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This Week's comic strip idea was suggested by Jeremy Short and McCoy's name (McCorduroy) was submitted by Michael Lynch.
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

He's dead, Gym!! It seems the TOS writers had a tendency to get stuck on certain catchphrases... "fascinating", "she canne take much more of this" and the inevitable "he's dead, Jim", refering usually to a luckless red shirted ensign. This week's cartoon was also an excuse to draw Lt. Uhura (her Sev Trek name hasn't been decided yet) even though she doesn't really belong in the scene.

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Ralp, and was chosen for the first time by an IRC panel of judges. Here are some of the other funniest entries.


Is it serious?

heather the buzzard

Same ole, same ole...


Well, he's still livelier than this dialogue.


Are you sure? I don't want another redshirt banging form inside the torpedo casing!


It's OK, we import them that way

silver bolt

Hey, my singing isn't that bad!

Starfleet Command

Another perfectly white shirt wasted.


How many intonations have you found for that line, anyway?


Ship's laundry, can we repair that damaged shirt?

Spock B

OK, let's try this again....Everybody LOVES Sev Trek V, right?


Suddenly I'm frightened, Buns. Hold me.

sexy lexy

the needs of the ratings out weigh the needs of the red shirts

Maria Spano

I knew he wanted a transfer.....but this is going a bit too far!!!

Maria Spano

I told them to beam him down alive!!


He wanted a life-long career in security. He got it.


I'm losing patience with your losing patients!


Damn, five more minutes and I would have won the betting pool!


They just don't make 'em like they use to


... make that three to beam up.


Theirs is not to reason why, theirs is but to beam down and die.

Bill Castner

Is this a rerun, or does he say that every episode?

Art DeBuigny

We will never forget... uhhh... Who was this guy?


No problem. He'll live on in syndication.


Dagnabit! From now on they wear Plaid!


Well, he interrupted me in the middle of my monologue!


Your tricorder battery's dead, Buns!

Seven of eleven

He knew the risks when he became an extra.


Let's see. . .away mission, red shirt, name not on credits. . .you needed a tricorder to tell you that he's dead?

Chris Cole

Stand back, Lt. Uh-huh, while I tear my shirt in grief.

Andrew Spade

I wonder how I made it through my red shirt years?

Andrew Spade

He knew what color shirt he would be wearing when he joined Sev Fleet.

Steven Spencer-Priebe

Lt. Yoohoo, contact the ship and have them beam down a new batch.


It's like I always say - better dead than red.

Francis Miranda

Remind me never to go to you for a check up.

Anonymous Bill

Well! I've had people fall asleep while I was talking, but this is unheard of!


Damn! I'm getting backlogged on all these condolence letters.

Michael Kraft

He was dead the moment he left the ship.


Died in the line of duty. What's-his-name would have wanted it that way.


I canne change the lines of physicians.


"He's Dead Gym?" I thought we fired that writer.

Chris P.

How could he be dead? All he did was put on his shirt!!

Magic Mike

Noone on this show is allowed to act better than me, you hear? NO ONE !!!

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