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This week's was suggested by Ensign Robertson on the Sev Trek Discussion Board. We discussed the ethics of doing a suicide comic strip, whether it was responsible to do it or not. I decided "what the heck?!"
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Kneelicks committing suicide!!! I recently saw that Neelix suicide episode at a Star Trek convention (where I got the guest star, Ethan Phillips to sign the original artwork for the Kneelicks/Cuss Comic Strip). I'm sure a million things went through Chakotay's mind as Neelix contemplated suicide, but he did the right thing and dissuaded him from doing the job.

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Bokai, in a very closely fought contest with Francis Miranda's "Antidote" punchline (read the IRC Transcript of the Judging Session). I want to personally thank Rik for running this week's IRC Judging Session and again for his work on Majel. Here are some of the other funniest entries.

Rodney Hrvatin

Without you, I have no animal spirit guide.

Francis Miranda

We need the antidote for your leola root stew.


Who else is gonna read me a bedtime story every night?


We were kidding about Benson: The Movie!

Brian Mc

Why do you really think we weren't assimilated by the Bored?

Andrew Schleit

At least wait until you've made me breakfast.

Gregory Griffiths

Because we're only allowed to get rid of one annoying character per season!

Adam Leonard

Gainweight has offered to Chef. Can you imagine how much hair would get in the food?

Steve Asselin

Chocolatay to Gainweight, why don't we want him to die again?


We ALL get fed up with the low pay and the conventions!


It will mess up the opening credits.


Follow Cuss's example. If you really want to leave the ship, don't kill yourself. Evolve.

Kevin Rudolph

Then who will the fans hate.


Save it for the season finale!

Brian Mc

On this ship, being useless and annoying are good points!


Nobody else listens to my animal stories!


Gainweight is unreachable, I lost Bologna to Parasite -- I had you in mind as my love interest!


We might need your remaining lung for something

Brian Mc

It's nothing a good makeover can't fix!


Who else can make a pasta from Gainweight's split ends?

Brian Mc

Your personality isn't much, but it's the only one we've got!


That thing won't work - let me get you a phaser!


Who else are we going to blame for the bad ratings!


According to SevFleet regulations, the most annoying crewmember must evolve into some higher form of life.


When Cuss left, she got replaced by a bigger babe. If you leave, we'll get someone more annoying! We won't be able to take that!

Francis Miranda

Who will scare little Samantha to sleep?


Searching... searching... file not found!

Brian Meyers

You don't want to miss the last Seinfeld, do you?

Michael Lewis

You don't have it set right. Come here, I'll show you.

Gavin Kelly

Because you're *snigger* a valuable member *tsk* of the crew who would be *giggle* missed......Haaaaaa ha ha ha!

Endris of Tellar

For once, I'm speechless


Like all annoying characters, evolve into a superior being.


... I'm thinking, I'm thinking ...

Brian Kendall


Brian Kendall

You're the only humanoid alive who can annoy Twoblocks.


Then I'll be the ugliest guy on Forager.

Steve Asselin

Umm... I'm gonna have to get back to you on that.


That would make _me_ the most useless character here!


You're a valued member of... come on, who wrote this script?


Your will left everything to Cuss.

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