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I must apologise for an erroneous statement I made. I commented that Jeri Ryan had passed out because her 7 of 9 suit was so tight. I've been informed by several readers that it was actually her Borg suit, not the shiny catsuit that caused her to pass out (but I still think she didn't design the shrinkwrap costume. As the saying goes, "she's an actress, not a costume designer!").
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Ten out of Ten's Skrinkwrap Costume!!! I noticed that it's only been six weeks since I last did a comic strip with Ten in it, so I thought I better pop her in another one. To those who accuse me of using sex to boost ratings, well, Sev Trek is meant to be a satire of Star Trek - what do you think 7 of 9 was introduced for in the first place!

I must give a very special thank you to Rik de Deken who created an amazing IRC bot that allowed us to automatically tally all the votes everyone made in the IRC Judging Session. It made the whole judging session much easier, faster and enjoyable. I was impressed with just how well written and thought out the script was, but what particularly impressed me was the initiative Rik had to come up with the script in the first place.

To create something like it had never even occured to me. Out of the blue, I got an email from Rik one day saying he'd already created it! When he then created a web page explaining the whole script, it blew me away. To see his script in action, read this week's transcript of the IRC Judging Session or drop by the #sevtrek IRC Chat Channel next week!

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Andrew Lipsett, although it was a very close struggle between his punchline and Krispos' "Computer, end costume!". The votes for either punchline were very close and it took some discussion and argument on the #sevtrek IRC Channel before we could decide on the winner! Read all the controversy and argument in this week's transcript of the IRC Judging Session. Here are some of the other funniest entries.


Ha! So this is how we are gonna stay on the air!

Brian Mc

I think the audience will see right through it.

Brian Mc

Geez, did you beam her into it?

Brian Mc

Wash it in coldwater next time!


Computer, end costume!


That's the most incredible containment field I've ever seen!


That depends... where is it?

Brian Kendall



Testing the PG Directive, Doc?

Brian Mc

Tell me again why we're fighting them?


Great doc. When do I get to finger paint it on?


At least we know she'll stay fresh!

Karin Edman

I think I speak for all when I say: Ghaa...

Brian Mc

Designed? Don't you mean "grafted?"


It's as concealing as your hairline!


Doctor, I'm detecting a hormonal surge in sickbay!

Brian Mc

Aren't you glad we didn't get Hue?

Ryan L. Cobb

Very visually informative!

Brian Mc

Resistance isn't futile, it's INSANE!

Brian Mc

This must be what the critics meant by "short on material!"


Twoblocks, analysis? How many molecules thick is that suit?


What, that old thing?

Brian Mc

It's more padded than the script!

Eric Kangas

Forget what Pickhard said. I want to fall back!

Andrew Spade

Doc, is this going to effect our PG Rating?

Brian Mc

Great! Where's the rest of it?

Seth Cohn

Makes me technodribble!


Talk about tight; I can barely breathe!


I think it is vacuum-sealed


I rename this ship, the USS Voyeur.

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