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This week's idea was suggested on the Ideas Board by T. J. Fech.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Out of Phase!!! This week's comic strip is based on the obvious error of the TNG episode The Next Phase, where Geordi and Ro are "out of phase" with the Enterprise and walk through any object. But if they can walk through anything, how come they can still walk along the floor. And if the ship is moving through space, why aren't they just left behind. In fact, how can they even breath?!?!

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Dacron. Here are some of the other funniest entries.


I have really strong ankles.


I don't know. Ask the bartender with the stupid hats. She helped Patrick Swayze with a similar problem.


Oh, like cartoon gravity?


Luckily the plot-loophole compensators are functioning.

Brian Mc

Or maybe these are just really cheap consoles!


Suspension of disbelief field.


Asking questions like that, I'm amazed you lasted for for even eight episodes!


Would you rather win the respect of scientists or an Emmy?


All the phase funding went to putting our arms through the table.


Maybe we can only pass through plot holes.

Brian Mc

Must be the technobabble; we're full of hot air!

Chris Cole

Ix-nay on the oor-flay! Maybe no one will notice!


Try jumping up and down on one spot and see what happens!

Billineum Falcon

Same reason we're not out of phase with light, oxygen, or sound!

Jeffrey Contompasis

I'm more concerned with the oxygen molecules that are out of phase with our lungs.


We have to do about three movies before we're heavy enough for that.


I don't know Ensign Row. But it'll keep the nitpickers really busy for several years.

Brian Mc

Because we're PC - Physic Challenged!

Bill Door

If we go through the floor, the ratings will follow us.

Chris Cole

We're also out of phase with reality!


Shut up, you fool! We're getting screen time!

Francis Miranda

We're Sevfleet, inconsistencies are part of the job.

Francis Miranda

It's Sevspace. Everything is solved by sevspace.

Jeffrey Contompasis

Oh [TECH]!


Two-dimensional thinking


Cartoon character trick #47. "Don't look down!"

Matt McLaughlin

I'd answer that question, but the technobabble involved would make this episode a two-parter.


I turned the vertical hold right up

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