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Sev Note: 7 of 9 is by far the most requested character to be drawn in Sev Trek, so I will probably be doing a few comic strips on her over the next few months... Are you happy now?!
Sev Trek: The Comic Strip

The Bored babe, Ten out of Ten! Now here in Australia, we haven't seen many 7 of 9 episodes yet (so don't email me any storylines, you Yanks!) but we hear on the grapevine that any attempts of Harry to resist her are futile (who can blame the fella?). So given this week's competition started on Valentine's Day, I thought I'd use it as a gratuitious excuse to draw 7 (called Ten out of Ten in the Sev Trek universe).

Other Punchlines


These comics are created from the winning entries of The Write Your Own Sev Trek Competition. The winning entry was written by Christopher Michael, who joins the very rare club of people writing TWO winning Sev Trek punchlines. This punchline was very close to not being used (this is a PG site, after all). However, I couldn't resist it - this was one of those punchlines where the instant I saw it, I knew it would win. Here are some of the other funniest entries - there are quite a few this week as all of you selflessly devoted yourselves to generating punchlines pregnant with insinuations and hidden meanings...

Chris Cole

The Bored Bombshell versus the Indestructible Ensign...a match made in heaven!


Of course he is, Bored plastic surgery is years ahead of the Federation's.


I wonder if I can get Balogna to wear a suit like that?

kevin rudolph

No, he's just fascinated by shiny objects.

Chris Cole

So THAT's why he kept requesting Room and Bored!!


We needed a exploding console that followed him around.


Yes. He's going boldly where no man would pass up going.


(drool) Do you think that's shrink wrap or tinfoil?

Major Kira Wira

Yeah, I think Hairy just found that Laptop Computer he's been looking for

Oscar van Duijn

You have to be absolute Bored to be interested in Chin!


Good Luck! With all the bad luck Chin gone through, he needs it!


I hope he uses protection.. like a security team.


Not by the hair on Hairy Chin's chin!


He's just impressed by Bored anti-gravity technology.

Lt Com Edgar

We're trying to up ratings without exploding shuttles

Jay Berryhill

Smitten like a kitten, 'cause that outfit's a fitten!


He's a Sev Fleet Ensign. Of course he'll go for the most dangerous person on board

John Nelson

Well Harry's alway's wanted to date a "ten". Now he's got one!

Francis Miranda

Her technological and cultural distinctiveness will be added to Chin's bland indistinctiveness.

Francis Miranda

Romance is futile.

Karen Richardson

Resistance isn't just futile, it's impossible.


When do you think he'll make eye contact?

ScottE Bemeup

Better smitten than bitten. You ever try snuggling a Klingoff?


She's not bad, she's just drawn that way!


Of course he is, he gets to repaint her suit on, in between takes.

Angus McLaren

With only three permanent female cast members, hes got to make his move before someone else does.


She comes from the Major Tequilla school of dress sense.

Brian Meyers

He designed her uniform to make sure it shrunk in the wash


You might say, "it was love at first contact".


And they say all the bad stuff happens to Ensigns!

Leanne Olson

I bet if it had been her instead of Locutus, we would have surrendered at Wolf 359.

Anonymous Bill

Should I tell him he has leola root in his teeth?

Ray Fernandez

Can you blame him...Look at those Borg enhancements.


Yes. Evidently those payoffs to the writers really helped.


In his case, persistence is futile!


It won't work. She's Bored, he's just boring!


Wait until your next Gone Farr, Twoblocks, THEN you'll understand.

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