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This idea was first written by me in the Jurassic Crew Page (which *is* finished), actually, but it was Kevin Rudolph who suggested using it in a comic strip.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip
Motion Picture Squatty!!! When I created the Sev Trek Discussion Board, I thought I was encouraging discussion and community. But it ended up being a forum to nag me to draw some movie comic strips! After incessant lobbying, I finally did one in Comic Strip #59. But apparently you weren't satisfied! You wanted the uniforms!! So here they are, I hope you're satisfied! :-) Say what you will, I think Squatty looks like he's wearing a Santa suit!

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Christopher. Here are some of the other funniest entries.


Computer, activate Emergency Slimming Holographic program.

Jim Connell

Aye, Sir! My men are greasin' the sides of it now!


I'd rather use the much larger Squatty tube instead!

Mike Wille

Is that an order or a joke?


Ach, well, she was a bonny ship.


Hello Enterforaprize-A!

7 of 11

Squatty to McCorduroy, The Capten's toupee is cuttin' off circulation to his brain again!


What are you talkin' about? They're offline because we just docked!

Chris Cole

There, there, now laddie, it appears your brain has gone a wee bit offline as well.


Ahh well... twas a fine ship...


Oh well, there plenty more letters in the alphabet.


I think we'll need a bigger ship for the next movie!


No problem. Computer, transfer "girdle restraint field" power to me!

Kristian Werner

I canna change the laws of fabric, capten!


But Kepten, we Scots dinna wear underwear!


Is it just me, or are those tubes gettin' smaller?


Capten, I can't even fit on one transporter pad anymore.


When I said she's gonna blow, I meant my uniform.

the G-Man

Last time I tried that, a whole deck lost oxygen!


Like that's gonna happen laddie


All right, set phasers to deep fat fry!

Pot-belly Pig

Aye, sir. Nothing fits in a jeffries tube like a greased scotsman.


It appears your eyes are off line too.


It's a bonny thing I'm not wearin' me kilt, Capten!


Nae, ye'll just goose me again!


My structural integrity field is collapsing.

Lord Fledrinnian

Capten, you canna put two tons 'a matter in a one ton bag!


Grease me up, I'm goin' in!


Aye, Capten, I'll git McCorduroy on mi' liposuction immediately!

Randy Singleton

No Problem, Hand me your girdle.


The laws of physics will nay allow it!


Aye, Captain, I'll start fasting immediately!


Captain, ye canna' put a round peg in a square hole!

Francis Miranda

Ordinarilly it would take me five weeks, but i can do it in two!


Captain, me beltline canna' take much more o' this!

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