot to upload it myself (what a dufoid!). You can all be thankful that when things go wrong (in other words, when I go wrong), there are others who act as a safety net. Here are some of the other funniest entries.

Michael Kerrigan

Never leave a shapeshifter out in the sun for too long.


Easy come, easy glue.


They cut access to my slush fund.


They decided I should have a body to match my personality.


By de-Odourising me!

Brian Mc

Well, when they say not to swim after eating, LISTEN!

7 of 11

I dunno, but the least they could have done is tell me how to do a good-looking face first.


The producers wanted the SFX money for space battles!


I dunno-- I'm as dense as you now.


Ever forget to put the playdough back in the box?


Instant pudding mix!

THE Idiot Slayer

Something about making a face too many times...


Well, if you link and dive...


I didn't wait an hour after I ate


They added cornflour


They always said "If you keep a shape too long, you'll freeze that way"!


They used extra-strong starch


They broke the mold

Tim Daniels

Like the plot, I was thickened.

Adam Smith

I curdled.


They kicked me out of their gene pool!

Mike Wille

As long as I'm anatomically correct, I don't care.

Francis Miranda

Well, actually nothing much changed. I'm still stiff and inflexible.

Francis Miranda

They tossed a bottle of Viagra in my resting bucket.

Brian Mc

They merged my body with my personality!

Tyler Stevens

They took away my bucket.

Not Elvis

They used a whole can of Gainweight's hairspray.


They kicked my bucket.

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