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The idea for this week's cartoon was suggested by FRANCIS MIRANDA. In case you missed his name, that name was FRANCIS MIRANDA! Last name MIRANDA, first name FRANCIS. Frankie to his friends! :-)
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Garage exiled from Carsalesia! The enigmatic spy Garage has many secrets, one of them being why he was exiled from Carsalesia. Now we finally find out why...

A couple of people have asked me the significance of the "Four Lights" line. It comes from a TNG scene where Picard was captured and tortured by Cardassians. To break his spirit, they showed him four lights and tried to get him to say there were five lights. He never broke and at the end as he was being released, he yelled at the top of his voice "THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!!" It's probably my favourite Star Trek scene.

As an interesting note, compare this comic strip to a comic strip I did a year ago on Dux's Spots. While both are similar in composition, this one looks much better - showing how a cartoonist develops with time and practice (a note to any budding cartoonists - if you want to improve, just practise, practise, practise!)

This was our third comic strip chosen by IRC judging panel. Here is a page explaining how this IRC judging thing works and how you can be a part of it. Stay tuned to the What's New Page to see when it comes online. You can also read a transcript of the IRC session where this winning punchline was chosen.

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Shraka. Here are some of the other funniest entries.

kevin rudolph

Why don't you just look it up in the nitpickers guide.


Ask Mourn.

Major Kira Wira

Because I poisoned a close friend's drink. Well, enough with that, Doctor. Bottoms up!

ScottE Bemeup

Mine is not to reason why. Mine is just to sew and spy.


I've given so many reasons. Can't you just pick one?

Mighty MC

I'm not, I just can't afford a ticket home

Andrew Lipsett

I don't allow direct questioning, only clever banter. Please rephrase.


I was deported for "General Character Uselessness."


I murdered a doctor who was asking too many questions !!!


Now, now, Doctor, let's keep this PG.


The obedient order decided that the fashion police were no longer necessary!

Brian Mc

Exiled? There you get killed for nothing, here I got probation for starting an interstellar war! You do the math, brainiac!

Brian Mc

Sorry, that secret has six episodes left in it!

Brian Mc

You reap what you sew!

Jim Connell

I wasn't. Hee, hee.. girls really go for guys with a dark past!


I have lied about it so many times, I don't remember anymore!


Like you, I'm extremely disliked by my own species!


I'm not allowed to say 'til the series finale!


"Exiled"? I prefer the term "relocated"!


Because I tried to scoop icecream using my forehead...


Ever wonder why Cul Du Sac never sits down?


I tried to introduce the ridged turtleneck.


I kept nitpicking. By the way, you're wearing the wrong uniform.


THEY didn't appreciate my constant redesigning of the uniforms!

Amy Parker

I left a pin in Cul de Sac's shirt and it deflated his neck ridges.

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