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Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

Captain Pickhard's peculiar shirt tugging habit! What's with Captain Pickhard's always pulling at his uniform? Was he dropping hints at the costume designers (who finally listened only by First Contact)? Or is it the wedgies he gets from wearing those tight, one piece suits? You decide!

Thanks to Chris Middendorff for submitting the idea for this week's comic strip. Here's an interesting little tidbit of information emailed to me from John Nelson

John took this from the ST:Encylopedia and the ST: Companion, as well as several interviews from US based Trek conventions.
"During the run of TNG, the cast joked Patrick Stewart about his "tugging" on the uniform. They christened the action the "Picard Manoeuvre". This is the basis for the 'Pickhard Manoeuvre'!"

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Joe. Here are some of the other funniest entries.

Matt McLaughlin

Chicks dig the tug!

Anonymous Bill

These things slide up when you don't have a chin!


My undies "ride up" after every warp jump.

Galina K

Well since you won't let me beam down, this is the closest thing I have to ACTION!

Tim Fox

It the PC version of ripping your shirt!


Can't risk running my fingers through my hair anymore!

Dave ott

Quirk isn't the only one who wore women's underwear

Jos Litjens

These "one size fits all" uniforms are a hoax!


I always thought they edited that out...


My communicator's pin just went where no pin has gone before!

Adam Leonard

So no one else feels weird not wearing underwear in these uniforms?


You mean you don't know?? No wonder you keep turning down command assignments

Maria Spano

I'm doing the Time Warp. Put your hands on your hips....

John Haynes

You know spandex doesn't fit so well at my age.


We boldy starch where no one has starched before!


Deep Sev 9 got a tailor and we got a barber. Look at me, do I look like I need a barber? Thats democracy for you.

Anonymous Bill

I'm checking for loose change.

silver bolt

Barf has fleas!

Les Sanders

I can't tug on my hair anymore.

Karen Richardson

Hey, Macarena!

Unka Woofie

TryHard is teaching me to create an alluring neckline.


What? Am I the only one who gets wedgies around here?

Tim M.

Quirk ripped, I tug. It's a "Captain thing."

Sev of 9

Why do you always walk like you're trying to knock a door down with your head?

Scott Martin

I'm trying to find the zipper on this outfit.


Because I want it to rip like Quirk's do!

Scott Pawluk

It's these damn wrinkles. Unlike Ten Out Of Ten, this uniform wasn't shrink-wrapped!


It's a feeble attempt to look sexy removing a wedgie.

Brent Midcap

Unlike you, I try to keep my clothes on around female crew members.


My shirt shrunk.

Doug Mendoza

All this technology and the washers still shrink clothes!

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